I told this guy that I like him, he's seriously shy. Thing is I told him over te

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    ilovethings2posted 7 years ago

    I told this guy that I like him, he's seriously shy. Thing is I told him over text, he does like...

    everything it says on this page towards me. He didnt reply to the text but next time he didnt send kisses on it, as he sometimes sends 2/3. When I asked him if it didnt affect our friendship he said 'Oh, er no were cool=my namme- Haha what bands are playing?''[I was at a gig] Now he just talks to me normally, he's only ever had 1 girlfriend over a year ago. Someone HELP!

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    DStettlerposted 7 years ago

    Only thing I can say is don't back off like everyone does. When someone states their feeling to another person there is always an odd time when that person is trying to figure out how they feel for the person that told them. I'm not saying attack the guy, no. just keep showing him you are there and this doesn't change your relationship.

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    Benjimesterposted 7 years ago

    Well, from your description it doesn't sound like he's interested.  Sorry.  It seems like you have two questions to answer.  Do you want the friendship to go back to the way it was, or do you still really want to pursue something more?  If you want things to go back to the way they were, then you might have to sit down with him and have a conversation face to face and say something like, "I have feelings for you but it doesn't seem like you have feelings for me.  It's okay.  I'll get over it.  I don't want to lose you as a friend."