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Does he like me or not?

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    ayannaiyamuposted 3 years ago

    Does he like me or not?

    This guy I like has a girlfriend but a few days before he got a girlfriend d he told me he only liked me as a friend but he was telling other people that he thought I was an amazing girl and he wants to date me.. And he always texts me and he always stares at me when were out at the same public event but he never actually talks to me.. I'm trying to figure out what this means. And he does know I like him

  2. C.V.Rajan profile image78
    C.V.Rajanposted 3 years ago

    In my mother tongue Tamil there is a saying "Koozhukkum aasai, meesaikkum aasai".

    It means "wants to sip the sticky, thick broth and at the same time does not want the mustache to become soiled"

    Hope you understand!

  3. James Halpin profile image71
    James Halpinposted 3 years ago

    He's a player.  Stay away from him.  If he would step out on his current girlfriend the chance are that he would do that to you too.

  4. DDE profile image24
    DDEposted 3 years ago

    He stares at you and has not said a word to  you  it is obvious he is trying to get your attention but in a different way.   His plan is to play you don't bother about him and he hasn't even come up to personally. Also he  has a girlfriend so not the one for you in my opinion he is just seeking a playmate.

  5. M. T. Dremer profile image94
    M. T. Dremerposted 3 years ago

    Not that teenage boys are particularly good at relationships, but it sounds like he isn't interested. If he knows you like him and he hasn't reciprocated then it's best to move on. Otherwise you might get stuck in the friend zone and that is a terrible place to be.

  6. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    Your statement: "he told me he only liked me as a friend" says it all!
    Not only did he tell you that (he also has a girlfriend)! There is no reason for you to be excited about a guy like this. Move on!
    There is only one reason why he didn't ask you to be his girlfriend; he did NOT see you as being "the one".
    As my mother used to say: "If it ain't worth asking for then it ain't worth having." If someone believes you're worth the effort they'll make the effort!
    It's so easy for young girls to fall into "the other woman" or "booty call" role when they (knowingly) pursue guys that are in a relationship. You start off flirting behind her back and then you secretly meet him... etc
    There are over 7 billion people on this planet and about half of them are males. There are plenty to go around.  You don't have share one with another girl. If a guy really wants you he will tell (you)!