Does anyone have any earth angel experiences to share and talk about?

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  1. AOEHM profile image59
    AOEHMposted 12 years ago

    Does anyone have any earth angel experiences to share and talk about?

  2. HappyHer profile image57
    HappyHerposted 12 years ago

    Hi Dear!  Welcome to Hub Pages!  The studio I was dancing in was in a pretty bad part of the city and I was always the last to leave, pretty late at night.  Once when my car broke down and once when I was walking into a basement parking garage - a short, very funny, trucker like kind of guy would just sort of "show up" to help, keep me company, and tell me some really corny jokes.  Three other women had been attacked/raped in that garage within that month (I hadn't known that at the time.), I think if he wouldn't have shown up, I would've made a fourth.  Most people don't realize angels don't always have wings, they have a wicked sense of humor, and they aren't bound to any particular religion.

  3. dabeaner profile image60
    dabeanerposted 12 years ago

    Wasn't that an old 1950s song?

    If I had so-called "earth angel" experiences, I sure hope I would not be tempted to share them.  Schizophrenia, pure and simple.  Maybe that's what all the homeless walking the streets mumbling and shouting are doing -- having conversations with their "angels".

  4. Illuminatii profile image60
    Illuminatiiposted 12 years ago

    Let me tell you a true story. A good friend of mine was sent by his company to Boston from San Francisco to set up a computer hub. He completed his task after 5 days.  On the morning of his return flight, he recieved a call in his hotel room from a man claiming to work for his company.  The man told him his name was Gab, and that he was to remain in Boston. My friend asked him why and was told there would be other work for him. After the call he phoned the airport and terminated his flight, set to depart within 2 hours, and waited for the next phone call from his company.  The call never came. The flight he would have been on was United Flight 175 and the date was 9/11.  The man that called himself Gab does not work for my friends company.  Yes I believe in angels and so does my friend.

  5. salette profile image60
    saletteposted 12 years ago

    Hi AOEHM, I just wrote about a little technique I use each day and evening. It's about Angel Vibrations. Check it out.  All is energy.  Frequency is the key. This may be a good place for you to start having contact in your very own way. Let me know and then I will share with you some of my experience.  But remember, It is your experience that counts as proof!

  6. Rascal Russ Miles profile image61
    Rascal Russ Milesposted 12 years ago

    Hi. Brand new here,  I have just posted two Hubs about Earth Angels. I'll likely publish some more. Earth Angels have been a part of my *"Charmed"* life for some time.

  7. Soul Groups Press profile image61
    Soul Groups Pressposted 11 years ago

    Yes. Earth Angel's are those who walk on the Earth, very human and very awesome. I have met several in my life. The one that stands out is the night I gave birth to my youngest son. I was in the delivery room after a long night of labor, everyone left the room. So here I am alone and here come a man with dark curly hair and a white coat on with a very nice nurse - He put his hand on my and the pain stopped. He said - let's deliver this baby - we did - painlessly. The nurse showed me my son after she washed him. Then they took him out of the room to the nursery. When they left the original crew came in - they were very surprised to see i had been delivered and my son was in the nursery. They had never heard of nor seen the doctor at that hospital.
    Auriel Grace

  8. bill yon profile image68
    bill yonposted 11 years ago

    earth angels are normal human beings that are placed in your path at a certain time to help you.

  9. skye2day profile image74
    skye2dayposted 11 years ago

    I have had three angel encounters that I know of. I believe hundreds of times I have been spared falling down or getting hit by another vehicle or hitting another vehicle because an angel was on the path. I have written 3 hubs about my personal encounters. 'Angels on my Path' has the angel picture I took in it. I was walking on the canal and everything was lush and beautiful and green. I had this peace I had not known before. It was unmeasurable. There was no particular reason I had the peace. It was inside of me. I never wanted to leave the moment. I took a picture with my cheap camera phone because I do not recall the green velvet so lush like this before. I got home to check out the picture and there was an angel watching over me in a tree ahead of me. I did not see her in the picture when I took it. Go and check her out. Yes there are angels. I was rescued from a car accident the car was totaled. I wrote a story about that encounter as well. Love and Peace  skye

  10. Care Amor profile image53
    Care Amorposted 9 years ago

    Brilliant True Story Angel Encounters Today! BOOKS:-(1)‘Angels’By Hope Price. (2)’Angels’By Billy Graham. (3)’Where Miracles Happen’ By Joan W. Anderson.(4)‘Where Angels Walk’ By J.Anderson.(5)’Angels & Devils’ By J.Cruz.(6)’Angels(& Demons)’ By P.J.Kreeft. (7)'Angels Among Us'By Ron Rhodes.  (8)‘Angels &Their Mission’By J.Danielou.(9)’The Angels:The Catholic Teaching’By Fr.P.Parente.(10)‘Angels’By J.Woolmer.(11)‘Angels:Elect &Evil,Revised’ By C.F. Dickason. (12)’Seeing Angels’By E.HeathcoteJames.(13)’God Stories:Inspiring Encounters’By J. Skiff-CNN.(14)’Guardian Angels’ BY J.Anderson.(15) ’A Study of Angels’By Dr.E.Myers.(16)’Extraordinary Miracles in the Lives of Ordinary People’ByTherese Marszalek.(17)’Miracles Still Happen’By S.Stone. (18)’Christian Miracles’By J.S.Bell.(19)’When Heaven Invades Earth’By B.Johnson.(20)’Seeing the Unseen’By J.Beam.(21)’Angels on Assignment’By B.Roland.  (22)’Angels:Who They Are & How They Help’By Dr. D.Jeremiah. (23)’Angels On Assignment’By P.Stone. (24)’Psalm 91:Real-Life Stories of God's Shield’By P.Ruth.(25)’Saved By Angels’By B.V.Natta.(26)‘90 Minutes in Heaven’By D.Piper.(27)’A Message From God’By A.McPherson.(28)’The Boy who came back from Heaven’By K.Malarke.(29)‘Heaven is for Real’By T.Burpo.(30)’Visions Beyond The Veil’By H.A.Baker.(31)’On the side of the Angels’By Harold Begbie about Mons Angels. (32)’ EFT Miracles & Angels’By Dr.V.Pearce. (33)’Angels All Around Us’By A.DeStefano. (34)’Touched by a Miracle: More True Stories….’ By N.Ladner-Bischoff. (35)’An Angel's Touch’By Nathalie Ladner-Bischoff.


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