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Does God Speak to You?

  1. Paul Wingert profile image76
    Paul Wingertposted 23 months ago

    If he does, you're either lying or a schizophrenic. One would think that God would want to talk to agnostics and atheists in order to convince them of his existence. But then again, you never see agnostics and atheists become possessed.

    1. HeadlyvonNoggin profile image87
      HeadlyvonNogginposted 22 months agoin reply to this

      No, God doesn't talk to me. Not with words. Let me give you an example. A while back I was building a studio for my art and music production hobbies. I began to wonder if I was investing too much money, if I was being selfish in doing what I was doing. So I prayed about it. That next day there was a drafting table left by my door. The neighbor across from me was moving and didn't have room for it. I moved it inside my apartment and left them a note because it was raining. They said I'd be doing them a favor if I kept it. A drafting table was the next thing on my list to buy. Not sure if you can say that was God talking to me or not, but seems a bit beyond coincidence being that it was so specific.

      God isn't going to speak to atheists or agnostics to convince them. The whole point is that we all have free will and have to willfully choose. If we were shown that's not our choice.

      1. wilderness profile image99
        wildernessposted 22 months agoin reply to this

        You wanted a studio (first priority) and a drafting table (second priority).  Neighbors (that may have heard you mention that) left you a table, which action you attribute to a god.

        No, a god will not speak to atheists, but neither will an atheist accept that a god spoke to you because a neighbor left something you wanted (although not the thing you wanted or needed most).  It is a very extreme reach to decide that a god forced them to leave a table, just because you wanted one.

        This is a common misconception in my experience: that the faithful will attribute nice events to a god while at the same time ignoring the bad things (or lack of good things) that happen to them.  Nice things happen all the time with no perceptible reason to think it is due to a god's interference in our lives, but somehow the faithful seem to think the gods always produce the good things.  Odd to the atheist that wants something more than assigning causality because it supports a belief and certainly not a reason to think that it is "god-speak", so to speak.

        1. HeadlyvonNoggin profile image87
          HeadlyvonNogginposted 22 months agoin reply to this

          No, I never spoke to these neighbors, about the studio or anything else. It wasn't something I spoke about. It was pieces I was researching for myself. The only one who knew was my wife, and she didn't know about the drafting table. And you do understand that the drafting table was a piece for the studio, right? It wasn't second priority. It was the next priority piece. It was the piece I was milling over whether or not I should buy when I asked.

          God didn't force anyone to do anything. Everyone chose their own actions. But circumstances were orchestrated in just such a way that it played out the way it did. That's how it works in my experience. It's like the universe begins to work in harmony with you. Things just kind of click into place where and when they need to. There's no discernible source, just a series of circumstances.

          Yes, nice things happen all the time. But this particular nice thing has only happened to me once, and the one time it did it was very specific to the specific thing I asked about. Sure, you can dismiss it as coincidence. Or me just trying to assign meaning to it. But I know that's not the case. It's nothing that will prove without doubt to anyone beyond myself, but it's an example of how God has "spoken" to me.

          1. wilderness profile image99
            wildernessposted 22 months agoin reply to this

            "But I know that's not the case. "

            Sorry, but you "know" nothing of the kind.  Your conclusion has not been tested, nor has it been repeated.  It has not even been subjected to statistical analysis (how many desires do you not get without effort on your part vs how many you do get).  Your conclusion is unwarranted, and to a non-believer is pure fantasy derived from a desire it be true.  I trust you can understand that just as I can understand and accept why a believer would make such a statement.

            Likewise, to the non-believer you can replace "that's how God spoke to me" with "what a coincidence - that total strangers would place their unwanted furniture at your door" and begin to look for reasons they did so.

            1. HeadlyvonNoggin profile image87
              HeadlyvonNogginposted 22 months agoin reply to this

              I do know. And I also know that this example will not convince you or anyone else. I'm simply giving an example from my personal experience. And no, it doesn't come from a desire to be true. You continue to try to convince yourself that I'm just deluding myself into believing what I prefer, when throughout our discussions here you have been the one to show you have a preferred belief that you'll hang on to despite the evidence. You're not open to being wrong. You think you know better with no evidential reason to justify your stance.

              1. wilderness profile image99
                wildernessposted 22 months agoin reply to this

                Headly, you've put an enormous amount of time and effort into your theory of ET gods in the middle east.  It has taken you years of research and "testing", but you did it.

                But when it comes to "seeing" or "hearing" God in your own life all that process is thrown to the winds.  If it's coincidental, if it's a good thing...why it must be God doing it!  Not other possibility, and I know that to be true without all the effort I put into my research of the near East.  What happened to the Headly that earnestly looks for truth?  Did he just disappear when offered an opportunity to "see" God himself, grabbing at any straw possible to satisfy his wants? 

                Yes, you're deluding yourself if you think you know anything at all about a god.  None has spoken to you, none has affected your life, none has ever been seen.  Yet you claim that you do know, that the gods do interact with you, that they do cause specific events in your life.  You thus delude yourself and if you would only put the thought, research and consideration into such statements as you did with your research you would quickly figure that out.

                1. HeadlyvonNoggin profile image87
                  HeadlyvonNogginposted 22 months agoin reply to this

                  This requires no investigation or reasearch. This was a direct response to a direct and very particular prayer. If you receive a voice mail from someone who just says "blue", and you know you called them ahead of that time asking what color they prefer for a gift you're purchasing, there's no need for investigation. The context of the circumstances tells you all you need to know.

