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Being Spiritually Attacked? (8/11/2016, Message#43)

Updated on April 1, 2019

Are You Being Attacked?

Fear Not!
Fear Not! | Source

Why Are Certain People Being Attacked?

The Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth) clearly warns and states why. Jesus said: “I (Jesus Christ) came in my name and the world hated me, blessed are those who are hated for My Namesake.” Those who are being mocked, scoffed, laughed at and downright attacked, physically, emotionally, verbally and spiritually. This is done, not just to confirm the Word of God the Bible but to also keep “Us,” those who are being attacked motivated. “We” are being attacked for seeking and doing the Will of Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty) because of “Our” Love for Jesus Christ, our personal Lord and Savior. “We” desire nothing more than to Bless Christ Jesus and Be Pleasing unto Him.

So let the mockers and scoffers mock and scoff, clearly “We” are doing the Will of Father God and being a part of His story in the process! Whether You Know It or Not, This is Elohim’s Story!! The Questions Is, Are You For It or Against It?

Why Are We Being Spiritually Attacked?

The Revelation of What's to Come and Very Soon!!!

Faith in Jesus Can Literally Save Your Life! This Could Soon Be a Reality!
Faith in Jesus Can Literally Save Your Life! This Could Soon Be a Reality! | Source

Are The Attacks Increasing!?! o_0

As the "World” and everyone in it moves closer to the event where Father God is Clearly About to Make a Major, Mighty Move! How Much Time Is Left to Prepare? I Am Just Too B-U-S-Y to care. Truthfully there isn’t much time, Do You See the "Signs" of the Times, the warnings are everywhere! Simply because of these warnings, the mockers and scoffers have come out to play. In all actuality, they are just fulfilling Bible Prophecy as the Lord Jesus has already forewarn it would. We Are Indeed the "Final" Generation!! As “We” get closer to the Main Event (The Pre-Tribulation Rapture), the spiritual attacks are also going to increase. They are already on the rise, on a few of my HubPages, the evidences has already been revealed. There is a lot of demonic activity, in the form of the “Invisible” for now. When the Lifting of The Veil of Protection occurs, the “Invisible” will no longer be “Invisible!” The Pre-Tribulation Rapture, The Age of Grace..., Is About To End and the Lifting of The Veil of Protection, all take place at the same time! Will You Be Ready Before It Does?!?

The devil (Lucifer, Satan) hates those who expose his plan and reveals why he is attempting to fool so many. These are the spiritual attacks which are taking place against the Wise. “We” are not afraid, for “We” know the Lord Jesus Christ is “Our” personal answer and the answer the whole world also needs! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus. So the devil is trying to shut our mouths, weaken the Wise and use whatever method he can to make this happen. The devil is using the mockers and scoffers to attack “Us” verbally, and they are his tools of his distractions. They are sadly, The Devices of the Enemy. All the devil wants to do is to kill, steal and destroy. Ye mockers and scoffers, you might want to send your influence away in the Lord Jesus Name and the devil will flee from you! Then maybe, just maybe, you can clearly see the signs of the times and the Lord Jesus will soon be Arriving Here!!

What Will Happen During the Tribulation Period!!!

This Is Why They Mock and Scoff!

Let Them, Father God is In Control!!
Let Them, Father God is In Control!! | Source
The Bible Foretold This!
The Bible Foretold This! | Source

Who Are The Ones Being Attacked and Why?

To be both Blunt and Bold, the Wise Bride or Virgins are the ones who are being attacked, mocked and scoffed. Like Jesus said in the Bible: “I (Jesus Christ) came in my name and the world hated me, blessed are those who are hated for My Namesake.” “We” seek the Will of Father God, are doing His Will and are being Attacked, Mocked and Scoffed for it. “We” know the devil hates “Us” but we don’t care, “Our” focus is the Lord Jesus and on Jesus Christ only. This World and the things of it, have no meaning to “Us.” Like “Our” Lord Jesus, “We” are no longer of this World! We know, For Who’s Glory Is It, All Things Are For The Glory of Elohim, Father God!

The Bible talks about the Wise and the Foolish or the story of the 10 Virgins. “We” choose to be the Wise, because “Our” mind and hearts are on the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! The cares of this world mean nothing to “Us” and this is how “We” can remain “Hot” for Jesus, verses being Lukewarm. The Lukewarm is half on Jesus Christ and half on the thing of this world and of the world. As the Jesus said in the Bible: “Be Ye either Hot or Cold, if Ye Be Lukewarm. I will spit Ye out of My Mouth.” So being Lukewarm is a very serious risk, could these be the same mockers and scoffers? I personally don’t know, but this does make some sense if it is true. The reason they mock and scoff, is because they know some Truth and they are confused on somethings about the truth in the Bible.

As we know and the Bible confirms as well, confusion is not of Father God, the Lord God of Heaven El Shaddai (God Almighty). If anyone is confused about something, the source of the confusion comes from the enemy the devil (Lucifer, Satan) and his demons (the Fallen Angels). Are you sure you want to mock and scoff to those who know the Truth; stand firm on the blessings and promises of Father God, the Lord God of Heaven Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty)? Your Move, Your Call?

