Should Christians attend Church regularly?

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  1. Esenbee profile image80
    Esenbeeposted 8 years ago

    Should Christians attend Church regularly?

  2. wordoftheworld profile image61
    wordoftheworldposted 8 years ago

    of course to develop your faith.............

  3. Tracy K. profile image64
    Tracy K.posted 8 years ago

    I would say, "yes". Have you heard the saying that there is strength in numbers? If you think about it , it takes perseverance to get through this life. If you have faith in Christ then it's important to join in fellowship and worship on a consistent basis to strengthen each other, to encourage one another and to get equipped and prepared for the upcoming days ahead. Alone, you can become withdrawn and isolated leaving you open to falling away from Christ. There is safety in numbers.

  4. a49eracct profile image60
    a49eracctposted 8 years ago

    YES! It is incredibly important to attend church, this is part of God's plan. We must be with other people and worship together. If you would like reference, there are many verses in the Bible about Jesus being "married" to the church. We are meant to follow His example. I used to feel that I did not need to go to church, because you don't have to go to church to be saved. However, we cannot grow in our faith if we do not attend church. If you are so compelled to attend, please be aware that there are MANY MANY MANY "counterfeit" churches out there. I invite you to attend a church that TEACHES the Bible, not one where the pastor gives you an opinion of how to interpret a few verses and apply them to your life.

  5. Civil War Bob profile image59
    Civil War Bobposted 8 years ago

    Yeah...last time I checked, Hebrews says "do not forsake the assembly of the saints, but come together to encourage one another to love and good works."  Just realize, though, that it's the primary battleground on which Satan attacks, given that's where the saints congregate to kick his butt through the weapon of prayer!!  Don't listen to the guilt trippers, however.  If you love Jesus, the Father LOVES you and won't bash you if you miss sometimes!

  6. liftandsoar profile image73
    liftandsoarposted 8 years ago

    You nailed it, Civil War Bob.  The answer depends on the question. Should Christians attend Church regularly to get saved?  NO!!  Our only hope of salvation is the blood of Jesus, not our religious performances.  Should Christians attend Church regularly to express their faith and grow in it?  Yes!  Like an glowing ember will die if separated from the pile of coal, so will a believer's faith fail if separated from others of like mind and heart.

  7. Esenbee profile image80
    Esenbeeposted 8 years ago

    I love most of everyone's answers. Personally, I visited a church yesterday and I believe that I will eventually make the church my new church home. I've been out of church for many, many years reading the bible, studying it, and living by God's word on my own. I should say that I learned a lot from being absent but life without fellowship of "like" minds is very difficult. A lot of times I grew weary of holding up righteousness on my own and many times I was fed up with people who did not understand my lifestyle. Now, due to my absence, I feel that I am better equipped to confront what life has in store for me in Church as well as the world. Studying the bible on my own made me emotionally and spiritually stronger. I never liked the fact that I was out of Church for so many years, but I did make something positive out of my absence.

    Thanks to everyone for your answers! I really apreciate it! smile


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