Can anybody explain how to access miracles?

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  1. qlcoach profile image72
    qlcoachposted 7 years ago

    Can anybody explain how to access miracles?

    I'm beginning to think that miracles are not so unusual. Maybe it's all about a positive process of manifesting unlimited possibilities into immediate reality. If this is true, we can learn this process and share it with others.

  2. Victoria Lynn profile image91
    Victoria Lynnposted 7 years ago

    I don't know if it's possible, but I think it would be wonderful! I would like to hear more thoughts on this....

  3. lone77star profile image82
    lone77starposted 7 years ago

    I cover this material in my article, "Anatomy of a Miracle."

    But accessing miracles for selfish reasons might backfire.

    Tapping into the power of the sleeping child of God within is not something for the benefit of ego or pocketbook. The purpose should be one of awakening that true self in others and in yourself.

    As I've discovered, even talking about one's own experiences with this can be (but don't have to be) a selfish act.

  4. Borsia profile image42
    Borsiaposted 7 years ago

    You first need to define what you are calling a miracle when you say they are more common than you thought.
    A true miracle, by definition, is something that rarely happens or only happens once.
    If we could access miracles they would no longer be miracles. Again by definition they are things we can not access.
    The vast majority of what people call miracles are just random events.
    You are walking on a roadside and suddenly a huge bug pops up causing you to jump just as a car comes speeding out of nowhere. Its not a miracle just good fortune, probably not so much for the bug.
    Things happen for no reason we get lucky, or someone else gets unlucky, and we think it is somehow caused by forces unknown.

  5. profile image52
    gatekeeper1posted 7 years ago

    you want miracles in you life !   get rid of your idolitry, that will make room for god in your life. i know ! you think you don't have idolitry in you life. god considers all of mans devices that protect you or supply you with your needs or helps you, to be idols. if you are not familiar with the whole bible (not just most of it ) you do not have the information you need to know what god considers idolitry. how can reading the bible even just once thru, be considerd dilagence by any one. god says "the work of my children is to know me" "the knowlege of god is better than fine gold" i believe that god can easily bring us to the true knowlege of him even with a 2000yr old written book. that has been translated over and over. after all its not the translastion its the holly spirit.

  6. qlcoach profile image72
    qlcoachposted 7 years ago

    I believe in the importance hope, faith, and Light.  I think there a many different ways to gain peace of mind, healing, recovery, and the miracle of the positive. I remain open to all suggestions and ideas. There is golden insight hidden in the Bible. Much can be said for other great spiritual books too. I also believe in the importance of going within to listen to the small still voice that tell us we are not alone. Peace and Light...Gary.


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