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There are lots of christian religions how do you know if you are in the right on

  1. wordoftheworld profile image61
    wordoftheworldposted 5 years ago

    There are lots of christian religions how do you know if you are in the right one?

    (christ believers only)there are lots of christian religions how do you know if you are in the right one?

  2. krillco profile image94
    krillcoposted 5 years ago

    I think you mean 'denomination'. 'Christian religion' IS the religion. In essence, all Christians, to be considered 'Christian' believe in the same basic theology: Jesus was fully God and man, and God gave Jesus to the world in order that those who see the light can be saved and brought into a personal relationship with God. Christian 'denominations'; simply quibble about the small potatoes like the if, how, and why bread and wine become the body and blood of Jesus.

    Kinda like cornflakes: Kellog's, Post, or generic, it's still cornflakes.

    1. duffsmom profile image60
      duffsmomposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Came here wondering how to word the answer to this question.  No need - you said it very well, thank you.

  3. PenHitsTheFan profile image78
    PenHitsTheFanposted 5 years ago

    We're all one body. Focus on finding a church that focuses on the Bible and not man made traditions.

  4. PlanksandNails profile image86
    PlanksandNailsposted 5 years ago

    These are matters which have, to be sure, the appearance of wisdom in self-made religion and self-abasement and severe treatment of the body, but are of no value against fleshly indulgence. - Colossians 2:23

    The right one does away with man-made ideologies and seeks to glorify Jesus Christ.

  5. phillippeengel profile image80
    phillippeengelposted 5 years ago

    These different denominations have different viewpoints which cannot be reconciled. It is because of these dichotomies that the main body of the religion is separated into manifold denominations. However, the God that the believers worship and praise is still the same and universal.

  6. Catherine Kane profile image81
    Catherine Kaneposted 5 years ago

    That would be assuming that there is a "right one"...

    I'd say that the closest we get to a "right one" is finding the denomination that best suits your individual spiritual needs.

    Some folks need structure and firm doctrine, others need a more personal walk with Christ

    Some folks need community, others more solitary worship

    The person with the tin ear is not going to be as fulfilled in a denomination that sings a lot, and the person with limited patience will be frustrated in a denomination that does things by committee

    The great thing is that Christ finds many different ways to reach out to all of us. He can't be limited to one "right one"....

  7. arb profile image80
    arbposted 5 years ago

    Perhaps the question itself, illuminates the very reason for denominations. We examine our differences rather than our likeness. If we continue doing so, one day before He comes, we may have a denomination for each one of us.

    1. Catherine Kane profile image81
      Catherine Kaneposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      To a certain extent, we already do. Even in denominations, we all have a variety of ways that we interact with God. smile

  8. Apostle Jack profile image61
    Apostle Jackposted 5 years ago

    To live by it and not only believe in it, you will know for sure my friend. If it answer all your questions and fill that blank space in ones life.Then,that is evidence. Proof that goes beyond thought and make believe. Seek and ye shall find,knock and the door shall be open unto you,that is a fact.

    Look beyond hear say and every ones opinion and see what can change you from an ordinary to an extraordinary person. 
    Go by what is original and have good bible roots to back it up. There are a lot of would-be Christians that have the name but not the fame.

    Christianity is not a religion,....it is a salvation. A rebirth of spirit. A complete spiritual change. It will take you back to the time before Adam and Eve committed sin.When they walked in perfect union with the almighty God. That is what Christ meant when he said..."ye must be born again" it is a "spiritual rebirth".
    Much of humankind will experience this union with God...but not all.
    Everyone is invited to the feast of "the marriage supper of the lamb" and to have a place reserve for them at the wedding feast of eternal life.

    Christian is the only faith mention  in the bible as to what we are known by,nothing added to it,and nothing taken away from it. If i ask you what your faith is and you tell me any other name or title but christian,then,that tells who you are and what your faith is. If you are a plumper ,you would not tell me you are a doctor, if i ask you what your trade is.
    Catholics and Mormons are not Christians  as many others are not,they use the name and title to promote their own agenda.So, call yourself Christian,and nothing else,.....because nothing else is needed as far as a title is concern.

    Its all about the image of life. A separate identity of spirit. Nothing symbolic nor made-up,but a salvation of spirit,which produce a certain image of expression that is not common but angelic.   Be bless.

  9. Scottye Davis profile image61
    Scottye Davisposted 5 years ago

    hrough Faith Alone, you can move mountains. I have witnessed the awesome power of the Lord Almighty. He has delivered me many times. I have seen things i would have thought impossible, but through the power of Christ it IS possible. There are forces of evil that will attack you if you let them. Your Fear guides them. Have you ever seen a possessed person? Have you ever heard, seen a ghost? I have witnessed the spirit world and in my darkest hour I was delivered from it. Through prayer and faith. This is where I KNOW the God of the Bible is the one true God and he loves us and is merciful. I do not consider myselkf baptist, mormon/catholic. I am non denominational, not the church sect. but in my own accord. I am a lover of Christ and if you follow God's word, he will show you.
    Also, look up Apocrapha, these are books left out of the bible when King James wrote it. It was always with the Book until then. The book of Eli is one.

  10. LoisRyan13903 profile image81
    LoisRyan13903posted 4 years ago

    Then it is like going on a shopping trip at the mall.  You keep searching for something that makes you happy and joyful.  I was brought up in a certain denomination but had a hard time with it because it was a God-fearing family and I was sure that I was going to H E L L.  Then when I became a Christian I learned that God is a loving, compassionate and forgiving God.  If you find one, you have to ask yourself   does it go with what the Bible says?  There are some religions that like to twist the words of the Bible around.

  11. jstfishinman profile image60
    jstfishinmanposted 4 years ago

    There was a Book published during "The Jesus Movement" generation. It was a study of Romans called, How to be a Christian Without Being Religious.
    God only recognizes "One Church", He has many followers in every Christian denomination.
    "The Church" consists of those that that believe in God, The Father, God, The Son, and God, The Holy Spirit and have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. When we repent of our sin, and ask Jesus to take over our lives, the Holy Spirit takes up residence inside of us. That is what sets us apart in Christianity.
    The denomination we worship with, is never as important as, Whom we worship.