Will humanity have a Utopian society or deteriorate into a dystopian one in the

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  1. inaniLoquence profile image73
    inaniLoquenceposted 12 years ago

    Will humanity have a Utopian society or deteriorate into a dystopian one in the near future?

    We all hope for a Utopian society, but is that really possible considering how we, humans, do things now? At the rate at which we are going, do you think our descendants would live in a much better place (than what we what now) or a place where everything is as bad as it possibly can be?


  2. liftandsoar profile image61
    liftandsoarposted 12 years ago

    I addressed this and more in a recent hub.   Check out http://liftandsoar.hubpages.com/hub/Jes … re-Pattern

    Would appreciate your take.

  3. jeyaramd profile image63
    jeyaramdposted 12 years ago

    An ideal socity is what we seek. However, there is an element of dystopia in our society as we speak. There is oppression, hardships and conflict. However, humans for the most part are compassionate beings. I think we will always have a bit of both. We are better, because of the hardships we face. Imagine an ideal existing without the existence of conflicts. We recognize good when there is bad. Otherwise none of this really matters. Our world is relatively utopian in a sense appreciate the great progress mankind has made. And we should strive to overcome poverty and struggles. Life and this world will always be a challenge. There is no such thing as a perfect world. Life is about achieving goals in the face of adversity and conflict.

  4. Quirinus profile image60
    Quirinusposted 12 years ago

    I’m not sure exactly what a Utopian society would be but I imagine that is one where people look out for and love each other, taking care of each other’s welfare.  Where goods are freely shared among people and the needy do not exist, since the plenty that does already exist is freely passed around to those who have less, with good flowing from the rich freely to the masses.  Everything done effortlessly with love as driving factor. 
    Assuming that, I think, it would be possible to make such Utopian society happen by initiating the changes on each of our personal level.  E.g., for those who currently have less, in terms of material goods, they may come to realize that they actually have more than those who have in terms of material wealth when they consider the wealth they enjoy from having a happy family (albeit hungry) or a strong faith in God.  It may seem then that the society first has to be engineered from the individual’s belief level.  Perhaps the materially needy can extend compassion to the rich, in realizing that some rich people may not have the faith and love they experience.  I have written in my “What a Bright World This Would Be”, a simple strategy that can be initiated from the personal level.
    Nothing can be accomplished en masse without beginning from the individual level, I believe.
    There are several attitudes that need to be assimilated to have the Utopian idea that I described possible.  A master named Jesus already gave us a glimpse of the type of paradigm shift we need to make in order to make this world anew.  It would be hard to go into details of what are needed to get there and what such world would look like.
    Based on the context of my experience, and considering my imagination is capable of visualizing such an outcome, e.g. a Utopian society, then I think it would be possible to have one.  The only thing would be is that it may take time, not happening in our present generation.

  5. BizGenGirl profile image81
    BizGenGirlposted 12 years ago

    Each persons reality is different, so it is up to each of us individually to decide which path to travel down.

    Which path with you choose?

  6. Faithwalker63 profile image60
    Faithwalker63posted 12 years ago

    With man a utopian society is not possible. Our sinful nature continues to slowly take us down a path of destruction. In fact if it weren’t for Jesus Christ we would end up completely destroying ourselves:

    Matthew 24:21-22: "For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened."

    Fortunately there will be a utopian society because of God’s love for us! First there will be war in the Middle East (Pslam 83, Isaiah 17:1-3, Ezekiel 38&39). Also, Jesus will return for his bride the church (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18). People who have accepted Christ as their savior will vanish from all over the earth. The chaos created by the war and the missing church will set the stage for the anti christ. He will claim to have the answer for peace and will sign a seven year peace treaty with Israel (Daniel 9:27) which will begin the seven year tribulation period. After the seven years of “Hell on Earth”, Christ will return and establish his utopian kingdom on earth for 1,000 years (Revelation 20:1-4, Isaiah 11:6-9). There will be a 1,000 years of peace in a utopian society with Jesus Christ reigning as Lord and King among man here on earth! Praise God!

