How can a Christian live a life of consistent victory?

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  1. bstiltner77 profile image64
    bstiltner77posted 14 years ago

    How can a Christian live a life of consistent victory?

    It would seem that one of the most frustrating things in the life of a believer is the struggle to find consistent victory. With a plethora of baptized self-help books, devotionals for every color, gender, and day, and the "Prayer of Jabez", one could easily assume that victory is thoroughly enjoyed by most who call themselves "Christian". However, I have good reason to believe that we live in a society that is permeated with the smiling faces of a "Christian Masquerade". Therefore, how can we find genuine,consistent, victory and remove our masks?

  2. Born Again 05 profile image81
    Born Again 05posted 14 years ago

    Praying incessantly and staying in God's Word are the first two things that come to mind.  Attending a good Bible preaching church, weekly Bible study and fellowship with believers is essential.  Belonging to a small group is also good for learning and accountability.  Above all else, Christ must be the number one priority and focus in a person's life.

  3. nikki1 profile image60
    nikki1posted 14 years ago

    First realize we are all human.  We make mistakes. When we watch what we say and do. And, be careful what we say and do has or makes results.. bad as well as good. However, we aren't perfect.. we come clean. With the higher power.. and do alot of damage control. Then God will do the rest.  Also, do alot of random act of kindness everywhere you go helps.. Along with going to church, participating in there community functions,.  As well reading God materials and not preach the word but spread his patience and encouragement on a daily basis.. by actions.  Smiling and thinking positive thoughts also helps.  When you are having one of those bad hair days pray about it, talk to someone about it also immediately. 

  4. goldenpath profile image66
    goldenpathposted 14 years ago

    Great answer by nikki1, thumbs up!  The answer resides within the darkness of pride.  Yes, many "Christians" live a hypocritical life and that's a shame.  Deity knows our follies.  Our journey, though heartwrenching at times, is to continue to make covenants (promises) with Him and to completely and sincerely try to forsake the sin you are struggling to overcome.  Good works and charity are key components to your progress as nikki1 explained. 

    As a clergyman it is extremely difficult to effectively counsel individuals of the dangers of being a Christian hypocrite.  In fact, you cannot live a completely Christian life if you are being such.  You may desire to but it is folly until you forsake pride and those masks worn every minute of every day. 

    Losing yourself in the service of others is the best way to truly finding yourself.  Why?  When you serve the needs of others you will begin to recognize your own needs being met by an unseen power.  This is a paramount tool for building your own testimony of the truthfulness of the things you learn.

  5. cleo77725 profile image60
    cleo77725posted 14 years ago

    One way to live in victory is not let your emotions rule you. Learn to hear God and know his will for your life. Constantly rely on him step by step to get you through whatever your going through. Don't let feelings of disappointment cause you to fall into a depression.When you begin to feel depression cast it off and run to God. You know Jesus  grew and sat in a waiting period for most of his life.Sometimes Christians feel they aren't being victorious because they are still sitting in that waiting period. Waiting for the vision to become a reality. Waiting to be delivered. God keeps us in a long waiting period so he can mold us and get us ready for what ever is around the corner . Also in everything you go through it is for God's glory and you need to stay humble to that fact. It is the Grace of God that gets you through the days. Part of the waiting period is to learn how to lean on the Lord completely. So  you can't turn around and say I did this myself. Submerse yourself in the word for whatever situation you are in. Look for Answers to your questions in the bible. And just stay true to yourself and God don't live a sinful life. Yes, we sin but don't make Jesus sacrifice an excuse to sin. You are righteous you will be victorious. Read Deuteronomy 28. It is awesome! Take care and God bless.

  6. thesecondadvent profile image60
    thesecondadventposted 14 years ago

    My Dear Sweet Friends,

    The most powerful power in all the universe is available unto each and every human upon the Earth.  It is Love! 

    Through Love one shall ever, and ever be victorious!  When one Love with a pure heart, Loving everyone, everyday, in everyway, one shall conqueror every adversary, and achieve every Godly goal which is of the Spirit, Love. 

    Even so, my dear sweet Friends, as we Love, we suffer.  For the world shall hate us because of our Love.  The world is full of hate and canst not accept pure Love within its midst.  That is why it is said that we must perservere and not grow weary and faint. 

    As we suffer, we understand that it is because of Love.  And, with this understanding, we accept the suffering, for we knowest that to reject suffering, is to turn from Love.  This is victory; the ability to Love instantly, without condition, or exception regardless of the world and its hate to-ward us.   And, in doing so, know that we art slowly become the Son of God, Who Is Love.

  7. profile image54
    Adam Aldenposted 14 years ago

    Just remember that nobody can make you feel weak without YOUR permission.

    Only you can decide for yourself the correct path and if you trust in a creator (I am Agnostic, but I believe in a creator who made order, sense and reason - things that the Darwin 'Barmy Army' cannot explain) then let him/it guide you.

    The world is, at the moment, unfortunately strongly influenced by the evil ones - but your faith, personality and yes even essence can be a beacon burning brightly in the dark and confusion.   To quote New Jersey's finest (Mr. Bon Jovi) 'you gotta keep the faith!'

    Merry Christmas!

