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For people who are not religious but not atheist either, how do you describe you

  1. CR Rookwood profile image84
    CR Rookwoodposted 5 years ago

    For people who are not religious but not atheist either, how do you describe your spirituality?

    Do you think agnosticism is a 'cop out' (as some atheists argue)? Do you think religion in the US has gone off the rails and has that influenced how you see yourself?


  2. profile image0
    erickcbposted 5 years ago

    I wouldn't choose to label myself as anything. But in general I would say I believe in a higher power, and I never needed organized religion to tell me something bigger exists in all of this.. I think the reason atheism and the organized religions exist is that the super super elite, needed the duality to rage on so they could steer their plan into fruition. Its as easy as ABC123. 1ST,2ND,3RD=STNDRD=StandardAntithesis>Synthesis.
    Its just like politics. Give people the illusion of choice to keep them occupied debating over nonsense, while to big boys behind it all from BOTH sides have tea together behind closed doors and laugh at us all. They have their own religion up at the top. Its a mixture of hinduism and social darwinism. They created the religions for us to argue over. Now they have created the science vs. spirit argument so they can create the synthesis so we can go forward into their planed existence. PlanET. The next religion no doubt will be a form of earth worship (spirit) with a mixture of science (transhumanism). That will be the synthesis.
    Just my two cents worth.

  3. Craig Suits profile image76
    Craig Suitsposted 5 years ago

    Your answer Erick is worth a hell of a lot more than two cents. You couldn't be more accurate.
    As for me and spirituality, I haven't heard a good definition of what it is yet. Everyone seems to have their own discription of what it is to them but given a little thought, their concepts are no different than hard core religious beliefs. Unproveable, unsubstanciated, factless, and most likely more of the same old hokem.

  4. davidkaluge profile image63
    davidkalugeposted 5 years ago

    I think the two answers are above are good. Religious may be needed by those that need people to tell them that God is somewhere, his laws, and other dos and don't but some people choose to findout for themself about God and his laws so such people are more spiritual and only few of them still follow other organized religions. I often say that atheism is not a major problem. The major problem is that those that belief in God do not even know what his laws are among others so they conflict one another.

  5. debbyp1964 profile image60
    debbyp1964posted 4 years ago

    I have always had a higher power. I believe someone/something has some level of control over my destiny. I sort of lean toward Karma  and "what comes around goes around"; if you hurt or do wrong by someone, it will come back to you. You do not know when or how but it will. For instance, I always entertained the idea that a hangover was karma getting back for having too good a time or doing things you  shouldn't or wouldn't do.
    I respect those who have faith in "God"  but I resent those who try to convince me that their faith is the only faith. Live right and you will die right.