Have ANY of YOU experienced negative paranormal presence in your house

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    or apartment? If not, have YOU encountered such negative paranormal energy in a haunted house?

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      tsmogposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I live in a mobile home and can not sleep in the master bedroom. I still am not really able to sleep through a night there, so I sleep in my easy chair in the front room or the couch. Having a belief in the paranormal I sought some advice from confirmed believers. They speculated maybe since both owners before I - husband & wife, passed in their bed in that room, (and in that order only years apart).

      I was curious to the extent I purchased an Elecro Magnetic Field Meter (EMF Meter) on Ebay. I measured the room and it spiked real, real high. A set of main power lines run overhead and cross the corner of the mobile home for that master bedroom. I pondered the EMF signals from the power lines, so I contacted the power company and complained. They send someone out when that is done I was advised.

      They checked and did say it was high. He checked four other places. He climbed a ladder higher than roof at the area they passed over the bedroom, he stood in the back yard about 10 yards to the side, he stood in the side yard about 10 yards to the side, and he checked under the power line upright near the north mobile home park power shed. All acceptable and not as high as the master bedroom. We chatted almost a half hour about my theory and did some chuckling.

      Bottom line is I simply dun'no. I cannot sleep a night through in that room from start to finish. I awaken at least 2 times. I slept in that bed for about a year before moving here, so do not presume the mattress. The mattress was new the year I was able to sleep in it too.

      My neighbor who knew her says it is because I do not plant a vegetable garden where she did. Instead I have a North American Medicine Wheel there (8ft diameter surrounded by native California Chaparral plants for butterflies and hummingbirds). The veggie garden would be just passed the back wall of that master bedroom.

      The oddest part is I can hear voices in the walk-in closet all the time. I thought it was an echo from under the mobile home carrying the neighbor behind my unit talking. I discounted that theory when they were gone one weekend and still the voices. The voices sound like a party of more than four with distinguishable voices. I use to stand in that closet and listen for near a half hour on several occasions.

      Jerry down the road a piece stops by and visits and always talks about the lady that lived here. I think they had a thing of some sort. Anyway, he shared they use to have Gin Rummy parties of eight, hands of four or more for hearts or spades, and just get-to-gethers. He seems angry with me when he talks of the handyman stuff he did for her like move the washer and dryer outside. I had to tear down the outside shed he built by hand and put up an enclosed modern shed per the park. So, I always ponder if when he comes over for a visit if he stirs up the spirits. What do you think? 

      Bottom line is I dun'no. Maybe where I live is haunted. The question is how do I bring peace to those spirits of now gone mobile home park residents playing cards all the time. Do I create a room they will enjoy. Do I redecorate the bedroom to her liking? Do I use my Tao Buddhist Singing Bowl, burn some sage, and place some Black Obsidian and Amethyst in the room to cleanse the spirits and offer protection from them? I dun'no . . . maybe a late spring cleaning and all three of those deterrents.


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    Alastar Packerposted 4 years ago

    There is a single story brick house...some miles north of Sunset Beach, NC, that a woman was murdered in by her husband about ten years ago. The relatives who took possession of the place tried renting it out but could not keep any tenants there for any length of time through a 4 year period or so. All left...even breaking leases saying the house was haunted by the poor murdered woman. A "sensitive" can pick up the negative vibes in the house just standing in the road, maybe 70 feet away from the place. I know because i felt it personally. The house has sat vacant for 5 years now after the relatives gave up on renting much less selling as it is fairly well known in the area now about the haunting problem. Seems the ladies spirit is either trapped or an impression on time was made that plays itself over and over again because the haunting appears to be scenes of the murder itself. .