Have you ever seen a psychic?

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  1. Grace-Wolf-30 profile image59
    Grace-Wolf-30posted 9 years ago

    Have you ever seen a psychic?

    Are you a believer, or a skeptic? What is your experience of fortune telling?


  2. Attikos profile image74
    Attikosposted 9 years ago

    Oh, yes, I run into them all the time, especially on the Internet ...

    Wait a moment. You said "psychic," not "psycho."

    That's different. Never mind.

    1. fpherj48 profile image59
      fpherj48posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Attikos.....LMAO!!   Yes, Sir-ee!   "Psychos are a-plenty and definitely FOR REAL!   They're everywhere.  Help!  You're funny.

  3. LisaKoski profile image85
    LisaKoskiposted 9 years ago

    I've never been to a psychic but my mom has gone quite a few times. When I was in high school, a psychic told my mom that I would get pregnant before I graduated. This made her ridiculously paranoid and overprotective of me, while my two other siblings were able to enjoy many more liberties I was denied, such as a later curfew (mine was 6:00 unless I was at work while theirs was 10:00). This, and a few other more amusing experiences via my mother's dealing with psychics have made me a bit of a skeptic, although she takes them very seriously. To this day, she believes that what the psychic must have meant was that I was going to get pregnant before marriage, since it didn't happen before my high school, community college, or university graduation.

  4. Escobana profile image74
    Escobanaposted 9 years ago

    I 'thought' I was psychic when later I found out people believed everything I said I could 'see' for them in the future because I was maniacal.

    People with Bipolar Disorder believe they have super powers and magical forces within them, when they are maniacal. Some believe they're God himself.

    The problem was that I sounded so 'right' and in control of what I told to absolute strangers, no one once thought I might be needing some good medication and rest.

    I do believe in the use of Tarotcards and once or twice a year I let someone do a reading for me. It helps me in making bigger decisions or choosing a certain direction in life.

    1. Grace-Wolf-30 profile image59
      Grace-Wolf-30posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      You were accurate for the people to spoke to? As a nurse, I don't like terms like maniacal and disorder, it's a way of labeling people when we don't understand something. Everybody's minds are wired differently. Thank you for sharing your experience

    2. Escobana profile image74
      Escobanaposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Of course I wasn't accurate. I was very convincing though as all people are who are maniacal. As a nurse you must know Bipolar Disorder is real disorder! The labels don't bother me. I'm happy to be Bipolar and got treated for it. Life is a blessing!

    3. WalterPoon profile image68
      WalterPoonposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Escobana, did you manage to get your bipolar disorder cured? I have 2 friends who have bipolar. Maybe you can write a hub on it so that I can tell them how to get theirs treated. At the moment, they are on drugs and cognitive behavioral therapy.

    4. Escobana profile image74
      Escobanaposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Hi WalterPoon. There's no such thing as cured in Bipolar Disorder but I've written many Hubs on this and my success in managing my life with Bipolar Disorder. It's my niche topic. Check out the Overview of Great Hubs on Bipolar Disorder:-) The latest

    5. WalterPoon profile image68
      WalterPoonposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Escobana, looks like you've what it takes to become a bestselling author! Look at the list of authors with bipolar. It's mind-boggling!

      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_pe … r_disorder

    6. Grace-Wolf-30 profile image59
      Grace-Wolf-30posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Escobana, I do understand that Bipolar is real, and I'm happy for you if you are happy. The reason I left that comment is that my brother has schizophrenia (which I know is very different), and feels his medication makes it worse. It's hard for us

    7. Escobana profile image74
      Escobanaposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Bipolar Disorder is definitely different and I know people with Schizophrenia. They normally struggle more because medication or treatment usually is not enough to guarantee improvement. I can imagine it's hard on you. I hope he finds stability! :-)

  5. ParadigmEnacted profile image68
    ParadigmEnactedposted 9 years ago

    Wouldn't do it. My mother enjoys these mediums and goes frequently, she's going to see Sylvia Browne perform soon, and others who I know make all kinds of stunning claims about the accuracy of psychics who they've consulted. I've come to the conclusion that some are probably better than others, but the combination of money, fraud, and people's impressionability are all a real bad combination.

    The thing about it is, intuition is real, we've all experienced it. We are all subconsciously aware of what is happening without seeing it because everything gives off detectable frequencies. Conditioning gradually offsets our ability to remain attuned to it. I don't doubt that all psychics have the same natural intuition that all of us do, but ability and mastery are two different things and business either clouds their judgement or they are only in it to make money.

    Add the fact that society actually prefers smoke and mirrors and spectacles...got that?...people actually prefer a faulty medium over the banality of actually getting credible help with something, and it's all a bad recipe. I know this because people will dismiss better results in favor of something that is obviously dubious. It's the same reason that they'll spend all their money at the casino. Well, it was fun wasn't it. People pay for theater and that's all they get.

    1. Grace-Wolf-30 profile image59
      Grace-Wolf-30posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I agree about natural intuition, it's a skill we easily forget : )

  6. profile image0
    Sri Tposted 9 years ago

    Everyone is psychic. However, they do not know how to tune in. Everyone has intuitive powers although they may not recognize them. Professional psychics have only cultivated the power. They understand the method. Of course some psychics are frauds. But others have a lot of clients because they hit the target and give good advice that pays off big time for their customers. If they were wrong every time, they would not have repeat customers.

  7. edhan profile image37
    edhanposted 9 years ago

    I have not seen a psychic but Feng Shui fortune teller instead. He was able to tell about my past, present and future. For my past, it was about 90% accuracy. After a few years had passed since I had the visit, the present seems to be quite accurate as well. Now awaiting for the future.

