Relationships and insecurities

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    Elevensticksposted 6 years ago

    Why are human beings uncomfortable around one another? Why do some people settle for comfort rather than unconditional live? This is something that people struggle with every day. When people become close to one particular person because they have been intimately involved for a long period of time, it is easy to remain in a relationship that is convenient.

    Loving a person unconditionally and being completely comfortable with someone is a very thin line that is often swept under the rug. As relationships escalate and as time passes by people build relationships that are sometimes steered because of sexual encounters. So, when you realize that the relationship you are in is based off of comfort because the interest in other people becomes apparent, what happens next? It is hard to deviate from the current relationship because habits have been formed and the love is there, unfortunately not in the same way. This situation could possibly be one of the toughest obstacles a relationship could face.

    The curiosity that other people convey becomes intriguing and refreshing and quite frankly, flattering. Reacting to situations like this becomes difficult because you are comfortable at home but the new people that are entering your life are making you feel like you are missing out on something.

    For example, Andrea is a bisexual female who has been dating another female for years. They met in college and have basically been living together since. A
    Angela's girlfriend is not affectionate and rarely shows emotion or sense of stability. Andrea is a beautiful woman, she had a stable job, the perfect look, and both men and woman approach her daily. Andrea meets a guy named Bryan at his workplace. Coincidentally they become friends. They begin a friendship and eventually start to have feelings for one another. Andrea's girlfriend has cheated on her before and Bryan begins to question her relationship.

    Is is possible that the feelings Andrea has towards her girlfriend have faded and it is no longer love? Has Andrea become comfortable with her relationship and now that she has met someone else her current relationship views have been altered? These questions ate very complicated and this happened so often all around us. How do people handle these situations?