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Why do some people say that we are saved by what we believe,and not by how we be

  1. Apostle Jack profile image62
    Apostle Jackposted 6 years ago

    Why do some people say that we are saved by what we believe,and not by how we behave?

    That is like saying that the Bible don;t teach behavior,conduct nor image that one should live by. Only robots and materialism is without worth of character and do not require nor have no guidelines for good and evil personality in this world.Do you agree?

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    AMBASSADOR BUTLERposted 6 years ago

    Faith without works is dead. You shall know them by their fruit that they produce in their daily life. Example: if I turn my back against GOD in my moment by moment knowing and walking with GOD after GOD shown me in a vision the other side of death, then I would split hell wide opened and well deserved going to hell with the vision that GOD have shown me of the other side of death on August 1, 1982 A.D. That is why I daily judge myself and produce the fruit of righteousness in my life on the earth daily with the goodness, grace and mercy of GOD following me all the days of my life on the earth before I die and crossover to the other side of death. He that endures to the end shall be save. There is not a chance in hell that I will not endure to the end of my life on the earth and satan you will not see me down there as I am bringing hell to you satan and your followers all over the world through my 3 articles that gets 100% referring sites traffic with my 1st article, 2nd article is on besthubpages.com and Top Listings and 3rd on the list since April 19, 2011 A.D., and 3rd article is on first page of Google and have 259 30 days views and 259 ever total and climbing steadily up to the Glory of GOD. This is my ultimate purpose for my life in fulfilling and completing GOD,S ultimate will for my life on the earth and it feels great that I have done this by the grace of GOD in my life and my knowing and walking with GOD moment by moment. I Ambassador Butler am not going to hell and neither should any other human being but it is pathetic that any human being should end up in hell but it is true that some human beings will end up in hell. It is an honor that I was the first person to respond to this question and I am not surprised that I am the first one to respond because I am fulfilling GOD'S ultimate purpose for my life on the earth. Glory to GOD. Keep on keeping on Apostle Jack.

  3. AnthonyT1978 profile image68
    AnthonyT1978posted 6 years ago

    People say we are saved by what we believe, but many of them don't know what belief truly means. Many people use the I'm saved by faith (or belief) statement in order to justify their sinful behavior. But the Bible says that faith without works is dead. We can say the same thing in regards to someone who says I love you, but his actions or behavior don't demonstrate it.

    Yes, we are saved by faith, by who we believe in, who is Jesus. But if we truly believe in Jesus our desires are going to be changed because His Spirit is in us and our minds will learn more about Him and His Word. That's why our desires change. And once our desires change, obviously so will our behavior.

    So yes, we are saved by faith, we have to believe in order to have that faith. But if we truly do so, our actions, behavior and desires will change.

  4. ChristineLR profile image60
    ChristineLRposted 6 years ago

    I don't always act the right way or say the right thing, and I end up regretting it, because my beliefs and true nature do not match up to the wrong thing I said or did. It is good to have ethical beliefs, but I do not believe we are saved by them, because behavior holds more accountability than beliefs

    Your quote makes me think of a religion that believes the people who follow it will be saved as long as they admit their "sin" in confession. That is good if the person is truly regretful and learned from their mistake, but most people aren't and don't.

    Your quote also makes me think of capitol punishment and the opposing viewpoints. I believe in capitol punishment for people who murder, especially those who commit more than one murder, because murder is either planned or committed by someone who truly has bad values and/or a bad nature. I believe this, because murdering someone would take a lot of negative internal energy, something that is a part of them.

  5. ii3rittles profile image83
    ii3rittlesposted 6 years ago

    People who say they are saved based on what they believe... But if you believe in the 10 commandments and honoring God's will and law, then you would not forcefully commit sin. Thoughs who say they believe in God and Jesus yet don't care to behave as He wishes or wants them to... They simply lack faith and disobedience. It depends on how you look at it. When I say I am saved, I would say I am saved by my faith and obedience, love and forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

  6. Kyle Rivers profile image60
    Kyle Riversposted 6 years ago

    I agree that the Bible does teach morals. Even though many people out there will find certain passages, and twist them to make it appear that it's a book of evil acts. Jesus himself said many people will go out into the world and commit good acts in his name, but he will deny them in front of his Father in heaven. So that's obvious that it's not by our deeds or behavior that'll earn us the ticket to Salvation, but to "believe" and have "faith" that Jesus really did die in our stead in order for us all to be saved. Faith without works is dead.

  7. Darrell Roberts profile image70
    Darrell Robertsposted 6 years ago

    That line of thinking gives some people comfort.  Some people do not want to be mature and face the music for their actions.  Each person/soul will physically die. No one is gonig to die for  another.  how we behave is more important than what we believe in my opinion.
    Best wishes