Time Travel. A moment of pondering eternity

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  1. tsmog profile image80
    tsmogposted 5 years ago

    Row, row, row your boat,
    Gently down the stream.
    Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
    Life is but a dream.

    Tools needed for a thought exercise.

    1) A compass of some type for direction and not drafting, yet mapping will come in handy, so maybe too.

    2) Azimuth compass is best, yet a needle, bowl of water, and cork works too.

    3) Either, or, one may be many,
    Piece of chalk, pencil of lead,
    pen with ink, magic marker too,
    Crayon is best, 4) a piece of paper

    A) The puzzle is what direction do you walk from where you be and how fast to be the same age you are now when arriving upon next? Next could be in a minute or a year and is relative to time, distance, yet not travel, and offers a direction.

    B) Is the answer to question A optional of two with a choice?

    C) Which direction do you walk and how fast to become younger in age, yet wisdom is the toll received?

    D) Which direction do you walk and how fast to become older in age, while wisdom unfolds?


    Concept first, then discovery, a bit of math, doing the deed, and finally proof with verification.

    Possible or probable offer playtime while relatives come to dinner and close relations are an ear shot away.

    Adding to while not taking away ~

    Time Travel, History & Relationships

    How fast is communication?

    The entity or person of journey is Mr/S. History.

    Apex: Portland, Maine founded 1623 reduced = 3 (To Portland, Texas - Time Travel = 267 Years, distance = 2,142 miles)

    Apex: Portland, Oregon founded 1843 reduced = 7 (From: Portland, Maine - Time of travel = 220 Years, distance = 2,544 miles)

    Apex: Portland, Texas founded 1890 reduced = 9 (From Portland, Oregon - Time of travel = 47 Years, distance = 2,236 miles)

    Hint: Original to most recent = (M -> T) Traveled 2,142 miles in 267 years. Betwixt and Between (M -> O -> T) traveled = 4,780 miles in 267 years. Which way was faster? And, was discovery a cause or an affect? The effect, today, is the touch of a button.

    Remember to smile and have fun, fun, fun, exploring and communicating ideas seeking the resolution of a most likely solution.

    Timothy S. Mitchell © Thursday March 14, 2013 @ 01:25:36 AM PDT
    (Just for giggles - smile)


    1. pennyofheaven profile image79
      pennyofheavenposted 5 years agoin reply to this


      1. profile image0
        Emile Rposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        That's what I said when I read that.

        1. pennyofheaven profile image79
          pennyofheavenposted 5 years agoin reply to this


  2. Horatio Plot profile image81
    Horatio Plotposted 5 years ago

    I have read, I have practised and I have participated.
    In the end all I needed for success was the cork. I headed nowhere upon a straight line long. Lean it was and forever minted deep. Upon next arriving I was two days in advance yet too days slow. It is deep away but far reduced. To prevent further and to seek a solution I used the services of a monkey to re-plant the cork.
    "Replace the cork my little friend", I said at directions end.
    "You are Darmok and I am Jalad", was his sturdy reply, the look upon his face priceless.
    The distance realm was not to measured in miles or years yet was all the same at the end.
    You see there are buttons; but only the grey ones should be pushed for the fear of colour.
    And in the beginning Tanagra is never as far as you believe at the end.
    For time is a circle and man is a square plug.

    1. pennyofheaven profile image79
      pennyofheavenposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      The plot thickens!

      Are we talking about past, present and future being one....? No beginning, no end...?

      Nope still not getting it....

      1. tsmog profile image80
        tsmogposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Hello Pennyofheheaven. Just off a long week of work. I'll get back with some more thoughts of the thought exercise for the first part and the second. For now some brainstorming, since I seek learning and relearning.

        A hint is which direction does time travel or does time not travel?
        Is Time versatile and travels differently or not the same in one location vs. another location?
        Or, time travels this way on earth, but does it travel the same way on Mars? Alpha-Centauri? Or, even the Galaxy the Milky Way too? For that matter Sweden and California?
        Consider the word travel. It is defined as going from A to Z some how and some way.

        The subject is the object, being Mr/S. History, which too does travel through time for the second part of the exercise. It took history the same amount of time to arrive at Portland, Texas from the starting point being Portland, Maine as it did going from Maine to Oregon to Texas. If History represents information within communication, which route traveled by Mr./S History was the 'fastest?" Defining fast is a thought one may ponder. Is that acceleration? Or, how does time and distance relate to each other when there is or is not a reference point - stars, sun, moon, and etc. Yet, we have learned they are not fixed points or they move.

