What is holy spirit, what is holy ghost? Trinity does it realy mean three heads

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    obasiposted 7 years ago

    What is holy spirit, what is holy ghost? Trinity does it realy mean three heads in one body?

    The human body at best will live a hundred and twenty years and die and smell to high heaven; as such, it cannot have worth, meaning and purpose. Worth, meaning and purpose, even if you have given him 500yr?

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    newjerusalemposted 7 years ago

    Trinity means three persons in One Unique God.We can see the three personalities functioning harmoniously from genesis to revelation .
    Three persons should not not be taken as three gods.
    Father's will and plans are emphasized more in the scripture.Christ is center of Father's  eternal plan and He is the doer of Father's will to the core of perfection.And the Holy spirit is the source of supplying the power,life and gifts in accomplishing the Father's eternal plan.Even
    the Son of God depended on the Holy Spirit to manifest in flesh,and to perform the 31/2 years ministry and finally through the Holy Spirit He offered Himself as Sacrifice on the cross .We ought to distinguish them to enjoy the Love of the Father,Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the  fellowship of the Holy Spirit .
    Do you want me to share more?

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    Donteiposted 7 years ago

    This question is not possible to answer without knowing the form of Christianity you are referring to.  I believe that you must learn more about Christianity in general in order to find a answer. you may consider leaning some of the basic principals of the trinity that our defined by the various religions out there. I can certainly tell you the catholic view point on it if you wish.