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If your think there is a God, do you think that he is working for the "Chosen pe

  1. Ranzi profile image81
    Ranziposted 6 years ago

    If your think there is a God, do you think that he is working for the "Chosen people" as they claim.

  2. Mr. Happy profile image83
    Mr. Happyposted 6 years ago

    The funny part is, one way or another everyone is the chosen people. Muslims probably believe they are the chosen people, Jews believe they are the chosen people ... the Christian ego is ballooning out of this universe so, for sure they must also be the chosen people ...
    I think we would do ourselves service to understand that we are all the same, all of the same Energy/Spirit underneath our cloak of skin and that we have to work for ourselves and easy-off on our egos.
      Nice question.

  3. Shahid Bukhari profile image59
    Shahid Bukhariposted 6 years ago

    What I think about God ... Is not needed by God ... Because, it is I, who exists ... In His Ordination.

    And God's Chosen People are those ... who Follow His Ordained ...

    Therefore, being born a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim ... or live as Follower of any Religion, does not entitle anyone, to presume, that The Lord ... to the Exclusion of all Humankind ... is exclusively Working for a People belonging to a certain Race, or are following a certain Religion.

    Although, God, does not stop anyone from thinking ... that he or she, is of the Chosen People, that the Chosen People do not have to Follow God's Law ... thus, indulge in evil, on the pretext of being from among the Chosen People.

  4. heavenbound5511 profile image79
    heavenbound5511posted 6 years ago


    Yes their is a God & only one God.
    Yes He does answer prayers and move on the behalf of those who trust and love Him, that have excepted Jesus as there Lord- Jesus is our only mediator in between man and God. It is because of Jesus sacrifice on the cross that we can boldly with confidence call on, pray to, and follow God. God moves on His promises, word and is faithful to do as he said- God isn't a wishing well he only does what lines up & is in accordance to his word - but all of the plans he has for us is good- to give us life & protection. God has even said in his word that he want intercessors on earth praying his will to be done in Jesus name.
    The part where you say His chosen people- What you need to understand is that the ones that are chosen are the ones that answered God and come to Him through Jesus Christ, asking & receiving His Holy Spirit through prayer in Jesus name.
    It's not like God says I chose you, you, and not you -But He is offering us the same rights through Jesus to everyone. So it's not like he is excluding anyone at his will but at there will.
    How would any of us really get to know what God can and is willing to do with out stepping out their and seeking, trusting, and asking God for the things he promises?
    How do you take a free gift if you refuse to open it? God expects us to seek him and believe that he wants to have a real relationship with us.
    God isn't this unreachable, non-communicating God that hides his whole self in mystery but has showed us the way and path to reach him.
    God has made it clear which path leads to Him- the only path of for sure salvation that won't and doesn't leave us in fear of am I saved or not, or God are you their or not - But he reveals himself to those who seek after him, and yearn to know him and Yes all us can be his chosen people through Jesus Christ- walking in the power of God doing the same works of Jesus- in his name.
    We all have a predestined call and job in the kingdom of God if we would just care enough to answer God -who after all is the one who has loved us first- even yet while we were/are still in sin!
    Do you know Him? This video is cool >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzqTFNfeDnE

  5. Thesource profile image80
    Thesourceposted 6 years ago

    I don't think God is a bigot.

    We are all chosen.

  6. profile image0
    jasper420posted 6 years ago

    no god or at least my god is working for all his childern (all of us)

  7. vveasey profile image83
    vveaseyposted 5 years ago

    No. I don't

    If there is a God working for the "chosen" People.

    It, she, or he is a God created by the "chosen" people to make themselves feel special and unique.