        Similarly when the spoken or written word transpires history unfolds. With the spoken it can only be amended. It cannot be erased and then re-spoken. It is an event for eternity. The action of writing is too an event lasting for eternity, yet the act providing for communication can be erased and re-written. Therefore, history can be re-recorded or undergo rediscovery, yet for how long?

        Let's say the sentence is the basic structure of history. There is a beginning 'The' or 'A' with the English language. Suppose. Now, we have a subject 'person' or 'something' or even a 'blob.' Yet, we still only have a beginning - 'The Person.' There is not any movement or action and thus no measurement or it is perfect as an object being the subject. Does time stand still? Is that life eternal? What must occur for time to not to stand still? If that 'occurrence' becomes' is 'time' realized?

        For eternity to occur 'time' will have to be non-existent. To discover that science looks for 'the beginning' and 'the end.' Usually with empiricism two instruments in general are used - microscope and telescope or the innovations of those. The counter or some term as anti-thesis is rational thought.

        However they both seek the same conclusion based on premises - who, what, where, when, why, how, and how much. The math is simple for eternity to occur; remove 'when'. For 'Life' to occur 'when' must be added to. As an author or writer that means like Star Wars as an example there is not 'A' beginning or 'A' ending, thus eternal.

        Oddly and commonly the trend is to put the center point of reference with 'self.' The Scientist seeks not to do this and is in a constant state of flux betwixt and between objectivity and subjectivity. So, too, is the writer. When self is the center point of work of writing then it is predicated with a beginning and an end. There is finality.

        And then enters a character known as 'purpose.' What is the purpose of this or that? With writing that is varied and vast. So, let's construct a new sentence - 'The Purpose.' Does not that answer the question of object and subject? And, to is it not eternal? Does that sentence answer these questions:

        What is purpose
        When is purpose
        Who is purpose
        Where is purpose
        Why is purpose
        How is purpose
        How much is purpose

        Thoughts to consider when marketing, and some say unrelated. Yup!

        Statement: Nothing is ever sold until it is bought! There is not an argument of the egg and the chicken. One has to transpire for the next to occur. Yet, oddly or without oddity their is a similar action occurring, which is the seller of this or that just bought what was offered for payment. An exchange occurs, which is an action and is definable with both finality and eternity.

        1) What - Are you marketing?
        2) What - Is the difference between a 2014 Porsche and a 1967 VW Bug?
        3) What are the features of each?
        4) What are the benefits of the features for whom is marketed to?

        'Now' we add to whom?

        5) Who purchases the 2014 Porsche? The 1967 VW Bug?
        6) Who does the marketing? Who is marketed to?

        'Now' we add why?

        7) Who is the purchaser or buyer? Ponder the seller or the marketplace?
        8) Why do they purchase ('buy' vs. 'by' comes to mind when obtaining and customer satisfaction)?

        And, on and on . . . Does not the seller or marketer seek to obtain what the purchaser or buyer is marketing or selling - money, currency, value, worth, and etc?

        Thoughts . . .

        Worth has not value until it is exchanged for a like or similar worth. Bear in mind 'Purpose' is a duality being both subject and object.

        Worth is relational, yet value is relative.

        Worth is to 'you' as it is to 'me,' however value is not the same.

        Worth can transcend with transition becoming 'worthy' with the addition of 'why.'

        Ponder the 'I' for a bit and a byte. Which is more powerful and which is more forceful - the 'I' or the 'i'?

        Well, here comes the disclaimer. I cannot not copyright this since it is the product of someone else sometime discovered somewhere from some medium of communication. Original thought may have to the capacity of copyright, yet only with its context and content, of which one cannot be added or subtracted to remain the same as being that of original. A portion is of and too not of, which is a puzzle and not a riddle - dilemma?

        And, now, this exercise of thought has led this traveler onward to seeing a hub while listening to thoughts while typing words of this and now goes to draw a map - a mind map.


        1. pennyofheaven profile image79
          pennyofheavenposted 5 years agoin reply to this

          Not sure I have got it....

          The paradoxical universe comes to mind when I read through your post. Relativity arises too.

          Not only time but everything exists only in relation to our ability to observe it either dually or wholly.

          1. tsmog profile image80
            tsmogposted 5 years agoin reply to this

            Hello Penny. It is 4:46AM PDT. I have 15 minutes to dress and be at work on time. It is exactly 3.1 miles to work. There are guessing 8 traffic signals between the point of departure and destination. It is now 4:47 AM PDT. I am typing slowly with mistakes - product of low grade depression - bipolar disorder. The question becomes relational to relativity is will I be late to work? The answer arrives a tad after 5 AM PDT when I am logged in at work, sneaking back here and documented that time. Then we can ponder the position of the stars, the condition of my steed a 2007 Honda Fit, the other traffic or meteors some say, obstacles navigated along an established path while seeking a straight line from A to Z. It is now 4:50:33 AM PDT not in yet of 'at' Escondido, California. You will have to look up the long and lat if required. I am betting I will be late. yet will arrive 'On Time' to complete the task of creating and publishing corporate reports for the leadership team there where I work knowing there is forgiveness in the wings . . .