Demon Caught on Camera, The Veil is Getting Thin!!! This Is A Warning!

Fear Not, We Are Bold and Hot!!

If Jesus Be For Me, Who Can Be Against Me!!
If Jesus Be For Me, Who Can Be Against Me!! | Source

Bring On the Attacks, “We” Are Not Afraid!

The Body of Christ which are the “Wise” have read the Bible, “We” know His Word, Seek His Will and keep “Our” Faith in Him, and His Promises. Just as the Bible says: “fear not, for I (Jesus Christ) am with you.” Not only that, “We” have studied the Word to show ourselves approved, just like Father God, the Lord God of Heaven has asked and the Bible also clearly states. This is where “We” get “Our” Boldness, we are literally standing on the Blessing, Promises and Confirmations of the Bible, the Word of God. Attack all you want, both Physical and Spiritual, they are confirming “Our” position with Jesus as the Wise Bride of Christ!

Don’t be afraid to be mocked and scoffed or of being attacked spiritually. They are simply proving you are part of the Wise and are chosen to be Close to Jesus Christ, because “We” want and desire to be close to Him! Are you afraid to be attacked; now you know why you no longer need to be! Mocker and Scoffers, Attack “Us” all you Want. The Lord Jesus Christ is Far Greater! “We” are leaning on the Lord Jesus, Who is your Support? The Time for "Playing" Church is Now Over.

Stand On His Promises!

Jesus Christ Will Never Fail You!
Jesus Christ Will Never Fail You! | Source

Being Bold for the Lord Jesus, For He is “Our” Reason!

“We” have the Authority in Jesus Christ to name and proclaim by both by His Blood and by His Name! Taking Authority in Jesus Christ isn’t just a HubPage; it’s also very true biblical statement! Because of this fact, “We” can be Bold, Fear Not, Doubt Not, Worry Not, “We” have the Lord Jesus on “Our” side! Father God, the God of Heaven El Shaddai (God Almighty) exalted the Lord Jesus when He rose from the dead on the third day, which is why He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! Being Bold is really almost a requirement for all believers in Christ Jesus! Do You Not Know Who He Is?

When “We” call upon Him, we are calling upon the most powerful being in the Universe! “We” are also acknowledging what He did for “Us,” when “We” call upon Him. Seeing everything goes full circle; the Lord Jesus did what He did for “Us” because He Loved “Us.” We show “We” Love Him back by leaning of what He did for “Us” by acknowledging what the Lord Jesus did for us! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus! How can “We” not be Bold? Read Why Humanity Needs Jesus, see and understand for yourself why the Lord Jesus is so important for your life, and why Boldness in Him almost can’t be helped! Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh gave His very Life for “Us” and He didn’t have to do this. He did it anyway and by doing so, when we acknowledge what He did for “Us.” We really begin to desire more of Him, more from Him and believe me, Jesus has plenty to give, provide and is also willing to freely give it! Draw Close to Him, Be Bold and Literally Leave this world behind (The Pre-Tribulation Rapture)!

Living By the Blood and Name of Jesus!

Its Never Too Late to Surrender!!

Jesus Christ is More Than Just an Answer, his is Everything!
Jesus Christ is More Than Just an Answer, his is Everything! | Source

Give Your All to Jesus!

Whatever issues you have in this Life, give them to Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Come Back to Your First Love, because He First Loved “Us,” Humanity! Don’t be part of the “Few,” join the crew, where Jesus is the Captain! The Captain of your Life, the reason for your Peace, Hope, Love, Happiness or many other Blessed Feelings you can think of! Jesus Christ has been given Authority over All Things!

The Bible says: “what we loose on Earth, we loose in Heaven. What we bind on Earth, we bind in Heaven.” What does this mean? Whatever we treasure here in this Life and freely give away here. It is given to us as a reward to us in Heaven and this is a promise or a blessing as well. If we bind or give our health issues to Jesus here, in this Life, in a sense, more health or Life and rewards are given us in Heaven. Like the Bible also says: “without faith, it is impossible to please Father God.” The more you give of yourself to Jesus, the more He gives unto you. So give all you have and all you are unto Jesus, the more He will Give and Reveal unto you!

Don’t be Lukewarm, This World, Let It Go! Let Jesus Christ be your Reason for Living and your Greater Reward, freely give your All to Him! Give you’re Worries, your Fears, your doubts, your Concerns, your Health Issues, whatever, He is More than Able to Handle Everything you have and then some!! There is no other friend like Jesus, cast all of your cares and concerns onto Him, He has all of your answers and needs! Jesus Christ is A New Beginning, Your New Beginning!

Why Be Ye Rapture Ready? Because of Jesus! Why do “We” worry not, doubt not and fear not, because “We” have Jesus! Being attacked or otherwise, “We” still have Jesus Christ and His Promises for “Us.”

Let's Meet Jesus Together!

Jesus Is Still Your Answer, Stand on His Word!
Jesus Is Still Your Answer, Stand on His Word! | Source

Want to Meet or Know Jesus For Yourself?

