Heaven-integration is through tear; hell-dissolution is through cheers

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    stephengoswamiposted 7 years ago

    Heaven-integration is through tears and hell-dissolution is through cheers.

    Yeasterday our orphan child Golum has died of suspected liver cancer. Most possibly it was caused by Kalazar prevalent in that area. Both his parents and a brother had died of that. We loved him dearly as he was a sweet tempered child and very intelligent. He came to us 7 years ago at 6 years age when his poor brothers drove him out unable to provide food and medicine. He came to one of our muslim mission centers and we took him. Doctors declared that he will not live more than three months. Then we stormed heaven with our prayers and the verdict was reversed. Christ granted healing. He also believed in Christ in his childlike way. He was enrolled in a school and was good there. Teachers loved him dearly.
    But we kept him in a home surrounded by muslims. He visited them often. They influenced him against Christ. his school friends and teachers were predominantly muslims. His faith was lost. Then he relapsed. We hospitalized him three times. But soon we realized that we are running a losing battle. Then his elder brother took an interest in him. Though he was a minor I tried to baptize him before death but his brother did not agree, though I told him that I had seen many hopeless cases were healed by death bed baptism . Golum also did not show interest. His corpse was taken by his brother to be buried in muslim cemetery.
    Though my mind is hardened by many such deaths during my 40 year long orphan and destitute ministry I was much stricken. But Christ consoled me by showing his own sorrows and tears for losing so many souls worldwide to suicidal hell. He said that by that pain one can gain Heaven of integrity. Those who fear to love to avoid that pain may be outwardly cheerful, but their hell-disintegration of soul parts will start even here.

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      AMBASSADOR BUTLERposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      You have my deepest condolences. Thank you for sharing this with us. Go in peace.