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Do you have people around you who are emotional vampires. Draing you of energy w

  1. Jangaplanet profile image77
    Jangaplanetposted 7 years ago

    Do you have people around you who are emotional vampires. Draing you of energy with there presence?

  2. Sharon Douglas profile image46
    Sharon Douglasposted 7 years ago

    yes I know exactly what you mean.. Suckers!  Human vampires!

    The best thing we can do is to protect ourselves from them, develop strategies and tactics to avoid them and at the same time love them from afar!

  3. Alhamora profile image62
    Alhamoraposted 7 years ago

    Sadly yes. That is why I prefer to live alone.

  4. wychic profile image91
    wychicposted 7 years ago

    I used to, and for years they were the majority of the people around me. I finally realized that I would never be able to be happy in my own life like that, so I stopped believing my intensely negative internal voice and cut everyone out of my life that reinforced what it said. I haven't felt worthless or insane since.

  5. Rastamermaid profile image74
    Rastamermaidposted 7 years ago

    I use to,but i have cleared my life of all drama,negativity and BS!

    These people are users,hanger oners,leeches and all around negative people,that only want to hang on to your coattalis and get a free ride off of you.

    Be very careful,they enter your life just for this reason,what can they get out of it out of you.

    It doesn't have to monetary,it could be info,friends or connections.

    So be very observant of the company you keep,and stay prayed up to protect from knives in your back and blantant lies and untrues from tarnishing your armour!

  6. poorconservative1 profile image60
    poorconservative1posted 7 years ago

    Jangaplanet, get away from those people. It's your life, you have the power not them.

  7. JayDee Sterling profile image61
    JayDee Sterlingposted 7 years ago

    No. Once you recognize "who" your vampires are, you should begin to distance yourself from them, as the vampires take and they don't give back. Time is the only resource that we don't get any more of, as far as we know. So we should do everything in our power not to waste it.

  8. akuigla profile image60
    akuiglaposted 7 years ago

    Yes, I have.
    Regretfully,one is my close family member and I cant completely avoid him.
    But I developed defensive mechanism,shielding and grounding.
    There are ways to protect oneself.