            Mitch (4:52:40 AM PDT I have to scoot like because like the white rabbit in a hole of the story Alice in Wonderland 'I am Late . . . )

            1. tsmog profile image80
              tsmogposted 5 years agoin reply to this

              TIME at the finish line relative to our discussion is 5:11 PDT. It is not relative to the tasks at hand for the workplace, of which I am borrowing time to pay back at the end of the day, yet time itself continues as a continuum radially and not linearly.

              You have the facts of first and last with documented evidence supported by the time encapsulated postings here at HP. a long with those to compare with I posted seeking variances.

              The answer is within a series of hubs posted at the profile for tsmog titled 'Reality Hubpages.' However that is not original being re-hashing ancient thought of more than many of before. Just different.

              Paradoxical is the mystery. Ponder why does the religion of Christianity tend to advocate and spend so much energy on verification of evidence of proof of the Bible rather than what occurred within the missing years seeking documentation of Jesus early life before becoming Christ. Are there secrets of understanding not known or wisdom of understanding fear of those of the knowns to share? Power is not force it directs force leading toward acceleration or movement going somewhere, if I remember correctly.

              I documented the beginning of an ending of when I left on a journey to get somewhere. I arrived there and documented the ending of that journey. All that is left to do for understanding is discovery through with history aided by sciences to fulfill the curiosity seeking something. However what is realized is that each is unique and lived those same moments as did the wayfarer of the journey getting from A to Z, which is documented with simple belief in the documentation and accepting through acknowledgment it is verifiable. It simply is without deception. Does one continue seeking disproof or does one get on with life while adding too and not taking away? Time is not a line as shown with another post. Destination can be discovered from origin, yes, however that is affect after a cause, and the effect is eternal until the ending. All author's facilitating a tool - writing create from once was through an original act or action, which becomes a new beginning. Now think exponential and wha-la a universe is discovered more vast than a single plane of measurement -  a perceived two dimensional line with dimension of multiplicity beyond normal comprehension of those likened to Einstein, Galileo, Beethoven, and even the surreal of the subconsciousness answering the conscious mind's queries shown with art of any artist - even a child. Genius is a declaration of better than, yet is only a riddle of being relative to discovery of once was with now and leading to next.

              remember to smile and have fun, fun, fun . . .

              Mitch to some others tim and I know that person as simply me, which really is un-original . . .there are others like me here and there, most know them everyday, and ponder if while considering possible with probable . . .

    2. tsmog profile image80
      tsmogposted 5 years agoin reply to this


      I have a four word review vocabulary I prefer

      Nice = speechless
      Hmmmm =  I feel playful
      Interesting = I will have to look into that for learning
      Awesome = I want to scream the feelings conjured to the world

      The words shared are poetic and earnest. I bow with a nod of the head while wondering where that button is I need to sew on a blouse, as termed in the military profession, yet  most know as a shirt.

  3. profile image0
    Emile Rposted 5 years ago

    Tim, it is next to impossible to follow your thoughts; but one of your questions caught my imagination. I've wondered about time and its direction also. Time and space, inextricably tied together. Now that we have some inking as to the quirky nature of the universe we inhabit; I don't see how one can assume time is uniformly linear at all points. The time line of the universe itself may be greatly at odds with our understanding. All of our calculations of time on a universal scale are predicated under the assumption that with a set end point here, we can meticulously calculate back to a beginning point. But that assumes that the passage of time is uniform at all points. Which I don't understand how we have come to accept that assumption.

    1. tsmog profile image80
      tsmogposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hmmmmm, again those who understand the concept of a thought exercise is there is not a correct or incorrect, since the difference between right and wrong is what is left - giggle. Answering is not what I am able to do, since that lay or lies with the 'self' of whom. Or, there is always the preface of agreement to choosing not to agree. Again alluding to the chicken and the egg concept does agreement enter first or disagreement, of which follows 9 times of 10 is compromise. Enough of that.

      "Time is defined linearly as a concept by the senses empirically." I see the beginning of time is the word 'time' in the first sentence. Time began with 'time' and time ended with 'empirically.' Thus discovery shows a timeline from a beginning to an ending. That could be experienced with hearing those words read. Allusion also says the keys heard while typing too offers that measurement of a time as a line. So, now we have two senses of understanding time - sight and sound. Next, with braille we could experience that same sensation with feeling. So, now there are three senses. That leaves two, which are taste and smell.

