Curiosity of About Sex Addiction

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    lovelylovergirlposted 5 years ago

    I read a biography of a particular Saint, Saint Mary of Egypt. She freely prostituted herself and often refused the money given to her. She preferred the sex rather than the money. My question, do sex addicts feel guilty after a sexual episode? Are they particularly selective or are they willing to have sex with anyone? As a woman, I think this could be particularly dangerous lifestyle. Could a sex addict be raped, but they want sex all the time? Is there such thing as bad sex? Do they care about being insulted or labeled?

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    pixnumposted 5 years ago

    Sex addiction is a sign of insecurity. When man becomes lonely and stays away from the social interaction, then man becomes addicted to the opposite sex to make a short-term relationship. Therefore, during the short-term relationship, he wants to get maximum intimacy and then develop sex addiction. The man will never show deep love for his short-term mate. The sex addicts can do sex with anybody. Even, they never judge their mate. When they are raped, they even never understand that they are raped. Because, they will never think about the stigma of rape. The sex addicts never feel guilty about what they have done. At any cost, the sex addicts are not accepted in our society. However, we should provide them some kind of counseling. So, that they can come into the mainstream of social life.

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    L.Lawyerposted 5 years ago

    i myself am a sex addict, i have a hormone balance that isnt considered normal causing my body to crave more 'feel good hormones' which are produced to their maximum during sex. yes feeling guilty is an issue, you can feel disgusted with yourself when you loose control and go on one night stands, and feel dirty if you have a few too many sexual partners. but most of all it makes you feel lost, i have been dumped on a few occasions for being too much to handle, for wanting sex too much. and it can make you feel lost if you feel like its stopping you from doing things you want.