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What is the Purpose of Suffering, Trials and Tribulations?

Updated on March 14, 2017

Is There a Purpose For...

Could We Find Out?
Could We Find Out? | Source

Purpose, What Purpose?

Many people don’t even realize there is a purpose of suffering, that there is a purpose of trials and a purpose for tribulations. The purpose for these is very simple in how God uses them. Even the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth), provides plenty of examples of how suffering, trials and tribulations are to work. Believe it or not, these tools are to benefit you, especially those who Love Jesus and Live for Him!

The purpose of the suffering, trials and tribulation is so we will lean of God for guidance, strength and perseverance. That’s it, so we will lean and glean on Jesus, whom we choose to Live for or even die for if necessary. There is no secret process with God, all He wants is for us to free choose Him and live as He has set forth for us. Which means seek and do His Will. For if we are in God’s Will, we know what rewards we will receive because God said so.

The Greatest Example of Suffering, Trials and Tribulations was the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ! God the Son, suffered and did so immensely, get this... God the Son, or God in the Flesh, the Lord Jesus Christ even suffered... God the Son!! After which, Jesus Christ has been exalted to King of Kings and Lord or Lords. So suffering lasts for a short time; it can change the outcome of any situation and at the end!!

Pain and Suffering Explained?

Father God is Awesome and Yet Simple!

Don't Be Afraid to Come to Him!
Don't Be Afraid to Come to Him! | Source

The Simplicity of Father God?

We are to be like little children (Ye Be As Ye Little Ones), when it comes to Father God. We are to be dependent on Him, Seek Him, Ask and Knock. We are not to lean on our own strength, even the Bible states this. “We are weak, but He is Strong…” “Great is He (Jesus) who is in us, than that which is of the world.” We must be in Father God’s Will, to know His Will; we must also know Jesus Christ. “For none can come unto the Father, but by Me (Jesus Christ).”

When we are children or very little ones, we lean on our parents for all of our needs. We come into this world not knowing anything or how to do anything for ourselves. This is the same thing Father God wants from us, to be dependent upon Him for all of our needs through His Will. If we are willing to put Father God First, like the “Cruise Control” in most vehicles, we would just be going for a ride and Father God is a very good driver. One anyone can trust, you will make it to your destination, with Father God at the wheel!

Bringing People to The Truth!

Jesus Christ is Still Our Example!
Jesus Christ is Still Our Example! | Source

The Purpose for This HubPage?

It has been laid upon me, as it has upon others who do the Will of Father God. There are many so-called Believers who refuse to “Let Go” of this world, refuse to “See” the “Signs of the Times” and are still unfortunately willing to lean on their own strength. It pains me more for them, than it does for the lost who don’t know Jesus Christ Yet! At some point, much like me, they knew Jesus and accepted Him. Again just like me, turned their backs to Him and went back into this world. All Jesus Christ Wants, is for them to wake up and come back to Him, just like I did last year, 2015. Don’t wait time is still short, come to Jesus Christ now, whether you know Him of not!! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!!

Jesus Christ is the answer mankind has been seeking for thousands of years and He is more important today, than in any other timeframe in History! People are dying, many without even have ever called upon His Holy Name!! While you are still living, you can still call upon Jesus to save you from being in “Total” separation from Father God! The god of this world the devil (Lucifer, Satan) does not want anyone to know the Goodness of Father Jehovah or the Lord Jesus!! The Time is Now to Wake Up and Call Upon Jesus Christ Right Now!!! Take Back Your Life and Be Free of This “World” of Control, Doubt, Worry, Bitterness, Sorrow, Darkness, Fear, Destruction and whatever else you want to call this temporary place called Earth! What Do You Really Have To Lose?!?

Even the Little Things Matter to the Lord Jesus, They are Big to Him!!

The One Lifeguard Who Will Never Let You Drown!

Jesus Is the Only Way!!
Jesus Is the Only Way!! | Source

Why Do We Need Jesus?

I know there is already a HubPage titled as such, in this crucial hour, there may not be enough time to read it! The answer is simple, without Jesus Christ, Humanity has No Hope or Future. This really sums up this point. This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!! God the Son, or God in the Flesh Jesus Christ died on the cross so “We,” Humanity would not have to. For the Bible explains why: “the wages of sin is death.”

Jesus Christ paid this price with His very Life!! At the Cross, the Lord Jesus bore the weight of every single Sin for All of Humanity! That’s all the sin Humanity Would Ever Commit, Did Commit and so forth, All Of It!! God the Son, or God in the Flesh Jesus Christ bore “All” of the Sins at the Cross! When He Died, Jesus Christ defeated Hell, Death and the Grave. When He Rose Again, Jesus Had All Power over All things, This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!!!

It's So Simple!

Come to Jesus Christ Today!
Come to Jesus Christ Today! | Source

The Simplicity of Salvation!

This is the whole point of this Hub, to bring people to Jesus Christ! Backslid, Lost or even to encourage the brothers and sisters already in Christ. Sometimes we all need to know the Goodness of What Jesus has done for us All! To only way for Redemption is through Jesus Christ, there is only One God and One Way to Salvation. This alleviates any confusion, because Jehovah is not the author of confusion and neither is Jesus.

First you must, confess with our mouth, “Jesus is Lord.” Next you must believe with your heart, God raised Jesus from the dead and you will be saved. Your faith the size of a mustard seed has just changed your Eternity. You will make Heaven your Home and Forever Dwell with Jesus, Your Lord and Savior!

If you like me, have backslidden, return to your first love! Jesus wants you to come back to Him. Just like the "Prodigal Son," Come Back to Your First Love and come back to Jesus while you still can.

