Why should you marry?

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  1. Rajab Nsubuga profile image61
    Rajab Nsubugaposted 8 years ago

    The proponents of marrige have it that it is very necessary to marry in order to pro-create. But then how have other natural beings pro-created without the marriage institution?

    I want to think that the marriage institution is a little becoming out-dated, now with the day-care centers, foster-homes and centers of the elderly. The "one life's patner" urgument is simply "dictatory" since man's innate desires are very dynamic.Do you agree?

    1. alexandriaruthk profile image75
      alexandriaruthkposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      marriage is a social contract, in other words it is entered upon legally, wealth distribution and joining of wealth.
      it is also cultural-- religious belief

  2. profile image0
    Justine76posted 8 years ago

    I never head you HAD to marry to procreate before?

  3. kerryg profile image86
    kerrygposted 8 years ago

    I have mixed feelings about marriage as an institution.

    On the one hand, some of the longest lasting, happiest, and most stable relationships I know include several couples who chose not to marry or, in the case of some gay and lesbian couples I know, are not allowed to marry. I think it's idiotic to value a relationship like Britney Spears' three day marriage in Las Vegas higher than relationships lasting 20 years or more just because one has a piece of paper saying it's official and the others don't.

    On the other hand, though I'm not very religious and the religious aspect of marriage doesn't really interest me in the slightest, civil marriage does have a lot of practical benefits, especially when there are kids involved. There's that much more stability (it's harder to just pick up and leave if you have a legally binding commitment) and that much less confusion about who has what rights to the children, to property and visitation rights, to health insurance benefits, etc. I chose to get married and think as a general rule that it's better to be married than not if you are in the kind of committed relationship where it makes sense in the first place.

    1. Rajab Nsubuga profile image61
      Rajab Nsubugaposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      In otherwise marriage makes more sense to you in terms of materials not spiritual companionship or anything else? Not necessarily a gold-digger in this aspect?

      1. profile image42
        abi4realposted 8 years agoin reply to this


        1. profile image0
          Justine76posted 8 years agoin reply to this

          lol or, was that rude? sorry....

      2. kerryg profile image86
        kerrygposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        I don't think people who are officially married have any greater degree of "spiritual companionship" than long term, committed couples who aren't officially married. So yes, marriage only makes sense to me from the perspective of the civil benefits and if the civil benefits didn't exist, I would have just moved in with my husband and not bothered with getting the piece of paper that makes it "official."

        1. Rajab Nsubuga profile image61
          Rajab Nsubugaposted 8 years agoin reply to this

          I try to agree with you, however, I wouldn't think that without the marriage institution one wouldn't get offers from his partner. To be more precise, you would still get the things you possess even when he was just the father of your kids.

  4. Origin profile image58
    Originposted 8 years ago

    Technically, if two people love each other they don't really have to "get married" in order to be together, and that even includes having children. It's tradition that people should marry, and even a religious ceremony for those who are religious.

    I also think it's adds a layer of significance too. You remember waaaay back in the 50's that people would date, then go out, then go steady, and then marry? Well, I think it's a stepping stone to showing others as well as themselves that they are indeed together.

  5. alexandriaruthk profile image75
    alexandriaruthkposted 8 years ago

    sense of belongingness, some kind of preperty, It is good to belong to somebody

    1. Rajab Nsubuga profile image61
      Rajab Nsubugaposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      How is it different from enslavement? Am trying to follow the logic.

  6. ITSecurityAnalyst profile image57
    ITSecurityAnalystposted 8 years ago

    to feel more secured, I guess smile

  7. Shil1978 profile image92
    Shil1978posted 8 years ago

    You don't need to - if you don't want to. Its up to you isn't it? For some people, it offers a sense of security, a sense of grounding I guess.

    For others, in different parts of the world, it is not an option, they need to conform to the needs of their society, they need the paperwork, to get their kids in school easier, etc.

    1. Rajab Nsubuga profile image61
      Rajab Nsubugaposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I do agree, you make it more interesting when you talk of "they need the paperwork." So I have heard down inthe U.K that marriages are staged so as to attain a 'green-card.' So have I watched a documentary "sicko" about the American healthy insurance policy, where Americans cross boarders in order to have access to the Canadian social health policy.

      From the above it is then clear that marriage has obtained a new commercial twist, it is how much you obtain as a person and not as a 'couple.'


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