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Sorry, Judahs' Daughter! Again my screen name is MaDam...add opt

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    MadamLCposted 8 years ago

    Sorry, Judahs' Daughter! Again my screen name is MaDam...add opt

    I am a babe in the word of God searching for the TRUTH! I was surfing the web tryn2 find if lucifer & satan were the same in 1 & I came across your peice which was very informative & astonshing. I wld like to know what do you know about the 10 kings seeming that these will follow lucifer along with satan. The system of the government mainly Dan & Rev (the end age time) being that the time of devil worship is publicly acceptable. Is this the falling away that Paul(2Th2:3-4)mentioned? Also is this & wld this be the great tribulation Jesus spake(Mt24:21)(secret societies, n.w.o.,global warm,gov)

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    Jeramiposted 8 years ago

    I have many years attempting to uninterpret these scriptures. Changing the subject momentarily. Tiger woods in in the news. People are making speculations as to what happened. They are basing speculations based upon other speculations. WRONG

    We can not come to any truthful answers by interpretation of scripture based upon other interpretations. Today's belief systems are based upon interpretations of interpretations. WRONG
      The prophesy in Daniel clearly are speaking of things to occur during the times of the first four kingdoms that had dominion over that Hebrew Nation from 506 BC thru the times of the Little Horn that replaces three after the first ten. Titus was the tenth emperor of The Roman Empire. Then another "KING" rose to power replacing three after the ten. This was Hadrian who was the Last Emperor to have dominion over that Hebrew Nation.
      When Hadrian came to his end (DIED) "At that time shall Michael stand up and those children of Daniels people that are written in the book shall be redeemed from among man.
      When this is accepted, then the rest of prophesy is easier to understand.
      In the book of Revelation... The 7 seals apply to that Hebrew Nation that killed Christ (they did not anoint the most high) ceased to exist in 135-138 AD
      the 7th seal represents a time passing after the seals are fulfilled and the trumpet judgments handed out to the angels that will sound them. This depicts the fulfillment of prophesy described in OT.
      Trumpets judgments were directed upon the Roman Empire.  The first resurrection occurred after the trumpet judgments. The vial judgments began after the 1000 years that Satan was bound in the bottomless pit.
       With the fulfillment of the vial judgments and the sounding of the 7th trumpet  then the new Jerusalem will come down to the earth. 
    This is my take on this anyway.   
    Another point of view worthy to be considered.  May God bless ya all

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    Judah's Daughterposted 8 years ago

    Hi MaDam!  I'm sorry; I just now realized you requested a hub on this subject.  I appreciate your request and will answer it the very best I can for you here.  By the way, Jerami and I disagree completely regarding eschatology.

    I am certain to my very core that it is Islamic peoples, nations, tribes and tongues that represent the "sea" whereby the Dragon [Satan] of Revelation arises. The Dragon is the beast with seven heads (kingdoms) and ten horns (rulers).  Based on Daniel's interpretation of the king's dream, the coming Antichrist (the 2nd beast) and the False Prophet (3rd beast) will arise out of these nations.  Islam is expecting their 12th Imam or Mahdi (the beast who was, is not, and will come), and their prophet Isa (their "prophet" Jesus) who will "pray behind the Mahdi" to rule for seven years.  I have a link here to authors Ronald and Michael Back (a father and son team) who studied this for decades and wrote a book called "What is the Antichrist-Islam Connection": http://www.beastfromtheeast.org/How_close-Back.html  This excerpt will answer your question most specifically.

    I also have two hubs you may want to read called "The Unholy Trinity" and "UN 2009: Israel and Iran Heat Up!".  Islam's 11th Imam has reigned, and they are eagerly awaiting their 12th Imam, who will be the end-time prophesied Antichrist of the Bible.

    As you know, I do not believe Lucifer is Satan himself and have been accountable to Biblically show this in my hub, "Is Lucifer the Devil?" and also have expounded on my conviction that Lucifer is the spirit of Antichrist as explained in my hub, "Lucifer: The spirit of Antichrist!".  In reading all four of these hubs, you'll see why I have come to this most convincing conclusion.

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    ShadowKing!posted 7 years ago

    Lucifer isn't Satan's proper name. Nor is their an angel by that name. No, JD, while you do have good hubs--Lucifer wasn't a proper name at the time Isaiah wrote that now infamous passage. In fact, "lucifer" is Latin, not Hebrew or Greek. The Hebrew word Isaiah wrote was "helel". For the full, in-depth exposing of this widely misinterpretation click on link below.

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Lucifer-Is-Not- … -for-Satan