the best ways to revitalize our relationship with women

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    bndraliposted 7 years ago

    It is not so easy to deal with other
    In fact it is more difficult when we deal with women! why?
    Because they have a sensitive motion.

    Unless your woman is very unusual, flowers make all the difference. Not just any flowers, red roses symbolise passion and romance. Bring a lovely bunch of roses and toss flower heads into a fragrantly scented bath for a romantic bath time.

      Share a shower and cover each other in slippery soap, use the opportunity to caress her body and admire it. Then rub your slippery body against hers to drive her wild.

      Make time for a weekend break in the romantic cities of Amsterdam, New York or Paris. If the budget is tight, Brighton or other seaside resorts can be just as much fun.

    4) Start really listening to your partner. Woman usually love to talk and if you listen carfully you will learn a lot about her needs and desires. As a bonus she will love you for listening.

       Try to be happier in a spontaneous way. Many men have difficulty being spontaneous, but if you can prove to your partner that being in her company makes you happy she will respond and feel happier herself. Don't make it elaborate. For instance while out for a walk, just suddenly grab her hand and start skipping or running.

      Every woman likes to be complimented - not only on her appearance but also her manner or a particularly good meal she has made an effort to cook for you. Try anything you can think of that will boost her ego and give her confidence.

      Show her you think about her pleasure - buy her a sex toy or some sexy lingerie, or if she likes role play, a sexy outfit.

    These seven ideas will help you make a great start. Of course there are many other ways to revitalise a relationship.
    I hope this help inour life
    I am sure that you have better idea, so please share them with us
    Wish you nice and happy life

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    MyMoneyTalksposted 7 years ago

    yes nice things keep a woman from getting bored! if not we can always look elsewhere!

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    tjhooperposted 7 years ago

    All women are different. Most like the same things, but no one girl is the same. Committed relationships are just that, "committed" Sometimes it's not so easy to be the person you were 10 years ago when you first started dating your partner. People change, and staying in a relationship means learning how to love the new person your partner may be becoming. This goes for both sides.

    Women and men often say to each other how the other has changed, or not the same person they fell in love with. Well....they might be right. People do change, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better. What makes love truly stand out is the willingness to stick by your partner no matter what. If you have martial problems, really really try to work out the differences. It takes work from both sides, not just one.

    Sometimes it doesn't always work out and a break up is inevitable, but putting your best effort forward should have been done first, not just giving up oh so easily.

    When a relationship starts to seem boring, it's only because people are addicted to pattern...doing the same thing everyday. Stability is good for a person, but so is spontaneity...

    In my honest opinion, true love to me is looking at an older couple well into their senior years and they are still married. They may fight and argue, but they work things out. Love is patient and kind and is willing to try before throwing in the towel.