  7. dahoglund profile image70
    dahoglundposted 12 years ago

    History shows that utopian societies do not work.

  8. Attikos profile image83
    Attikosposted 12 years ago

    Utopia is a fantasy, a dream of life in an imaginary Paradise. In today's context, the concept is usually a vague, fuzzy, feelgood incarnation of the Garden myth.

    Dystopia is its ideal opposite, an imaginary hell on Earth. As long as you draw breath, it is always possible for things to get worse, and so it never will be the case that, and the question puts it, "verything is as bad as it possibly can be."

    Neither can exist in the real world/ Human nature does not permit either one except as an idea.

  9. Philanthropy2012 profile image81
    Philanthropy2012posted 12 years ago

    Looking at the trend of history: freedom, life standard and longevity has been rapidly increasing since the start of mankind. With new technologies and the downfall of religion, better moral understandings and more rights to the people, I suspect we'll get at least pretty close to a Utopia. When is just another question and may never be answered.

    The state of being a Utopia after all, a subjective one.

  10. CloudExplorer profile image76
    CloudExplorerposted 12 years ago

    I feel that all of humanity is already headed towards world unity, it just takes time for all walks of life to catch up to the changes that starts from the most unlikely places.  Look at how Ghandi spread love, and amazing hope from a place that once was extremely hateful towards the individual, and dark overall in how they practiced fairness to the human condition in Ancient and even modern India that we once knew of, and there's countless other examples.

    Utopian societies are everywhere today, but for it to become a global phenomenon as everyone who desires such a reality, it will take a great deal of time, and growing pains, just as we are all witnessing today with the global economy becoming so unstable, and many of us feeling the pain & where it hurts most, in our pockets.

    Only god knows the timing of such prophesied things of possible occurrence such as a Utopian Society coming into existence globally, and I don't believe any human can detail in any way how it will come to be as depicted in the biblical text & or by any of the other world religions known as well as unknown.

  11. Matt in Jax profile image59
    Matt in Jaxposted 12 years ago

    Hate to answer a question with a question, but is a utopian society even possible? My idea of Utopia isn't necessarily yours.

  12. NiaLee profile image60
    NiaLeeposted 12 years ago

    I definitely think that if people become more aware of the reality and the consequences of our action on our environment and other humans, we will rise.
    The consciousness of so many has woken and has been leading them to a better life.
    Ecology and ayurveda, ecoarchitecture and bio agriculture...those are the lines. If people find ways to care about what is important and leave the giant money business alone, we will create a better world.
    We can change ourselves and teach our children right... they are the seeds that will grow the best in the future.
    The day I discovered the magazine permaculture. I was amazed by the will and strength of those people who work at living and working toward nature, humanity and a healthy happy future for us all.
    Yes. a lot believe that life is that matrix that we invent everyday with technology (yes I love my computer!!!) but the real world is getting destroyed while we are shown beautiful pictures.
    Let each of us do the best at his/her level.
    Love and peace on all.

  13. baygirl33 profile image57
    baygirl33posted 12 years ago

    Makes me think Brave New World versus The Matrix. Are they different?
    Do we have to know we're in Utopia? Does everyone have to agree that it is Utopia?

  14. Ed Fidecaro profile image60
    Ed Fidecaroposted 12 years ago

    Let's see, the topic is religion and philosophy, right? Not being interested in the philosophical because of its subjectivity, I'll answer the question from a Biblical perspective. The Bible is clear that man did once exist in a utopian garden, which is not a myth, as some would claim, but because of his pride and rejection of God was forced to live life on the basis of his own, not God's ideal. As all people are different, with different wants, needs, desires, achieving a corporate Utopia is not possible on a human level. Yet the Bible is also clear that when Christ returns his kingdom on earth and the eventual kingdom in heaven will be utopian beyond our wildest dreams. Of course those who are the beneficiaries, will only be so because they've learned that gratification of self is the opposite of Utopia not it's outcome.


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