Could you still say that mormonism is a cult when you absolutely see how good th

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  1. KenDeanAgudo profile image82
    KenDeanAgudoposted 3 years ago

    Could you still say that mormonism is a cult when you absolutely see how good they live their lives?

    I have read several articles online saying mormonism is a cult. I have been investigating on there church for almost 6 months now and I experience a different thing. They are very kind and loving person. Though some of their doctrines are really hard and fictitious to read at first but what if they are really true?

    In your stand, do you believe that mormonism is a cult when you see it in a different way? Express your thoughts and experiences about this church.

  2. sockii profile image78
    sockiiposted 3 years ago

    Having dated someone who was an ex-Mormon, I have seen plenty of examples of how yes, they indeed act as a cult. He left the church because of these issues: trying to force him into an arranged marriage with another young woman he barely knew; trying to separate him from his non-Mormon family, including his mother, sister and brother; trying to force him to leave his college education for an extended period of time to do missionary duty; and yet, when he needed help dealing with personal issues? The church was not there for him. They took and took and expected everything from him but would not do the same in return.

    1. soaring1010eagle profile image71
      soaring1010eagleposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      A cult is run by a human and when the human leader.

  3. MichalWrotter profile image60
    MichalWrotterposted 3 years ago

    I believe every religion has its own ups and downs. You cannot say one is better than the other. I believe every religion is a way of life. I do not see mormonism as a cult but way of life. It is the same as someone who is vegetarian. You choose who you want to be and How you want to live. Intolarate people create frats about things. Most importantly to me, the way you act is not coz of you are part of any religious group, but a way How you were rised. Good and bad people are among all religious and non religious groups. Anyone is free to choose.

  4. Cherish77 profile image61
    Cherish77posted 14 months ago

    Having been raised Mormon, I would say it is not a cult.  My mom was Mormon, Dad was not.  Dad made it clear he would never join, it wasn't his thing, he was raised Catholic, but was excommunicated because he married my mom, who had been divorced.  My mom got into the LDS church when she was pregnant with me, Dad didn't seem to mind, and they never bothered him about joining the whole time they were married.  I was baptized at 8, As a kid it was normal to me, and everyone was like family.  I don't go to church often, but I still am in contact with people I have known my whole life.  I did not marry a Mormon, nor was I forced to.  I also could have been a missionary, but didn't want to and nobody bothered me about it either,  I was never forced to do anything I didn't want to do.  Not all Mormons are perfect, but nobody in any religion is perfect.

    1. profile image61
      KingdomComeposted 14 months agoin reply to this

      Wrong. We ARE made perfect in Christ. Hebrews 9:14 (NKJV) states: For by one offering, He has PERFECTED forever those who are being saintified........ This verse goes to show how wrong Mormons are with their teaching.

  5. profile image61
    KingdomComeposted 14 months ago

    Mormons are just a part of the Harlot false church system controlled by satan. Just like JW's SDA, Catholic Church, Baptists of all types, and all the rest of them who follow a man made church system. Who care if the Mormons are a cult when they are just as wrong and evil as Catholic's, JW's Baptist , SDA and all the rest of them. Do you think for one moment that if they are a cult they're any less or more evil or wrong than Catholic's or JW's and any others who call themselves "Christians". They are a man made false church system just like the rest of them.


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