  8. profile image0
    Ghost32posted 9 years ago

    I've consulted a number of psychics, though none recently.  Only one was an outright and obvious "cold reader" fraud.  Most of them were actually pretty good at what they did.
    Somewhere in the mid-eighties, my wife (of that time, currently my 5th ex) decided to take in a Psychic Fair being held in San Diego, where we lived.  At one booth, I sat down with a psychic--and she nailed me to the wall with her first sentence.  After studying my attire, basically normal street clothes but topped by a straw cowboy hat, she said,
    "You use that hat as a disguise to fool people into thinking you're a hick, to keep them from realizing how sharp you are."
    Or words to that effect.  That was quite a while ago; I could be paraphrasing.
    I'd not really thought of it that way but instantly recognized the truth of what she'd said.  Whether or not she could tell the future, I have no idea--but she did definitely know how to read people.
    My most recent stop at a psychic's booth was right here in Sierra Vista, Arizona, a couple of years ago.  I was driving by, saw a banner touting a Psychic Fair being held at the Wyndham Hotel, and pulled in on impulse.
    Again, picking out a particular reader, I sat down and waited for her to lay it on me.  She was young and attractive and nonplussed when I had NO questions for her.  "Just tell me what you can see, if there's anything to see," I told her.  "I don't really have any questions about my life at this point, so...."
    She'd never had that happen before.  It threw her really badly for a bit.  But she was game, struggled to see what she could see without having the slightest question to serve as a focusing point.
    And by golly, she came through.  Looking entirely puzzled and a bit confused, she eventually said, "I see...it's like a whole lot of little furry animals around you...I can't tell exactly what kind, but...it's like you're SURROUNDED by little gray furry animals!"
    Which was true enough, 100 percent.  I then took mercy on the poor girl, explaining about our two gray house cats plus wild rabbits, kangaroo rats, and even coyotes we call our friends. 
    Eventually, the psychic told me one of the little critters--a female, she was sure--wanted to say something, wanted to say that she "really liked living with me".
    I appreciated hearing that.  I happen to believe in reincarnation and know that this particular Soul tried time and time again to get it right with me--and this time, as our part bobcat adopted by Pam as a feral kitten, she did.

    1. Grace-Wolf-30 profile image59
      Grace-Wolf-30posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Interesting stories, thank you for sharing them : )

  9. fpherj48 profile image59
    fpherj48posted 9 years ago

    Grace......I live only 30 miles from "Lily Dale, New York," A Spiritualist  Community.  If you are not familiar with this quaint, small town, you'll be interested to know, it is world-famous.
    Rarely does a summer go by, without a visit to Lily Dale.  Friends and family members will get together and make a day's-worth adventure of this.  The entire community is inhabited by "Mediums," all members of Spiritualism, as a Religion.  There are unique gift shops, book stores, B&B's and places to eat.  Lily Dale is situated on the beautiful Chautauqua Lake.  It's actually a peaceful, breathtaking place to visit.
    The term, "fortune teller," is a gross insult to these very serious and dedicated Mediums, and one dare not utter the words, BTW.   Of course, I've had numerous readings, some unimpressive, but a few mind blowers.  Personally, I take this all, a bit differently, each time.  It can be interesting and entertaining, but I'm a REALIST, to my core.  I do believe "all things are possible," but have never allowed myself to become too taken-in........Great Question!

    1. Grace-Wolf-30 profile image59
      Grace-Wolf-30posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for introducing me to Lily Dale, if I'm ever in the area I will pay it a visit. It sounds very interesting.

  10. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 9 years ago

    No, it is a huge rip off. Never have, never will. smile

    1. bac2basics profile image86
      bac2basicsposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Hi JT. I don´t  wish to be rude, but if you have never been to one how can you be sure ?

  11. bac2basics profile image86
    bac2basicsposted 9 years ago

    I don´t know about fortune tellers but I have been to some great psychic mediums and have written a hub on one where my late husband quite obviously came through for me. It is no word of a lie that had I not known better, I would have thought the medium had been married to him too , she was that accurate.

    My husband died in Spain not the UK where I attended a psychic night and there is no way this woman could have known of his death or the circumstances surrounding it, but she did, and in great detail.

    1. fpherj48 profile image59
      fpherj48posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Hmmmm...VERY interesting!  You have my attention!  I'm off to read your hub!

  12. Darrell Roberts profile image73
    Darrell Robertsposted 9 years ago

    I have seen two physics in my life. One was so wrong about everything that she told me. The other had some things correct but not enough to impress me.  Sometime I think that because some people are open to the power of suggestion if they allow themselves to believe in physics because they just want to believe in mysticism. 

    I am skeptic about most of the psychics but I do think that some are for real.

    Best wishes.

  13. SidKemp profile image90
    SidKempposted 9 years ago

    Two of my best friends have worked as professional psychics. One of them found my cat when she was lost and no one else could.

    I can do similar things myself. I believe such powers exist, but it's better not to use them most of the time. Even when they are used for the good - I'm sure glad I found my cat! - it is easy to get hung up on them, and forget the really important things, like love and wisdom and open-mindedness and humility.

  14. WalterPoon profile image68
    WalterPoonposted 9 years ago

    Yes, I've seen many... maybe close to 50. And my experience with fortune-telling? One out of 50 accurate, perhaps. But the one who was accurate was indeed mind-boggling. Using a crystal ball, she predicted the next 3 jobs which I will be doing, after a spell of unemployment. Can you imagine someone in the building trade working in a publisher firm, then a printing firm, and finally a chocolate factory? Well, I can't but this was what happened, not out of self-prophesy but out of sheer desperation.


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