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What is THE FIRST thing that comes to mind at the mention of.............ARIES?

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    gmwilliamsposted 19 months ago

    What is THE FIRST thing that comes to mind at the mention of.............ARIES?


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    word55posted 19 months ago

    My former or ex-girlfriend who preferred to be Aries and refused to be a Pisces. She was born March 20th. She was considered "on the cusp" so she said that she could chose whichever she wanted. She said Pisces was too sensitive. Anyway, that's the 1st thing I would think of. I was born Pisces, February 22nd. In the long run two Pisces would not match. Anyways, Aries are too insensitive.

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      gmwilliamsposted 19 months agoin reply to this

      March 20th is Pisces.  March 21st is the beginning of Aries.

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    gmwilliamsposted 19 months ago


    FEARLESSNESS. ............

    Aries is known for being totally fearless.  In fact, fearless is an inherent part of the Aries character.  Aries isn't afraid to explore new things & chart new territory.  Aries love to go on paths that others haven't explored yet & don't care if no one charts that territory.  Aries loves to really test the waters & to take risks. To Aries, life is all about risks & a risk-free life isn't worth living & is viewed as a living death.

    A part of Aries' fearlessness is the desire to be number 1.  Aries' wanting & aiming to be first is a component of  that fearlessness.  Aries isn't afraid to be the first in any endeavor h/she undertakes. Aries isn't afraid to explore territory & things which others don't want to explore.  Aries is exhilarated in being the first to make an imprint.  Being number 1 is also part of Aries' pioneering persona.

    Aries says & does things what others want to say but are loathe to state because of societal approval & censure. Aries wants to stand out from the masses & pride themselves on this.  Aries doesn't want to be like the Joes & Josephinas around them.  Aries is an individual & will go to lengths to express his/her individuality.  Yet another component in Aries' fearlessness is boldness.  If Aries isn't bold, h/she really isn't living or embracing life as it should be.

    Aries loves to live life at full throttle.  Aries doesn't like the gray life but believes in living a red, succulent, juicy life w/o any regrets.  Aries is fully engaged & enthralled w/the life process.  Aries wants to EMBRACE life.  Aries feels that the majority of people are merely existing which is a total anathema to him/her. 

    Aries also views mistakes as a learning process.  Aries believes that if one fails, pick oneself up & start again.....& again.  Aries isn't afraid of mistakes & failure.  To Aries, such things are parts of living.   Aries has a can-do spirit which is a subcategory of fearlessness.  Aries believes in possibilities & act accordingly.  Aries believes in exploring & being THAT PIONEER.

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      threekeysposted 19 months agoin reply to this

      Just off the cuff I like them because you know where you stand with them so there a very few or no mind games. And secondly they are natural leaders some may call them too bossy at times though and that can rub you the wrong way.