What was the most spiritual experience you've ever had?

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  1. Leanna McCarthy profile image65
    Leanna McCarthyposted 6 years ago

    What was the most spiritual experience you've ever had?

  2. anjperez profile image74
    anjperezposted 6 years ago

    the trip i took this november to the Puerto Princesa Underground River. and visiting the city of Puerto Princesa itself. it was very awe inspiring, nature at its grandest. just spectacular. no words can describe.

  3. Richard Zonio profile image60
    Richard Zonioposted 6 years ago

    When I got wed with my loving wife... it was happen of course in a very solemn place where all my visitors are christian.

  4. lone77star profile image85
    lone77starposted 6 years ago

    I found myself fully and perfectly responsible, utterly humble, unshakably confident and filled with true love for those around me. I had been assaulted 6 times, but found the assaults completely forgotten as I was flooded with bliss.

    I no longer felt that I was my body. I felt invulnerable and, as such, no longer a victim. I could "turn the other cheek" with effortless ease.

    I saw the gift that God had bestowed on each of us when he created us in His image. And I used that gift with His blessings to perform a miracle very much like that of Moses when he raised his hand above the sea.

    We truly were created in His image.

  5. Jeff Hileman profile image39
    Jeff Hilemanposted 6 years ago


    In a spooky mood, "so I'll tell this one out of the hundreds I could tell". I was working on a robbery case at a hotel my co-workers asked me to sit with the detective.

    The co-workers had also asked me to look into A wing of rooms that they had issues cleaning. What I found down there was a woman in spirit. She said her Doctor husband worked there and he murdered her. That the husband killed her and drained her blood in a bath tub, either at our hotel or a hotel in the north eastern States. The husband wrapped her body in  plastic, she said and thrown it out of a plane. The body went into a large body of water. May be a bay of some sort, like Hudson bay.

    The woman offered to reveal all about the robbery, if I would share her story with the detective. "I didn't agree at first". Due to the fact at the time ,there was no one fitting the description of the supposed husband working there .  She also indicated that her husband was seeing his secretary, at risk she claimed.

    Low & behold, the problem wing, had half its rooms converted to office and meeting rooms shortly after.  The conversion was to house a group called Tri-life. And a Doctor who was engaged to his secretary began to work there.

    The spirit woman and I cemented our agreement. She kept her end of the bargain. The robbery turned out to be a much -much deeper situation. The murderer, was extradited back to the proper State and was sentenced to prison for that woman's murder.
    Jeff p.s Photo is not a product of vision Matrix.   
    You may want to hop over to my profile and look up some hubs fellow Huber smile


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