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How to win over Fear?

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    MamataNaikposted 14 months ago

    How to win over Fear?

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    manatita44posted 14 months ago

    Neither you nor I or anyone else will learn anything new. Whether the God-man is the Christ or Krishna; Buddha or Rama or more modern day teachers like Ramakrishna or Sri Chinmoy, the message has not altered.

    Yes, it is not easy and patience is required, but Light must shine into darkness. There is no other way. Confidence is in essence the opposite of fear but this is a quality of the spiritual Heart, of selfless Love. Humanity are your brother and sisters.

    It is the Higher forces that will ultimately transform your nature or guide you, when you walk the dark alleys of life alone. Amidst this, Love is always present. I suggest spiritual practices, which ever form is best for you. Join a group. In my group, I see girls and boys coming with insecurity and fear which is much reduced after about three or four years.

    So yes:
    1. Constant practice of the spiritual exercises, daily, regularly and at set times.
    2. Service to others. Service will expand the Heart and make you receptive to a Higher Light (Grace)
    3. Practice Gratitude. Thank God for your wife, children, a beautiful day, nature ... smile.
    4. Prayer and meditation on a daily basis are paramount. God speed!!
    5. Do your Dharma (duty) Frankly, it is the inner Light which will guide you, hence the necessity of meditation and in being receptive to God's Light.

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      manatita44posted 14 months agoin reply to this

      The Soul is immortal and part and parcel of the divine. You speak of ignorance. Identification with body consciousness creates fear.God needs our Love not fear.Modern day fear is a negative quality.

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    wba108@yahoo.composted 14 months ago

    I believe the closer we're connected to God, the less fear we will have. If we believe that the most powerful being in existence (God) is good then what is there to fear?

    What fear really is, is faith in the devil and his power. If we exercise our faith in God by drawing close to Him in relationship, fear will disappear.

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      manatita44posted 14 months agoin reply to this

      Yes, wba, God is everything! Still, for many fear is very real and I also feel this in dark alleys; with new challenges; crossing the streets ...
      We are made in the image of Spirit but the weakness are trials to show us the way.

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      MamataNaikposted 14 months agoin reply to this

      is it not the same? we pray to God because we fear him.