The Trinity Finally Explained?

What God Says. It Will happen!

God's Words Will Never Fade Away!
God's Words Will Never Fade Away! | Source

God’s Guarantee?

Whatever Father God Says, It Will Happen Just as He Said It Will! This is a Guarantee and nothing difficult to grasp or understand either. There is fast becoming a time when God will act and carryout the things He has promised. In fact, many of these promises are at the door. The Rapture of the Bride is one of the major ones which is about to occur, How Much Time Is Left to Prepare? There isn’t much, the “signs” are strongly leaning to this Summer of 2016 or it could be sometime before 2017 or 5777 on October 3rd, 2016. At any case, we need to be Ready People! The Rapture could be at anytime, in fact we just had 7/11, what’s the saying… “Thank Heaven for Seven Eleven…!?!” So who really knows, it is best to just be ready!

I am getting off track here, Jehovah said The Tribulation Period would happen, the antichrist will reign and rule, the false prophet will mislead people, the world will change forever, darkness will cover the Earth and I share this to say this. All of these things are written in God’s Word, the Bible and All with come to pass just as Father God said in His Word, the Bible! There isn’t much time, 2016 is proving to be the Year of the Return of Jesus Christ in the Clouds!! This World, Let It Go while you still can! Put Your Hope and Faith in Jesus Christ, this is the One and Only Guarantee in Which You Have!!!

Keeping Jesus in View!

The Goal in This Life, Seeing Jesus Someday!
The Goal in This Life, Seeing Jesus Someday! | Source

Keep Looking Up, Stay Focused on Jesus!!

Even the Bible states: “when you begin to see these things come to pass, look up for your redemption draws nigh!” The “Signs” which points to Jesus Christ’s soon return are many. The ones which should get your attention are these; there is a Peace Deal in the works with Israel and the whole world in 2016. The number of Earthquakes for 2016 thus far, has shattered any previous year, for the past 6 years!! Volcanic activity is also at an all-time high!! There have been more category 5 hurricanes and typhoons than ever before, and tornadoes in places which have never had them!?! Violence around the world has reached new insane levels, even the U.S. isn’t spared from this!

What more do we need to see Jesus Christ is coming soon? What else will it take for people to get ready and make Heaven their Eternal Home? More than ever, we need to be focused on Jesus and glean closer to Him than ever before in World History!! This world is growing darker by the day and Peace is already beginning to leave it. Jesus is also called the “Prince of Peace,” if we are seeing the Peace of this Planet already in question and Jesus hasn’t arrived yet. What do you think the “World” will be like after the Rapture of the Bride? Cling Close or Remain Near to the Lord Jesus, Now!!

Who is Jesus?

You Don't Want to Be Left!?!

You Don't Have To Be!!
You Don't Have To Be!! | Source

You Don’t Want To Be Left Behind!!!

The Tribulation Period is About to Begin, even in the dark days which are just around the corner or just on the Horizon. God will still give another chance. It will not be as easy like it is now in The Age of Grace, Which is About to End. Nonetheless, Jehovah still has provision even in the dark days of the Tribulation Period. However, if you come to Jesus Christ now, you will not have to go through the hour of Great Temptation. The timeframe where the devil will rule the whole Earth as the antichrist, by which he will cause all to worship him and to take his mark, in the Tribulation Period. You Don’t Want To Be Left Behind After the Rapture of the Bride!!!

Father God is Giving You A Chance to Get Ready Now, Don’t Waste It! Come To the Saving Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ Right Now!!

Could It Be...?

Really and Actually This Simple?
Really and Actually This Simple? | Source

The Reason for the Suffering of The Children of the Lord God!?

Heaven is called "Paradise!" The Bible states this and Jesus Christ did as well! Remember the two thieves that were on the two crosses with Jesus and one of them admitted their sentence was just. However the sentence of Jesus was false, one thieve recognized this and ask Jesus to remember him when Jesus entered His Kingdom. What did Jesus say to him? "Today, you shall be with Me in Paradise."

The suffering we go through in this life can be tough at times and can even be more than we can bear. For those of us who make Heaven our Eternal Home, the suffering we went through will be over! No longer do we have to bear, nor deal with those issues anymore! Could this be the reason for our suffering, trials and tribulation we all experience in this life? Could it be so simple, that we think being man (full of Ego, Pride, Selfishness, a need to Exalt Ourselves and so forth), makes things so complicated? Let Go of these things, All of Them, Just Let Go!!

Jehovah doesn't operate in the way we do, His way are much Higher than ours, so much so, His ways are a mystery to us. The reason for our suffering, trial and tribulations are simple. This is so when we get to Heaven, by accepting the Free Gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ, we will realize the immense Joy, Peace and even the Relief we'll feel! No more Suffering, Trials and Tribulations Forevermore!!! If this doesn't sound like Heaven, I don't know what else will?! No More Pains, Aches, Physical Issues, Ailments, you name it, all will be gone from us Forever!!

Now do you see how and why the Bible and Jesus states, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life..." Heaven is the Life and the Life more abundantly Jesus is referring to, for He is the reason we can make Heaven our Home!!

Do you Get it Now? I hope you do, Come to know Jesus Christ and make Heaven (Eternal Life) your Home Today, Right Now!

Father, I know my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Learn the True Purpose of Afflictions!!!

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God the Son, Jesus Christ Suffered.

Why Shouldn't We Have to Suffer!?!
Why Shouldn't We Have to Suffer!?! | Source

Don't Give Up, This Too Shall Pass!!

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