                  This isn't something that can be tested anyway. It's clear to me that this was a direct response to my prayer. There's no way to verify that in any way, no way to test or duplicate it. The specific timing and the specific type of desk that was there told me all I needed to know. For all the things that could have been left there by that neighbor, for it specifically to be a drafting table, the exact kind of table I had been looking to buy, tells me all I need to know. I got my answer and proceeded with my studio.

                  How often do you even see a drafting table? It's not that common of a piece of furniture.

                  1. wilderness profile image99
                    wildernessposted 22 months agoin reply to this

                    "This requires no investigation or reasearch."

                    Then provide proof that a god was involved.  That it was not coincidence or pre-knowledge by neighbors of what you wanted.  If I get a voice mail, I know which phone sent it, and it's not unreasonable to think it is the owner.  Nor it is unreasonable to think that my phone did not generate the message.  This is called "evidence", but nothing of the sort applies to your situation.  The only thing you have to offer is tenuous time correlation; at one point you spoke words to the air and later on they "came true" after a fashion.  This is not even circumstantial evidence - you might as well say that the dog barking down the street was the cause.

                    I understand it is proof to you - that's what I said.  I also said that it is not proof to any non-believer that wants more than a random assigning of cause/effect correlation without anything more than that one followed the other.  We do, after all, see and hear of tens of thousands of prayers to God that are not answered, whereupon the common response is that "It was God's will" without any more proof of that than you can provide.

                    Personally, I'd be far more concerned about a neighbor that leaves their unwanted items on your doorstep and wonder what will be next?  As they have free will to do as they wish, and God does not provide impetus to affect that free will (negating your premise that God did it), it would seem a reasonable concern.

                    Yes, I've owned two drafting tables in my life.  And used one at work to boot.

    2. Oztinato profile image82
      Oztinatoposted 22 months agoin reply to this

      Yes I can hear God speaking and He says: if a person can't hear Him they are either lying or they're schizophrenic. He also says He still loves the Liar and the Schizophrenic and they will all get to the correct understanding in another life.
      Wait a minute, wait a minute.....just got another message coming through........no, correction, it's only the schizophrenic that will make it to full faith in their next life, but the Liar needs at least a dozen or more reincarnations.
      He is really upset with hard core atheists too. He says they will take at least a hundred more lives to realize Him but eventually they too will have full faith. Apparently they have to start back from the cockroach stage again and work their way up. It's OK though the cockroach stage only lasts a few weeks.

  2. profile image0
    calculus-geometryposted 22 months ago

    I spoke to Jesus one time and he spoke back.

    1. Trichakra profile image61
      Trichakraposted 14 months agoin reply to this

      What he said to you?

  3. jacharless profile image80
    jacharlessposted 22 months ago

    Firstly, the question seems purposefully narrow, and not truly arguable, as noted by the opening statement of IF G/god does than you are...

    However, I often find it interesting that some folk ask things and make such claims without really understanding what it is they are referencing. Everything speaks/communicates {root: commune} in some manner or another. A bird speaks quite differently than a dolphin; a human quite differently from a willow tree. Regardless of the differential, every creature known today has a definitive form and measure of communication. And that is the underlying answer to the {entrapment} question. Even now, as you read these words, can hear yourself speaking them, in your mind. How is THAT possible? How is it possible to recall, in your mind, words to a song, remember a conversation verbatim or quotes from books by writers great and small?

    Conversing with ourselves or others is considered quite "normal". Conversing with nature is said to be "odd"; talking to a tree foolishness, madness. Yet, humans have designed countless mechanisms for communicating with the world around us -like dolphins, whales, apes, bumblebees, etc -even with other able or disabled bodied folk (meaning blind, deaf or of a different cultural dialogue). Apparently, humans believe nature communicates with itself, and we don't want to be left out of the loop, while equally denying such communication is rational. Even more "ridiculous", humans are designing ways to communicate with machines and have machines communicate with us. As exhibit: circa common year 1970 a telephonic transmission takes place between one machine and another resulting in, "Hello world" and the dawn of the intranet. A machine spoke to another machine and it responded? Preposterous!

    The many languages and mannerisms of communication, which we know of, are quite diverse without a shred of doubt. And therefore, keeping with said absence of a shred, can only reason that humans can speak and hear Creator, in various forms, methods and dialects. Surely, if one can hear themselves talk {and generally enjoy hearing themselves talk} can also communicate with forces greater or lesser in ability than themselves.


  4. paradigmsearch profile image93
    paradigmsearchposted 22 months ago

    There are people in this world who need the delusion of God and religion in order to be able to deal with the brutal savageness of reality. As long as those delusions do not include advocating the harming of others, I say let them have their delusions. In fact, I kind of envy them.

    Empirical observation shows the universe doesn't care. That is a very depressing fact to accept, some people just aren't able to do that.

  5. PrettyPanther profile image83
    PrettyPantherposted 22 months ago

    No, God does not speak to me.  If he ever does, I will immediately go for a neurological exam, as Alzheimer's runs in my family.  big_smile

    When I lived in Missouri, I was watching the news after the Joplin tornado hit.  A woman stated that she narrowly missed death, and it was because God wanted her to live and had a special plan for her.  So, God decided to kill 150+ people with a tornado, including children.  I guess they weren't good enough for God's special plans.  How does a toddler manage to not be good enough?

  6. profile image59
    Jakeyp121posted 22 months ago

    All the religions in this world are based on one thing when it comes to people believing in it, that is faith. People have the books they believe in and worship and you know why they believe in it? It's because they have faith that that is true. You can't call other people down for what they believe when it contradicts your own beliefs, because what they believe probably just makes sense to them.

    No one can say for 100% fact that what they believe in is true. I feel like it just comes down to what makes sense to you, and what helps you live in life feeling good about what you believe.