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What is the purpose of the Christian Church?

  1. Abrushing1968 profile image82
    Abrushing1968posted 8 years ago

    What is the purpose of the Christian Church?

  2. TheBizzness profile image53
    TheBizznessposted 8 years ago

    The Christian Church is also called the "Body of Christ". The purpose is not to be a place to escape the world but a place to be able to commune with like minded people who believe in the values that you do. We are told in the Bible that we should belong to a church because they are our support system. How lonely if would be being a Christian if you could not discuss the faith and have someone there to pray with you and get closer to God with you.

  3. sroberts9 profile image82
    sroberts9posted 8 years ago

    The church was suppose to be one of the many, many homes of Jesus.  Jesus Christ did not have a home to lay his head so the church was supposed to be that place for him and his followers. 

    The purpose of a home should be his castle and in the people he loves.  It would be a place where people could come and enjoy being with (the head of the household) Jesus and enjoy his company. Likewise when you have been invited to someones home. 

    While there you would offer your gratitude (for the invitation) to him for all he has done, as well as, the place where you could just enjoy being in the presence with him.   

    I do know that it was not meant to be used as a place for vending and money making opportunities -such as "for the building fund" or "pastor's reunion. " 

    The Pastor is not to be uplifted here and I don't know why so many of our churches do that.  It just annoys me so! 

    It is supposed to be a home be filled with Love for God and Jesus his son.  The center of the church should be Jesus an not anyone else.
    My ideal church home would be a quiet place, where Jesus and I would sit and talk. It would be a serene place.  Water flowing.  Beautiful green fields of grass and flowers.  Natural woods, and hand carved things.  Nothing artificial or preserved. 

    My eyes would view much loveliness by the view and details alone.  It would be very clear to see.

    It would be a place where I'd come to praise and worship him with other Christian's like myself.  Where I could confess my sins to my other Christian Brothers and Sisters and find the help with working through my problems by praying in groups.   

    It would be a place where I could be fed the "truth" of God's message through the Word from the Paster.  Without him or her being the center of the church - like we are worshipping him/her instead of God's glory.

    I could find a deeper understanding of God's loving words.  A develop a deeper hunger for more of it.  It would be a place where true understanding would live.  The answers would be there - verified and proved for all to see.

    A place where you could go and not be judged. Where the entire congregation would open their arms to your heart and family.  You would feel like you were at home.

    This church of mine, would be where experiences would be shared, in groups from the elders who have so much wisdom to share.  It would be a place where style would always come second to a womans grace and natural beauty.  Her beauty would shine from her heart, deeds, and loving words. 

    It would be a place for my children to come frequently and enjoy playing - freely without - fear of anything or any one.  A place where they could be happy, loving children, without the added pressures of the world today. Where their innocence would be left untouched.  Where young girls would stay virgins until they were married.

    Where the children would know only the loving touch an not any others. 

    It would be a special place - a haven for their peace and tranquility from the rest of the pressures of the world.  Where all children could come together in love and harmony.  Where the teens could study and understand the world of God and be raised up as young men and women of God's favor.  A place where they could "trust" and find a deep relationship about who Jesus is and what he did and why he did.   

    This is the Church in my heart that I saw when Jesus described to the disciples.  I have yet to find my church home.  But, I am still hopeful and at least I

  4. Old Gregg 81 profile image50
    Old Gregg 81posted 8 years ago

    The christian church was a way of controlling the population in times before science and free will.If people have the fear of god in them then they are more likely to obey the law in fear of reprisal from "god".
    The church is one of the most wealthy orginisations in the world,youd think they wold use that money to help other christians in 3rd world countries but no.
    Sorry to offend any body, but free speach and all that.

  5. EdG. profile image60
    EdG.posted 8 years ago

    To indoctrinate the masses and collect inordinate amounts of tax-free money, it's that simple. And all you have to do to join is surrender your reason and common sense. Your soul is worth more anyway, if you've got one.

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