do you ever stop and research the pagan religions before you blast them?

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  1. ms jessica marie profile image58
    ms jessica marieposted 14 years ago

    do you ever stop and research the pagan religions before you blast them?

    many people think that wiccan and pagan religions are satan worshiping or simply evil. this is not true, in fact, there is no satan in the wiccan religion. i simply wish to know if you are the type who at least knows a bit about it before you become cruel or have you simply decided you dont need to know anything about it to say its evil?

  2. Tom Cornett profile image80
    Tom Cornettposted 14 years ago

    From what little I know...the Wiccan religion is much like Native American beliefs.  The center of concentration is more of a spiritual connection to earth and all creations. It has much to do with finding good in one's self to share with others.
    The core of pagan and popular religion is about power and control.  They extend outward to a divine or powerful entity.
    Satanic worship has little to do with other religions.  It seems to focus on the dark arts and rituals.

  3. spirituality profile image57
    spiritualityposted 14 years ago

    I know enough about the pagan religions to know it's nonsense to see them as 'evil' or 'of the devil'. But it's not realistic to expect people to step out of their boxes just because you want to be accepted as pagan. It would be nice if they did, but they will not. You will have to live with the fact that you'll occasionally meet Christians (especially, but not exclusively) who don't understand at all.

  4. jacklhasa profile image61
    jacklhasaposted 14 years ago

    I've been studying religion and philosophy for a very long time.  I learned long ago not to judge people based on their beliefs, but on their attitude toward the beliefs of others.  Open-minds and respect means more to me than the nature of any person's religion.  All I want to know is that you are doing your best to be kind to all people, no matter what religion, race, or nationality.  It's how we treat each other that really matters when it comes down to it.

  5. EdG. profile image61
    EdG.posted 14 years ago

    Many religious people don't stop to examine their own beliefs much less those of others. For instance, many Christians are probably unaware that "christmas" was celebrated under many names before christ as a pagan holiday. They likely don't realize either, the seasonal significance of holidays like Christmas and Easter because we live in a post-agrarian society where our lives don't depend on seasonal shifts and solar movements.

    For some christians though, simply denying christ is like working for the devil, whether you actively worship him at all or not.

  6. Lee Boolean profile image60
    Lee Booleanposted 14 years ago

    The pagans got a bad deal. Unfortunately for them, back in the time of Constantine, it was decided that one religion was needed for all of Rome's conquests, and seeing as the Pagans were amongst those (Celtics & Germanic to name two)  they were forced to accept this new "truth". To stop the pagans from refusing to accept this new religion, many of the original pagan rituals (christmas, easter) as pointed out by EdG, were kept & transformed  to hush them. In Europe, (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Ireland etc.) many pagan feasts are still held to this day, remarkably by mostly christian communities.

    Saying it was evil came later, as an excuse to steal people's property and have a BBQ.

  7. Vizey profile image58
    Vizeyposted 14 years ago

    Many people in the world worship different things of nature due to their powers and benefits they get from them. In india, people worship, sun, moon, rivers, mountain, Animals etc.

  8. It's just me profile image60
    It's just meposted 14 years ago

    As long as you aren't living in the Bible belt there shouldn't be that much of a problem between you and members of other faiths.
    The older I get the more I realize that people generally behave in the manner that you expect (not demand) of them.
    If you expect to be treated like a lady of dignity you will usually be treated in that manner no matter what your religious affiliation.

  9. knottybynature profile image61
    knottybynatureposted 14 years ago

    There are some faiths that anything outside their faith is labeled as 'evil'.

    But ponder this a moment.... most religions, most faiths, teach a few things in common.

    1. Love yourself
    2. Take care of your fellow humans
    3. Take care of the world around you

    If everyone just stopped to do these three things, regardless of the trivial details, I believe the world would be a better place.

    And remember, Do not treat others the way YOU want to be treated...treat them as they wish to be treated.  This way you are respecting them and their culture as much as you want your own to be respected.

    Love is the Law, plain and simple.

  10. repoprimo profile image76
    repoprimoposted 14 years ago

    Honestly, people are going to have their beliefs; however negative or positive they may be.  Unfortunately, many people fear those things they know least about.  Television is not the best platform to base a trust or distrust.
    The Wiccan religion bases belief in the All-Might God and his begotten son, Jesus as most christian based religions.  However, it is unfortunate that those faiths that claim not to judgemental of others, have those followers that judge.

    "Judge not , lest ye be judged" is probably the most defied covenant violated by traditional Christian Based followers.

    The Wiccan Religion teaches "tolerance".  Social, religious, racial, cultural and other tolerances are well taught within the traditional Wiccan religions.

    There is not a day which passes that i hear something along the line of, oh you did this or they did that and they are going to burn in hades.  Then I witness the person passing judgement, committing the same "Sin" within a short time and justifying their acts, frivilously and without just merit..

    The rites of the Wiccan, is no more rediculous than those practiced in the Catholic, prodestant, pentacostal or other religious rituals.  LIghting of the candles, is the rite within most religious to bring spritual grounding and power to the ritual.

    The belief of the various deities, is no different than what we practice in business , in a normal day.  God being our "Creator"  all though  "all powerful and our creator" has placed trust and powers of the elements in the hands of other Gods or "sub-Gods"  and "Goddesses" to assist in the mundane tasks of the elemental powers.

    Consider, before task is taken to condemn any religion or belief system that there are reasons for the beliefs of others, and to condemn them is also to condemn yourself to being judged, accordingly.   Not by me.  Bless and best wishes to all.

  11. zzron profile image57
    zzronposted 13 years ago

    I haven't had much time to research other religions but I am a Christian and I believe in the bible and it gives us free will to believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God or not to believe if we choose and explains this in John,3 16.  I know there are many religions and everyone has the right to believe what they want.

  12. Hideshi Tanaka profile image60
    Hideshi Tanakaposted 13 years ago

    There is much more to a person than what they believe in.  How they act based on those beliefs is much more important.

    For example, I have known some Christians who were the nicest people in the world and would do everything they could to help someone, regardless of whether they were "saved" or not.  In contrast, I have known other Christians who absolutely refused to patronize the store I was working in because I wasn't Christian.

    And it's not like I was openly broadcasting my beliefs, either.  I don't believe that you should evangelize at the workplace, and the only reason they know about my faith is because they openly asked me if I was Christian or not before we even started conducting business.

    The point is that you can't judge someone solely on what they believe.  What really matters is what they do with those beliefs and how they treat those around them.

  13. Saphire Storm profile image58
    Saphire Stormposted 12 years ago

    Many people are told Pagan religions are evil by someone they trust. Who, in turn, were told by someone they trust. It is a long time of misinformation that began when people were trying to convert Pagans to Christianity. As long as people are willing to follow like blind sheep, it will continue. People have to want to change and think for themselves. For most, it is too much trouble.

  14. Brandon Martin profile image59
    Brandon Martinposted 11 years ago

    Many people don't think of their own religious morals before they bash people or go against them in some way.

    I have a friend who read the back of someone's bumper with a sticker reading, "HONK IF YOU LOVE JESUS". My friend said that she honked and the people in that car flipped them off.

    I have studied religions here and there, but I have MUCH to still learn! I never bash religions, but I do bash the hypocrites. I don't belong to any one religion, because I see all of their worth. It just disappoints me to see the people that do...that is when I burst a fuse hahah, seriously though.


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