Is Christ the Son of man?

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    micadeoluposted 2 years ago

    Is Christ the Son of man?

    Do you know that man's product is man's son? And man will soon become its subject when He appears in the clouds. Is then true that the Son of man is Christ?

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    peter565posted 2 years ago

    There are a lot of archeology research into the origin of Jesus, mostly because there are no record of him, outside the bible. Although historians still believe the Jesus in the bible is still base on real people and event, historians now believe, the Jesus in the bible, is more mythology then real, then we thought.

    Modern historians found increase evidence, Jesus is in fact a novel, written during that time. After Israel fall, the King promise there will be a man name Jesus, raising arm to lead the Jews to defeat Rome. The reason is to not give up hope and Jesus was the most common name, during that time. And there was number of revolt led by men name Jesus. But Israel during that time, was in fact a very violent nation (Like ISIS style violent) and Rome see it as a threat, which leads to Rome invading Israel. The Roman Emperor of the time, basically want to change the nature of Israel. There was also some Jews who are pacifist, this soon inspire a novel call Jesus of Nasera, loosely base on the life of that Roman Emperor and the ideas of these pacifist, the author, also wrote himself into the book, as the first student of Jesus (peter) the author's name is also Peter. This story later, combine with ancient Egyptian legion, the god Issus (I think that is the name, can't remember for certain off the top of my head) Issus' mother is a human, his father is a god, shape of a phoenix and made his mother pregnant as a virgin, After Issus is born, he had a head of a bird and body of human, He has 12 student, till he was betrayed by one and was executed, as a result and raised to heaven to become a god, after death.