While there is still time, you can know and meet Jesus Christ for yourself, and this is what matters more than anything! Not what your mother says, father does or aunts and uncles think, it’s about you and your Eternity! Will you stand up for Jesus or will you fall for Satan? This is what this Life all boils down to, so Are You Ready to Meet Jesus? Yes, You!

To meet Jesus, it is quite simple really. You must Confess with your Mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” Believe in your Heart, Father God raise Him from the dead and you will be Saved. This will allow you to meet Jesus, for He has just written your name into the Lamb’s Book of Life and you are able to enter into Heaven.

If you want to know Jesus and begin to experience more of His Blessings and Promises, then here’s an option to begin a closer walk with Him. Pray with me: Father, I know my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

If you have prayed any or either of these prayers, I would love to hear from you, for there is Power in Prayer! Prayer is talking to Jesus and prayer in His Holy name will always be answered! For the Bible says: “if two or more are gathered together in My Name, I am there in the midst of them.” Jesus Will Never Leave You!

The Battle Is The Lord’s!!

Cast Your Vote!

Do You Think its a Blessing or a Curse to be Attacked Doing Father God's Will?

See results

Jesus Christ is Bigger Than Your Situation!

Faith is What It Takes!
Faith is What It Takes! | Source

Jesus Said, "Fear Not For I am With You." Agree or Disagree?

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    • TeamSTM profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from AnyWhere In The World

      Talk About being spiritually attacked again. The Lord Jesus was speaking me before the Full Moon. He has two more messages He wants me to share. Before the messages where given to me, a distraction came in the form of a hunger pain and a thought to eat something. If I had taken or gone with this thought, I would not have received these messages and create their outlines. In both messages, there are eight points in both of them. These are the major areas where the Lord wants me to address these new titles or HubPages. Like always, I will share them when the y are done but here’s the interesting part! After I had received the messages, created the outlines, I still needed to save them. As I go to do so, I just got excited and said the name of Jesus, the things which tried to prevent the messages, had to flee!! I could hear them as they left, one left through the wall, another through the ceiling and the other through the attic!!

      Each night before I go to sleep, I ask in Jesus Name for the Whole Armor of God each night and each day! Right now, it is crucial to stay as close to Jesus as possible. I say this to share with you this, those three entities could not infiltrate my heart, the Breastplate of Righteousness stood in their way and the Helmet of Salvation was also on. So they could only distract from a distance, they could not get close. Needless to say, they still tried and failed, In Jesus Name they failed!! The Messages got through, I was still fasting and praying, and now the Lord Jesus can receive the Glory, Praise and Honor!! Don’t give up nor given in; I know time is short and Jesus will arrive soon! We still need to be seeking and doing the Will of Father God! Which is Our Purpose and Means to Please Father God Jehovah!

    • TeamSTM profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from AnyWhere In The World

      My Attack on 8/12/2016.

      Like I have shared and stated many times before, I am no one special. This means I am not excluded from being attacked, mocked scoffed or laughed at either. My family mock and scoff me at times, I just count this a blessing. I am scoffed and mocked in public, online and so forth. On 8/12/2016 early in the morning, this wasn’t just a normal dream. The devil, Lucifer, Satan and the demons are livid with me. They tried to discourage me, because I am exposing their plans through my obedience to Jesus Christ. However, this may have been a trial and tribulation for me but it didn’t silence me or cause me to stumble. Even though I didn’t receive much rest because the dream woke me up as well.

      Okay here goes, I was with my family, the ones who mock and scoff me from time to time and love me as they knew me. The person I once was, but am no longer. They don’t really like this new me, even though I still look like the person they know. I just don’t talk the same, walk the same or think the same. In the dream, I was oppressed by evil spirits, not possessed, a true believer in Christ can’t by possessed, the Holy Spirit dwells within them. They can be oppressed, which is only temporary. My family was strongly mocking, laughing and scoffing me, to where it upset me in the dream. This kindled my anger, to where I couldn’t control it. Just as I reach this point, there was a mirror in front of me. When I looked into the mirror, I saw myself except I was 7 or 8 years old, verses a full grown adult!?! I could feel the oppression at this point and my eyes had no pupils and they were flashing multi-colors; I could see this taking place in the mirror. Right then my youngest Nephew started crying and wanted to leave the area, he knew it wasn’t safe for him or anyone there.

      My family kept igging me on, but I never played into their hands, even though they laughed and were clearly being used as puppets. During this episode before I awoke, I could see triangles, circles and strange moving or rotating shapes as my family igged me on. After seeing these shapes and objects, I wake up and begin to immediately pray and go back to sleep. I have no idea what time this took place and I didn’t necessarily worry about this. The devil and his demons can only do what Father God allows them to do, nothing more. If I died in my sleep, then this was obviously Father God’s plan and He is in Control, so Why Worry?

      I say all of this to share with you, I am not excluded from attacks, even spiritual ones. This dream felt weird and very unusual but again, I wasn’t afraid. The Lord Jesus Christ is Still Far Greater!! In His Name, the Name of Jesus, Every Knee shall Bow and Every Tongue will Confess, Jesus is Lord! How do I know this, the Bible Says so!


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