  8. _cheryl_ profile image83
    _cheryl_posted 14 years ago

    I believe that you can live a consistent victorious life without a struggle at all. Meditating daily on the word, being concious and thinking about what you're thinking about (great advice from Joyce Meyer's The Mind Is a Battlefield) keeps us alert and ready to take on anything that comes our way by simply relying not on our feelings, but what we know as truth in God's word. Realizing that we are saved by grace and not works introduces us to a world full of appreciation. "God's gift to us is life, what we decide to do with it is our gift to God"........great question smile

  9. H P Roychoudhury profile image41
    H P Roychoudhuryposted 14 years ago

    The consistent victory in Christian life lies in the ethics of Christian religion. The Christian religion not only brings a discipline in personal life but also develops a sense of emotion for forgiveness and a dedication for the mankind in particular for the children, poor and the motherhood.

  10. ann garden profile image60
    ann gardenposted 14 years ago

    Just as simple plain, Look unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our Faith.

    "If the pressure in life seems crushing you down, think of the crushed grapes, that produce the best wine. The pressure in life only brings our the best in you."

    Trials are design to refine our character.

  11. bwenzel100 profile image59
    bwenzel100posted 13 years ago

    Christ never promised that we would not suffer, nor do we have to pretend we don't but there is a difference between suffering and succumbing to it.  If you are a Christian you know that the battle being fought in us is not of this world.  We are in the midst of spiritual warfare all the time.  Whenever we make progress, when we grow in Christ and Glorify his name we are angering Satan.  Satan knows that we have a sin nature, he also knows our weaknesses and will use them against us.  I don't have a problem with alcohol so he will not be likely to tempt me with something like that but I do have problems with things that you may not struggle with.  He will attack us at our weakest point and God lets him at times because God wants us to put our faith in Him to resolve our problems rather than trying to fix them ourselves.  When we do, He blesses us incredibly.  When we try to fix things on our own generally they get worse instead of better.  Why? Because if we are not turning to God who are we turning to?  Satan gives us immediate gratification but his rewards are not good ones.  Nothing good ever comes of turning to him for answers.  Look at people who do, they are usually bitter, angry people with no value of life or anything around them. The funny thing is is that Satan has convinced them that there is something appealing about living this way. The truth is there is an inner peace that comes from knowing Christ.  We suffer just like the rest of the world does because we are part of this world.  But God has insured us that He has known everything about us since before we were born, therefore He knows everything that will happen when we turn to Him.  How can we not have joy when we know we have God in our court!!  We get sad, we get lonely, we even get depressed when circumstances leave us in a difficult position, but knowing Christ gives joy.  Joy is something that can't be taken because it comes from knowing that no matter what happens in our lives we have God with us.  The Holy Spirit lives within us and guides us, loves us, gives us comfort and points us directly to Jesus who gave us salvation and eternal life. What more can you ask for in life?

  12. Dian'swords4u profile image59
    Dian'swords4uposted 13 years ago

    We must keep our eyes on Jesus.  It is the same as when Peter was wanting to come to Jesus from the boat after the storm.  Jesus held out his hand and said come.  As long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus he could walk on water.  The minute he took his eyes off Jesus he sank.  The same is true of our lives.  As long as we spend time each day in Bible study and prayer and seek the face of God we are more apt to have victory.  We also must have defeat in our lives in order to grow and stretch our faith in Jesus.  It should not always be about victory.  There has to be some defeats as well.  the main thing is to Keep Your Eyes On Jesus  and thank God for this and also for the defeats.

  13. profile image50
    mk0posted 13 years ago

    Give up the Christian charade. Recognize that you already have everything you need to be happy and live a meaningful and moral life, and stop waiting around for an imaginary friend to tell you what you want to hear. You'll be waiting a long time. If God cares about you, there's nothing to stop him from directly telling you what you should do. If he's not willing to do that, then why not get on with living your life and making your own decisions about what's important.

  14. Christinme profile image56
    Christinmeposted 12 years ago

    Christian living is in no about SELF. We are led to take up our cross, die to self and let Christ live in us . To live a Christ filled life we first have to empty ourselves, our wants, our flesh , our hatred , everything , and yield to God. Many cannot understand this thinking we will loose our character but no we will gain ourselves. Most importantly gain a life full of fruits of the spirit.

    Only when we are Christ filled and spirit led does God truly take the reins of our lives. Then love , joy and freedom from worry will flow from us as living water for others. How can this living water flow if we block it from within.

    This is victory that it is no longer US who lives, but CHRIST lives in us .

    May God bless you as you offer yourselves to God to be taught by HIMSELF.

  15. TCurtis Moore profile image60
    TCurtis Mooreposted 11 years ago

    Pray and keep seeking God. He is the one that changes people, and he knows exactly how to do it. It's not up to us to do the changing. It's like this the guy who says I'll go to church when I quit smoking or when I clean my act up.

    Guess what? God is the one who cleans us up. The closer you get to him the closer he'll get to you. When that happens you will change.

    As far as victory He did that on the cross. We are not told we will not have struggles, or problems. We are told he will not leave us or forsake us.

    As long as you have Christ you have all you need.

  16. profile image51
    Norine Williamsposted 8 years ago

    Before Jesus' Ascension into heaven in Acts 1:4 Jesus commanded the disciples to "...WAIT" for "The Promise"...which, saith he, ye have heard from me." 

    Did we not hear from Him in John 14:26 and 16:13 in which He said {paraphrasing} "...the Comforter (Holy Spirit) would lead and guide us into ALL truth?" 

    Therefore, in order to "find genuine, consistent, victory and remove our masks" is to be filled with the Holy Spirit (who doesn't "Masquerade" or LIE) for a " of consistent victory!"

    Matthew 6:33 "But seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you."


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