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Is physical appearance the only thing that matters in this materialistic world??

  1. Shefali K profile image59
    Shefali Kposted 3 years ago

    Is physical appearance the only thing that matters in this materialistic world??

    Or there are still people who believe in the nature of the person, the inner beauty.

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    Dave36posted 3 years ago

    To a materialistic person not just physical appearance, but how rich, how big your house, how flash your car, & how cool other people think you are, are the things that seem to matter to most people today....Iv'e worked it out that it's far better to just be who we are, & be honest & not a bull sh****r!lol....Physical appearance to an ego led person/materialistic person, is how they immediately judge another person they meet for the first time....It's funny because if you really think about it we're all looking for contentment, & one of the most important ingredients that requires is someone we love who loves us back unconditionally..So if i want a girl like that I'd be better off meeting her when i have nothing, as opposed to having lots of cash & flash cars etc..I don't & won't be defined any more by what i have, so yes i really do believe in "real people" who take me as i am..At the same time that's how Iv'e started looking at every one else, & basically see everyone who has a massive flash car as a big ego..So unsure of his personality, that he needs to distract everyone from noticing with his big flash car!lol.

    1. Shefali K profile image59
      Shefali Kposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Lol.. N yes it really makes sense.  To a person who loves us unconditionally we matter more any other thing.

  3. dashingscorpio profile image86
    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    No! However physical attraction is usually the original impetus that causes one to go out on a date with another.
    Not many people want to court/date or marry anyone whom they are not attracted to physically. Most people nonetheless (don't) choose a long-term mate or spouse solely based on their appearance.

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    Charlie petersposted 3 years ago

    At first glance or meeting it does.  A person can't just help to think this person is or isn't attractive.  It's natural for us to notice this, but to fall in love or to lust for it will be a persons worst decision ever.

    1. Shefali K profile image59
      Shefali Kposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      At first meeting the nature of the person doesn't come across, but its a very important aspect of any relationship. And like you clearly said falling in love keeping in mind only the one factor thats looks will surely make the relation a burden later

  5. DDE profile image24
    DDEposted 3 years ago

    Life is what you make of it and physical attraction is not the only thing that matters in  this materialistic world. Love and  acceptance and respect are other important aspects of life.

    1. Shefali K profile image59
      Shefali Kposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Yea you are right. Love, respect, acceptance also does matter to a great extend.

  6. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago


    Unfortunately in this material world, people are judged FIRST and FOREMOST on their physical appearance.Studies authenticate that good looking people are more likely to be treated more respectfully and positively than those who are less attractive.Good looking people are viewed as more intelligent and have other stellar characteristics attached to them.

    Good looking children tend to be treated better by parents, teachers, and other adult authority figures than children who are deemed less attractive.  Such children are deemed smarter and more popular by their peers. As they become older,tweens and teens who are more attractive are invited to more social clubs and are considered to be more datable than their peers who are less attractive. 

    Good looking people, especially women, have it easier throughout life.  Good looking people are more likely to be hired, paid more, and promoted than their plainer, homelier, and uglier counterparts. Companies and corporations, especially the UPSCALE ones, are more inclined to hire good looking people because THEY fit that prescribed company/corporate image. 

    Conversely, less attractive people are oftentimes viewed as a liability, even detriment.  Remember the adage ugly as sin.  Yes, less attractive people are somehow considered to be flawed physically, even mentally, emotionally, and psychically.   Less attractive children are oftentimes deemed as bad/negative, receiving more and harsher punishments by adult authority figures for the same offenses that their more attractive counterparts wouldn't receive.  They are also deemed undesirable and less popular by their peers. 

    Less attractive people have prove themselves to be twice as capable in order to be noticed and respected in all arenas, particularly the corporate arena.  They also have a hard time socially, often being considered to be less desirable and datable.   Yes, society considers inner beauty to be of secondary, even  of the least importance as far as judging people go.   Oftentimes if one utters that the person has inner beauty and a great personality, a mental alert sign goes up with an indication that the person in question is less than attractive, even ugly in physical appearance.  Yes, in this material universe, physical beauty is extremely important because people love people who are attractors and easy/beguiling on the eyes.