Why women are more religious and superstitious than men?

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    jainismusposted 6 years ago

    Why women are more religious and superstitious than men?

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    saisarannagaposted 6 years ago

    Women are more forgiving than man. They bear troubles without murmur. God has given women many good qualities and she has been blessed with the onerous task of mothering a child. Though women are considered frail, but they have more strength of character and virtues. They believe in God and scriptures. They generally follow the footsteps of their mother. It is tradition and culture. The world survives only because of virtuous woman(please do not compare the house wives with modern day ladies who are wedded to fashion than tradition)

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    sroberts9posted 6 years ago

    Because we are more sensitive and that is how God made us.  We have the natural ability to see the details in stuff and usually includes all of the good and bad - the good we tend to lean towards because its our nature to love and nurture and be sympathetic to situations and people and that is what Jesus did.  He saw how "sick" we all were and even says - he came here to help the sick not the well.

    Man see life differently - they are "big picture" people.  They see situations, and motives - in man and they see how mankind is as a whole and usually address "man" as one body and they teach/preach towards the behavior of the general.

    God made us both that way to compliment each other and become one easily.