What are some reasons why you don't attend or go to a church?

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  1. ssgreenland profile image61
    ssgreenlandposted 7 years ago

    What are some reasons why you don't attend or go to a church?

    I am not looking to argue either side, just curious on some reasons, whether general or very specific experiences, that keep you from attending a church.

  2. msorensson profile image68
    msorenssonposted 7 years ago

    Until I was 16 years old and ready to go to college, I went to church almost...almost every day...it was necessary.
    I think all religions teach the same thing..worded differently, therefore there is no need to pledge allegiance to one over the other. The teachings are universal. We only have to understand.

  3. dashingscorpio profile image86
    dashingscorpioposted 7 years ago

    In all honesty I enjoy relaxing at home, visiting friends, seeing a movie, watching sports, going to the beach...etc on my two days off from work. Sunday is also a mental prep day for the week ahead. The thought of getting up early to be in an organized/structured environment for a couple of hours versus watching a game or having a BBQ....etc There is no contest.

    Having said that I do consider myself to be a spiritual person who is in constant contact with god during the course of  the day. I think church has it's place during a child's formative years but once you have the awareness and basic understanding/principles of the bible/koran or whatever book you follow then it's up to you to apply them as you see fit. I don't see the purpose or need to have a "middle man" (ie minister/church) when you can talk to god directly. In addition if one desires they can watch one of the 30 minute church shows on television for weekly inspiration.

    There are many people who also go to church for "fellowship", "socializing", or to be entertained by the choir in addition to the weekly message. If you are more of a loner rather than a joiner you probably would rather just come and go as you please. A lot of churches want members to be active in some capacity. Not everyone wants to add on more obligations.

  4. xethonxq profile image68
    xethonxqposted 7 years ago

    I believe spirituality is very personal and my main reason for not attending. Organized religion is not necessary to have a relationship with God.

  5. NiaLee profile image60
    NiaLeeposted 7 years ago

    I just don't want to put my soul and my family in the hands of anybody. I also studied a lot and don't believe everything that is written because men are weak and have manipulated the mass for so long to their advantage. The people who invite are often people who want to help me when they need more help than I do actually. I just assert things in a pragmatic way, pray home and avoid trouble with judgement and personality in a religious community.

  6. Seeker7 profile image93
    Seeker7posted 7 years ago

    I don't attend church really because it's not within my beliefs to do so. Quite a few members of my family do attend church on a regular basis and enjoy doing so. When I was younger and made to go, I use to skip it and go to my friends house. The reason being - and sorry if this sounds rude, it's not my intention to be so, just to be honest - but I found it boring and the church was always freezing cold even in the summer!

  7. zzron profile image55
    zzronposted 7 years ago

    I do go to a Baptist church but at times I may be too tired or sometimes get lazy but always try to go when I can.

  8. Bretsuki profile image75
    Bretsukiposted 7 years ago

    I am just not physically able to get to my chosen place of worship.

    I live seventy miles from my nearest Meeting House and being blind I cannot drive.

    I do attend a church with my wife but her beliefs and mine are very different in terms of worship, so though I attend I do not usually follow the service.

  9. Peanutritious profile image59
    Peanutritiousposted 7 years ago

    I endeavor to be a good person and help others. I do voluntary work and am always there for my friends.  I fail to see how going to church would make me a better person.

  10. noturningback profile image71
    noturningbackposted 7 years ago

    For myself it comes down to a personal interpretation of scripture; quite possibly you may be able to understand God's purpose is for you on your own. But if you are a Christian, you are a member of the body of Christ and that means interaction with other members. We must learn to accept each others character in a loving way and without personal interaction how will we accomplish this?
    Love the LORD your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind and love your neighbor as yourself. God, according to Christ, is where two or more believers can be found together in worship. So therefore a church does not have to be any more than two believers worshipping together, but the gospel will surely be lost if not also preached and that is the Great Commision for ALL believers. GOD BLESS

  11. Apostle Jack profile image61
    Apostle Jackposted 7 years ago

    Good question. To begin with, the IMAGE is lacking, the voice can not be heard, the sheep is scattered, QUANTITY,  is presented more than QUALITY, the bread is burned, and to end it is to say .....its not like it used to be,or originated.

    The should be a difference between church and state, but they drink from the same well,they omit God in order to promote their own cause.
    When one goes to church he/she should see a difference between where they came from and what is presented to them in the church concerning conduct and image of spirit.

    When one sees the same in where they came from in where they are going,it is discouraging and not, encouraging. Be that as it may,as it is written for the time will come,and now is when the TRUE WORSHIPERS  shall worship the Father in SPIRIT and in TRUTH....for the Father seeketh such to worship Him.

  12. ii3rittles profile image78
    ii3rittlesposted 7 years ago

    Let me start by saying...I love God and I am thankful for Jesus.

    I've been to a few different churches and from my understanding they are very "cult" like. Some churches worship the pastor's like God, others worship money... I personally think Church is not what it once was. I have seen some of the most judgmental people in Church. Some even go as far as kicking homosexuals and different races out! If I'm not mistaken, God views all sin the same and being homosexual is a sin... as well as lying. We all lie at some point in our lives, some, even every day. So how is it okay to let liars attend and not homosexuals? A sin is a sin is a sin. I never felt "okay" in church either. I always felt as though people were there for the wrong reasons.

    Also, it says no where in the bible that God commands that we attend church, only suggests being in one as a way to be around other people of the same belief. Church was once a place to be around brothers and sisters all in purpose to pray and worship God... Now, however... Its seems more about money and judging each other. No thanks. I'll worship and love God EVERYWHERE. Not just in one place or one day a week.

  13. JBBlack profile image61
    JBBlackposted 7 years ago

    The last time I entered a church during a religious ceremony I was overwhlemed by a feeling of wrongness.  I like to joke to myself that my demons were writhing in agony.  I am still in awe of my reaction, but my personality doesn't allow me to be inconsistent in certain things.  I imagine that the sense of honor and purity within me, devotion to my personal beliefs, rejected the behavior.

  14. proactrdv profile image64
    proactrdvposted 7 years ago

    I often find myself in disagreement with what is being preached about and I also feel that a lot of what is being preached is not necessarily always practical and in some cases questionable.

  15. WinglessGuardian6 profile image57
    WinglessGuardian6posted 7 years ago

    I don't mean to be rude, but Indoctrination is my main reason on top of continual financial fraud. Ever wonder why some pastors look loaded? It isn't because they were busting tail in a 9 to 5 if They are in a HUGE church.

  16. nemanjaboskov profile image73
    nemanjaboskovposted 7 years ago

    My reason is very simple - I do not believe in organized religion.
    I consider faith to be something deeply personal, and there is nothing a building can give you in this sense. For instance, I can admire a church because of the architecture, or because it is old - and that's it. It is just a building...


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