Want to share a conversation I had with another the other day: Tipping Point or

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    threekeysposted 2 years ago

    Want to share a conversation I had with another the other day: Tipping Point or Not?

    The way through "us and them" mentality and cope with this technological saturated society is to return growing food in pots or gardens; return to creative self sustaining pursuits like weaving, sewing, pottery, wood making.

    We can either begin the Golden Age by enveloping virtues of ethics and responsibility. Or go down the annihliation pathway continuing the cult think group of "us and them" generating a cult of fear and restriction focus.

    What do you think you will choose for you and your next 3 generations? And why please?


  2. Dr CHE Sadaphal profile image73
    Dr CHE Sadaphalposted 2 years ago

    I will choose a path of interpersonal cooperation and I hope I can impart this idea to my future generations.

    A competitive society does have benefits, but in a competitive society, for one to gain, the other must lose. This explains to explain the growing gulf between those with much and those who lack. Using this system, "greed is good" and scarcity and perfection actually actually serve a purposeful means in the maintenance of the system. So if a person, political party or country is "#1" then others must be subjugated. In this paradigm threats to superiority have to be dealt with swiftly or else risk losing the competitive edge.

    Cooperation on the other hand does not reduce humans to commodities to be traded and shuns dehumanization. It embraces the distinctively human longing to be social in that relationships mean more than material resources, happiness is not exclusively defined by the self and love conquers hatred.

  3. gmwilliams profile image82
    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago


    To be realistic instead of utopian in scope, the future will belong to the well educated, skilled, & affluent.  Technological & computerized advances are making post-modern societies more competitive & fast-paced as ever.  People who aren't well educated, unskilled, & in the lower echelon of society will be left behind.

    There are more opportunities than ever for people to improve themselves educationally & socioeconomically if they wish to do so.  Those who elect to improve their lower class status through education, strategizing, & smart work will be part of the educated, skilled, & affluent classes who will thrive in the future.

    Future societies will be more competitive than ever.  People who are well educated, skilled, & affluent will have the best/better jobs & the lifestyle that goes along w/it.  Conversely, people with less education, less skills, & are poorer will have to fight for the very few jobs at that education & skill level as many such jobs will be either phased out, outsourced, or automated.  The educated, skilled, & affluent among us will be even more so w/the plethora of jobs geared to them. 

    Those who are in the lower echelon such as the lower middle, working, & lower classes will become the larger, new permanent lower, even underclass.  People will be tired of paying taxes to support such people & the governments will slowly take their lead from the people.  Many will be seen as superfluous & will be incarcerated en masse to be used as slave labor.  There may even be a draft targeting those who in the lower echelons to be used as fodder.

  4. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 2 years ago

    Islam divides the world between the believers (Ummah) and the conquered areas under Shariah law versus those who have not submitted to Islam, called the house of war.
    Islam calls for death of the infidels, making spreading Islam the highest good, so killing a few is moral if it scares others into converting to Islam. The Koran calls for committing atrocities to scare others into converting so the same doesn't occur to them, repeated calls to cut off heads and fingertips to that the town you approach has heard how horrible the Muslim army is and submit to Shariah law (second class status for Jews and Christians, less for Hindus and Buddhists).

    We are in a world war of resurgent fundamentalist Islam versus everyone else. That's why they are beheading Buddhist school teachers in Thailand, blowing up public transportation in Russia and China, threatening bars and nude swimmers in the EU.

    It doesn't matter if a Hindu group says we're holy and you're not and we'll sit in this ashram and do whatever. They aren't killing their members, and more importantly, they aren't killing non-members for not being members.

    ONLY ISLAM is doing this, and it does this per over a hundred verses in the Koran calling for Islam to be spread by the sword, conquer the world until all submit (the meaning of the term Islam). This is compounded by Mohamed leading several war parties to do exactly this. The peaceful verses in the Koran are irrelevant because later verses negate the peaceful ones, as you see with early verses saying don't be drunk replaced with "no alcohol" that stands to this day.

    Only Indonesia converted through missionary activity, every other nation was conquered by Islamic armies who forced the religion upon pain of death or a hundred little laws that privilege Islam over every other faith. (No right to own weapons for self defense, half the worth in court and inheritance, can't marry a Muslim woman, murder by mob if someone says you defamed Mohammed).

    There is a very dangerous tendency of liberals to blame extremism, then point to the Tea Party, blame religion and point to Christians, while ignoring Muslims calling for the death of the infidel and actually killing people. Half of Muslims in the west support Shariah law, a quarter support suicide bombings. That's not a peaceful movement, and blaming the Christian conservative as the source of the world puts civilization at peril because you can't name the enemy killing you.


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