      Can we smell the line being formed or can we smell it being read aloud or smell it as we feel with our fingers? More than likely the answer is yes, however it is of perception with knowledge for most or the average and of what is that average is a question too. That knowledge can be demonstrated with a female human has the capacity of scent 7X that of the male according to statistical data. That could be likened to the blind and their capacity to hear is greater than average. Did you ever wonder where the old adage "I smell danger" came from?

      We can form a presumption for smelling the words formulated as a timeline, while knowing it is a truth of some, yet not all empirically is it so. I am sure without a doubt instrumentation would prove it.

      Next, is does that line created forming a timeline have taste. Again, more than likely. At one time we used mimeographs before Xerox and such came along. Before that Gutenberg. As a line was created it certainly was tasted from the sentiments in the air as a residual of components either going through the process of decay or growth or even simultaneously.

      Therefore, we can say as a writer our thoughts with words are recorded and are a known not with givens, yet with empirical knowledge - the senses. That leads to a question. Does that time line, which is a simple sentence have a beginning and/or end? It is measured as time, yet is not time. Time is always a given point on the line when perceived with perception of those senses.

      One could ask where in that original line "Time is defined linearly as a concept by the senses empirically" does time change? So the puzzle becomes a query of science and thought both. Or, does understanding occur with time. At the word "defined" the reader sees from one or more senses "Time is defined." That is the 'known' at that point along a line - time line. At concept the question becomes is there more known with the senses?

      To empirically experience time there must be a beginning and an end. The humor is recorded history only shares one who attempted that feat, to my knowledge, which is vastly limited. Yet, humbly I believe at this 'time' that attempt failed. Hence that character was developed further yet later by a passage from a book titled Hebrews, of content and context while acceptance is varied and widely disclaimed and acclaimed. The passage simply states "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." from the NIV text, Hebrews 13:8.

      Since that moment of revealing to Paul on a road somewhere in time and those are not of consequence or concern 'Man' being both male and female alike have sought both proof and disproof. Yet it remains so, the concept of the availability of 'time' is always yesterday, today, and forever more. An ending without beginning and a beginning without ending. However, we are not able to determine that empirically with our five 'known' senses - sight, sound, taste, touch, and scent.

      A leap in faith occurs with a thought being that of hope. Hope to disprove or prove, either or, which within the best of logic is falacy at its best. One may not achieve without the other. That in and of itself defines eternity with an unsolvable puzzle or riddle. One must then choose finality or eternity or just plain live life and get on with it - giggle.

      Yet all that does not explain your question, so let's go back to that timeline stated again, "Time is defined linearly as a concept by the senses empirically." What is 'seen' or sensed by any of the five known senses is verifiable by empirical knowledge. Here comes a question, "What of inference?"

      Historically we can doubt the beginning and the end both. Why? The ending is occurring as I type and while someone in the cosmos is reading somewhere and someplace, since those are still 'undefined' empirically. And, by presumption we could with rational thought accept and acknowledge that what I wrote is original to 'self' in a manner of context, content, and a medium - Hubpages Forum and with the PC at this desk.

      Yet, is it original to the audience, which in this case is Emile R and 'not' the readership, which are any and all that read this? This is a reply to and for Emile R and that is a component of the both the context and the content. In other words it is to whom the written is for that is of consequence, while others reading are by default taking the content out of context. Or, there is loss of originality.

      When time becomes consequential one has to ponder relativity and relational. Again, time does not move. It measures movement. It is a specific to something. Most utilize time as a measurement dimensionally and commonly with the empirical knowledge of the sense. Common to us all are three dimensions. Some say time is a dimension, yet I reserve commenting, seeking to understand that view.

      Having used a mill to create objects, or like the seamstress creating clothing or the cook creating a meal, time can be measured simultaneously in those three dimensions. The pot is lifted horizontally, vertically and across. Time measures those occurrences as separate occurrences. Time is not an occurrence. Something does not happen with time, time happens with something. And, it occurs in more than one dimension and more than one sense, usually.

      (Stated as usually since science has not answered those probabilities and each individual is unique to that as a learning experience or understanding with learning as an experience. Simply we just don't know how many senses there are yet, labeling the unknown as the sixth sense with unlimited identifiers still and ongoing touches on the paranormal or sci-fi - giggle.)

      Notation: Having read and corresponded with Emile R, read her works and dialogues, yet not all of course, answering her question is personal in nature, yet is shared and open to discussion with further comments. Yet, meaning may be lost or gained as each individual is unique with differences and likenesses. Therefore there will be agreements and disagreements, even between Emile R and this 'self.' It is here where the phrase 'nurture the nature' may come alive.


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