Knowing When a Marriage is Over!

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    gmwilliamsposted 6 years ago

    Maria Shriver, noted news personality and author, knew for years that Arnold Schwartzenegger, actor and ex-Governor of California, had affairs and liasions throughout their decades long marriage.  However, Ms. Shriver exhibited bravado and elected to keep the marriage together.   Then, Ms. Shriver felt that she was living a lie and that Arnold was never going to be a faithful husband and decided to call the marriage quits.   

    There are many women whose husbands cheat yet they want to maintain the marriage at all costs for reasons of social status and money among other things.   There are others who are in miserable long-term marriages who are afraid to be single and face life alone.   Even more wives in abysmal long-term marriages are resigned to just tolerate their marriages, believing that they are either too old to embark on a new relationship or erroneously believing that there is nothing better out there.  What are your thoughts regarding this subject?