If you were immortal would you end up insane?

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  1. Jangaplanet profile image60
    Jangaplanetposted 12 years ago

    If you were immortal would you end up insane?

  2. LeahPutz profile image59
    LeahPutzposted 12 years ago

    I think I would end up going insane out of loneliness. I'd probably end up killing myself because the idea of living forever sounds awful to me.

  3. wingedcentaur profile image64
    wingedcentaurposted 12 years ago

    I think the loneliness would be maddening, as LeahPutz says. The only way I would "choose" immortality (if I could choose such a thing) would be if I could somehow bestow immortality on others -- you know, the way "vampires" of popular lore "turn" some of the people they bite.

    I would only "choose" immortality if I could somehow bring into existence a new immortal "race" to share eternity with me.

  4. Seeker7 profile image83
    Seeker7posted 12 years ago

    I think we all would. Many people dream about being immortal without really thinking about the main downside - the absolute boredom you'd experienced after I think, quite a short period of time. I certainly would. I want to be mortal since I believe there are other worlds to explore when we die.

  5. Apostle Jack profile image59
    Apostle Jackposted 12 years ago

    We are IMMORTAL SPIRITS,.... "Celestial".. to be exact 1 Cor 15 v 40,44
    Some know about it, and some don't.We grow as we know,and show as we go.You can read some of my hubs that will shed a little light on the subject.

  6. Supercellbaebe profile image61
    Supercellbaebeposted 12 years ago

    I believe our souls and "Spirits" as Apostle Jack puts it, are immortal. 

    But if I was stuck in the same body I think I'd get a bit bored after a time and would want a change of scenery, so to speak.  But who knows, if I was born into the body of someone as beautiful as Kiera Knightly, maybe I'd feel differently.  But even then, I wouldn't want to be stuck in an aging body that would fall to pieces over time so there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration here. 

    Would I go insane?  I doubt it, but based on the arguments I've put forward in the above text I think it would depend on the circumstances.

  7. profile image0
    jasper420posted 12 years ago

    i hate to admit it but i have only lived 24 years and iam already insane

  8. poorconservative1 profile image60
    poorconservative1posted 12 years ago

    I don't think immortality would be desirable and yes I do think that I would go insane. But it would be nice to live a few hundred years if I could avoid decrepidation. Life's to short.

  9. Pagelift profile image60
    Pageliftposted 12 years ago

    Most likely. That would be terrible. Watching your loved ones die over and over, have the world change around you, your soul and brain would consume itself with age.

  10. Jarn profile image60
    Jarnposted 12 years ago

    That's assuming I was sane to begin with, friend. So it's not so much as end up insane as working to maintain the status qou.

  11. Keith Worth profile image60
    Keith Worthposted 12 years ago

    It may take longer for some than others, but I'd say it's safe bet that insanity is inevitable in that situation.

    Personally just having a normal lifespan that only a quarter of the way through is already pushing me toward insanity. Immortality would just mean more depths to the naturally occurring madness.

  12. selene383 profile image58
    selene383posted 12 years ago

    Well, I don't know if any of you have read Christine Feehan's romance novels on Carpathians, but I think that most people would end up going insane without their lifemate, like so many of the carpathians do.

    They become corrupted and evil, killing for the pleasure of it.

  13. Sid. profile image60
    Sid.posted 12 years ago

    Am I the only one who thinks different?

    Well anyway if I'd rather be immortal then mortal because there are so many things I want to learn but don't have enough time to because this life I have here is way too short.
    And having it so that the world keeps evolving there would be an endless oppertunity to learn new interesting things.
    Ofcourse you may have lonely times and everyone you know would die sooner or later but that's just a little downside in comparison to what can be accomplished!
    You can even help the world become a better place by for example helping the poor.

  14. profile image0
    Sunnie Dayposted 12 years ago

    I would hope if I was immortal I would take the opportunity to make my life a little better with each new beginning and learn from the mistakes of the past. I hate goodbyes..that would be such a downer. In saying that, after a few hundred years I think I would get tired and say ..enough already..So my answer is YES..I probibly would go insane...but only after a couple hundred years or so..

  15. cobrien profile image62
    cobrienposted 12 years ago

    I'm already insane, insane, insane, insane.

  16. GALAXY 59 profile image89
    GALAXY 59posted 12 years ago

    I guess it would all depend on whether or not the people I love were immortal too. I wouldn't want to live forever without them.

  17. Elizabeth99 profile image60
    Elizabeth99posted 12 years ago

    I would love to be immortal. And I do think there would be days when I would get lonely, but thats not that far different from life now. Relationships come and go and people change.

    Also the benefit of being able to watch the world evolve and change. There would be so many new things to learn and explore. And you would have the time to learn them, with mortal life there isn't enough time to learn it all.

  18. tgopfrich profile image72
    tgopfrichposted 12 years ago

    Yes I think I would definitely go insane. I think going through existence making friends, lovers, family all watching them grow old and eventually die. Watching that repeat it self over and over and over again would be tiring and how could a person not go insane. But the thing you got to wonder is going through existence like that, slowly going insane..would the new friends and lovers you make realize your insane..especially if your like that for their whole life. Or would they think thats just you. And everybody over and over again, all the new people thinking thats just you. Until you go SO insane. But by then maybe you've been known as "that person that always seems insane, but they've always been like that."
    I think I kind of went in a weird direction there.

  19. profile image0
    Longhunterposted 12 years ago

    It would be cool for awhile but the thought of loosing all your loved ones over time would become very lonely. It would bothering most with my kids. I don't want to outlive my children. That would drive me insane.

  20. BenWritings profile image62
    BenWritingsposted 12 years ago

    I have developed a sense of insanity in 23 years

    give me infinity more, and well..maybe I would turn sane ;]


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