is this just a coincidance or something more?

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    seeker123posted 7 years ago

    is this just a coincidance or something more?

    hi maybe you can answer to my question.One day(it was a few years ago)I prayed God so hard with such beliving and faith I have never prayed before or after like that for my dreams to come true,and in my prayer I told what I want(it was about sport dreams) which country and club and next day my friend aproach me and told me he dreamed me in that country in that league and in the oposite club i prayed for i was Captain of team and I was scoring and he told me that it was so beautiful goal.He told me almost everything i prayed God and i just standed stuned and feeling so happy,fullfiling....

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    DrDeanCrosbyposted 7 years ago

    First of all I have to admit that I really do not understand exactly what happened from your very brief explanation but as I read it,the Holy Spirit assured me that this was indeed a miracle from God, so let me try to see if I can come up with an explanation for your experience.

    I think it was a matter of God receiving  your prayer request and responding positively to you  because as you state you "prayed God so hard with such believing and faith I have never prayed before ".GOD RESPONDS TO FAITH but  He refuses to respond to those of little faith.To show you that He received your prayer and was going to respond to it,He then gave your friend a vision of what you were requesting through prayer.

    I think this is the explanation of what was clearly a miracle.Most importantly,it taught you the power of prayer coupled with faith in  God which fills us with an expectation for literal miracles if we seek answers and life directions that are  in His will.

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    seeker123posted 7 years ago

    thanks for comments,right now im going through rough time in my life to be honest i never had times like this and i started to lose my self to lose faith and losing everything i was all my life and i feel like zombie,hope one day i will be me...