Is it right to exploit fear of God

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  1. Jose Francis profile image59
    Jose Francisposted 21 months ago

    Is it right to exploit fear of God

    I think fear of God should not be exploited , the exploitation temperarly benifits but should not helps to grow in faith

  2. profile image54
    peter565posted 21 months ago

    How do u think Christianity became the main stream religion in the west? Fear and propaganda. Between 5th~17th century Catholic church hold indirect dictatorship to Europe, through controlling the Kings. They use religion to secure their power, they use fear, to convert people to become Catholic, anybody who isn't a Catholic and does not follow Catholic doctrine, is executed, been burned alive, they kill anybody that contradict the church or its thinking, eventually Christian value became mainstream in the west, despite it is highly corrupted and got many problem. After the 17th century, the Catholic Church fall and people started moving away from Christian value, but because it is still the only religion in the west, for the past 1000 years, most people are still Christian, but with every passing generation, people started following a more reformed, to be more humane version of Christianity. although it still got many problem. If u open the bible, u realized the real Christianity is literally no different from ISIS. Some churches today, their bible, actually took out, certain biblical teaching, to make their version of Christianity, less ISIS style. But some churches are still teaching certain more ISIS style Christian value and there are still those who follow those churches, for example we see some people going on angry protest saying "god hate fags"

    In fact, the god of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, originally isn't even a god. The real god is Satan. The word Satan meant challenger and against, it was used by early worshiper of a Yahweh cult, to refer to other gods. Yahweh would eventually become the god of Judaism, early Yahweh cult is 110% ISIS style, the treat led ancient Babylon to conquer it, after they failed to conquer Babylon. Babylon order the tearing down of Yahweh temples, but the cult become a religion of words, thus, turned into Judaism, which later led to Christianity and Islam, Why Arabs would convert from the peaceful pagan religion, to the bloody Yahweh cult, is beyond me, but at least, the 1st and 2nd Islamic Empire, follow a pro humane interpritation of the faith, so does most modern Middle Eastern countries.

    We need to convert people away from the Yahweh cult and back to becoming pagans, not the opposite way around.

    1. Jose Francis profile image59
      Jose Francisposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      Very informative, but I don't think  Cheristianity is that much agrassive , on the other hand, in the early days anybody who follows Christ or Christianity is used to given as food to  wiled animals,burned alive or executed. That is  whyCheristianity

    2. profile image54
      peter565posted 21 months agoin reply to this
  3. Jose Francis profile image59
    Jose Francisposted 21 months ago

    Cheristianity flarish not because of fear but  because of fearlessness. In earlier days faithfullness of the followers of Christ in his teaching and their leaving style make christianity flourish. But now exploitation of fear make it a Churchish faith.

    1. profile image54
      peter565posted 21 months agoin reply to this

      No, it was fear. Most modern archeology evidence prove, Roman converted to Christianity, due to its goodness, is false history written by Catholic Church, it was the church taking power in 5th century via force executed anybody refusing to follow it.

  4. Kiss andTales profile image77
    Kiss andTalesposted 21 months ago

    What I have learned is that many try to use fear to gain something for themselfs. Power ,money are the main reasons. But sad that people are mislead by that type of manipulation.
    Example their are wonderful families in the world that have raised beautiful children.  How did they do it ? I can assure you many not in the way of fear.
    And there is more then one definition of what fear can mean in discipline.
    Out of love we just want to please our parent's.But doing the opposite could cause disappointment. The discipline when a young child is held out a privilege of fun. But done in love.
    The Heavenly Father also loves us and will also deal with us in his loving way.
    After all he gave us life out of love.
    He did not create life for nothing but wants us to enjoy the real life soon to come.

  5. Paul K Francis profile image82
    Paul K Francisposted 21 months ago

    I think that what is often referred to as 'fear of God' is more like a reverence and a deference. I believe in a loving God, but also in a God that I know is much smarter and wiser than me. So I trust and I follow.

  6. savvydating profile image94
    savvydatingposted 21 months ago

    "Perfect love casts out fear. The only people I see on HP who exploit fear of God are those who hate Christianity for one reason or another. There is no fear in God.

  7. Roohi Bhatnagar profile image76
    Roohi Bhatnagarposted 9 months ago

    GOD is a Benevolent Entity. Not Malevolent Entity. HE is Unconditional Love. Multiply a best human father's love manifold. And we can still not be able to access HIS love... Who can fear the ocean of LOVE ?


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