Evolutionism the greatest story ever told

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  1. Uninvited Writer profile image83
    Uninvited Writerposted 9 years ago

    I don't hate anyone... If you will note, I never once was rude to you or insulted you in this thread.

    If whatshimname is not your alter ego then I apologize for thinking it. I just noticed similarities in the writing.

  2. TheAllSeeingEye profile image61
    TheAllSeeingEyeposted 9 years ago

    A group of researchers comes to argue that humans and possible aliens may share the same genetic architecture, on account of the fact that the building blocks of life are the same in all of the Universe.

    According to researchers at the McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, led by astrophysicist Ralph Pudritz, this idea was prompted by the fact that the way in which amino-acids were found to bond in meteorite samples that were collected from Earth seemed very similar to the way the building blocks of proteins tied to each other inside all living organisms on our planet. “This may implicate a universal structure of the first genetic codes anywhere,” Pudritz says,

    “Thermodynamics is fundamental. It must hold through all points of the universe. If you can show there are certain frequencies that fall in a natural way like this, there is an implied universality. It has to be tested, but it seems to make a lot of sense,” he adds. Paul Higgs, also a biophysicist at the McMaster University, has co-authored the new study detailing the hypothesis, which has been published online on April 6th in arXiv.

    The experts say that the amino-acids required for the formation of proteins are relatively simple in structure, and that a warmer meteorite would excel in providing the building blocks of life an appropriate environment to grow and to bind in ways that may facilitate the appearance of basic life forms. And this part of the hypothesis refers to celestial bodies moving around in Cosmos, but similar conditions could be met on a distant exoplanet, where millions of years of shifting conditions could meet the necessary requirements for alien life to occur at one point.

    If it does, because it is based on the same type of construction as we are, the new organisms could also develop the same DNA patterns. It's doubtful that the entire genetic structure will resemble that found on Earth, but it may be possible that hypothetical researchers could find common ground between the two types of lifeforms.

    A team of biochemists from UC Riverside published a paper in  June 11 2004 issue of the Journal of Molecular Biology that gives one explanation for why humans and primates are so closely related genetically, but so clearly different biologically and intellectually.

    It is an established fact that 90 percent of the DNA, or the code of life, is exactly the same between humans and chimpanzees. So the key to what it means to be human resides in the missing percentage.

    Another strong case against evolution is this question.

    If we evolved from apes then why are there still apes around today? Surely evolution must mean that everything evolves together.

    If you dissect any religious writings and also compare them against ancient writings it is a remarkable find. One must have an open mind to this for it can be mind blowing information.

    Could the tale of fallen Angels actually be our missing DNA structure that created the human being?

    Could we as apes have been genetically experimented with by higher intellectual life to form as a human race?

    If so, it would explain many things but would also knock the doctrines of any religion that teaches their followers that there is only one entity, an outside source of GOD that watches over everything he/she has created with judgement.

    There are so many questions that are needing some answers, especially of the origins of life.

    Why are the origins of life hidden from people and why is any holy writing hiding truths or coding truths into their scriptures? Messages behind messages and half truths mixed with mythology?

    Logic alone will tell us that we are not apes biologically or intellectually. We have characteristics of ape, that is so and I will stun some people with my conception to reality.

    What if the tale of Adam and Eve who tasted the fruit of knowledge be a tale of genetically experimented offspring who became as clever as their creators. So their creators stripped them of knowledge and spiritual powers and restricted the human being from accessing right brain hemisphere? This will explain how the majority of people use their left sided brains and how we as a race only use a small percentage of our brain power. It will also explain why the origin of life has been hidden and why it is necessary to invent control systems and faith systems to suppress people of true knowledge. True knowledge of cosmic energy and god consciousness.

    If this theory of ancient astronauts, anunnaki and the Elohim etc is more to the truth rather than Darwin's theory of evolution or the presence of a divine creator GOD that watches over his creation then it would clear up so many questions about the origins of life. It would also explain the phenomenon of UFOs, crop circles and the reality of multi dimensional existence.

    Could religion of the future shift to cosmic religion or Science? Is technology key for advancement of our species? Is old religious doctrines holding us back from advancing our race? Should we remain living in the dark ages?

    Food for thought!

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