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How to Rekindle a Marriage - 6 Ways to Revive the Passion

Updated on July 11, 2015

When passion begins to wane in a marriage, revisiting your priorities might do you some good. Obviously when there’s no passion in marriage there must be a reason or reasons behind it. It takes two to tango, thus the effort both of you put in towards making your marriage work ultimately determines how successful your quest is.

Before your marriage dies out due to lack of zeal, it's time you discovered how to rekindle a marriage. There are a couple of things you can do towards this cause including;

Dealing with the Problems Facing Your Marriage… Like mentioned above, there must be reasons why there’s no passion in your relationship. The first step towards bringing back passion in marriage is pinpointing these problems and dealing with them comprehensively. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind about how you feel, because until you resolve burning issues, the likelihood of rekindling the marriage may be very minimal.

Knowing That You Stand to be corrected… No one is perfect and its human nature to point an accusing finger at a fellow human being. However, when your partner accuses you of anything, don’t point an accusing finger back at him or her because this will automatically lead to an argument. Instead, take time out and go through what you’ve been accused of and acknowledge that you stand to be corrected.

It’s also important to know that your partner has his or her shortcomings, thus be prepared to love them with their flaws because that how to rekindle a marriage. Maybe you can send him some romantic texts to help rekindle the relationship,

Focus on Your Marriage… Amid all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we have a propensity of forgetting about our roles in marriage. Consequently, we shift our focus on other things while our marriage takes the second priority. It is not until a possible breakup looms that we stat to direct or energies back to the marriage reluctantly. To rekindle a marriage, get away from all responsibilities and turn the spotlight on your union. Take a holiday, date again, do whatever you have to bring back the passion. After all you should place your marriage before everything else.

Have Sex More Often… Let’s be honest. Sex is a very fundamental component of a marriage and lack of it has been sighted as one of the reasons why couples cheat on each other. You quest on how to rekindle a marriage would receive a major boost if you start having more sexual encounters with your partner. You see, sex is coupled with intimate moments that bring both of you close to each other. Be sure to try new positions and a lot of foreplay while exploring your inner sexual capabilities at the same time.

Marriage is a beautiful thing but more often than not we make it unnecessarily hard. We look for opportunities to condemn our partners without thinking so much about the long term effect of our immediate actions. If you embrace and accept your partner just the way they are while applying these tips on how to rekindle a marriage, you are poised to live happily ever after. And let’s give romantic texting a try too.


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