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I am not a very adventurous person. I prefer staying at home and watch tv. I am not biologically fit to carry on a strenuous day. If I do, a lot of energy boosters is overloading my system. Although caffeine and vitamins will do, the mindset to get me going is either off or out of sync.

To begin with, I am uninspired. But when I get inspired, I cannot focus. Ideas and inspirations are bursting from everywhere. Problem is I cannot hold a thought for much longer. Making me act on them all at the same time. Writing has become my way to focus. That way, I go through the experience (conceptualization, planning, getting information, analyzing and going through the actual experience) and see the results.

I try to be as many things as I can be. That is what I think. But I don't have that much to prove it. I am stuck in finding my own niche. Evidence showed in the blogs that I have started, stopped, redone, refurbished and republished.

http://nichelost.blogspot.com/ - Recounting my experience with the places I have travelled to.

http://foglost.blogspot.com/ - Me trying to be funny and expressing my meandering thoughts.

And many other blogs which took a natural path to oblivion.

Until I stumbled upon HubPages. Hubpages inspired me to write anything about any topic I want. The community is very supportive, the articles are very informative. Which led me to revamp and rekindle my love for writing / blogging.

If you also want to join HubPages, start here.

Writing has become my way of expressing myself. But writing is only second to reading, my ultimate passion. I love reading so much. I get high even just visiting a bookstore and know what's on the best seller's list. And hopefully, get my own copy.

But what's the meaning of this if it is not being shared? All the people in this world have their own voice. Each one is very unique. Each one is trying to reach out. Each one is trying to be heard. We are here to make that connection.

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