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  1. profile image49
    Elisah1957posted 8 years ago

    As a servant of G-d it is my task to offer this message inspired of G-d through the Holy Spirit.

    It is very important that one understand G-d our Father and His son Yeshua our L-rd, our redeemer, our savior the Messiah purpose for the new covenant and the understanding of the cross. People, stop arguing over things that gives no purpose but only open to arguments, fierceness, anger and rage, such things being who is G-d favorite group, celebrations, laws and rules. This form of behavior is the distraction used by way of the adversary to hinder G-d true message. Our G-d, Our Messiah Yeshua wants for all to be saved and earn their reward and rest bringing glory to His name. Our G-d, our Messiah is not one of injustice but of fairness; if not, Our L-rd would not have allowed for the deliverance of the Gentiles (the prodigal sons) to share in the new covenant.Our G-d allowed for the behavior of those than, being His beloved (the Israelites) to act as such for this deliverance; so that a chance can be giving to His other children, the lost sheep whom first wandered away from G-d.

    All is been done! First G-d allowed for the deliverance of the Gentiles, now a separation is being performed. The Gentiles are now performing as some of the Israelites during Yeshua arrival in the past, blaspheming His name, the disbelief and laws and rules. A separation of those whom truly belong to Him is in affect. As written by His word saying: Luke 12: 52-53 From now on families will be split apart, three in favor of me and two againstâ��or the other way around. A father will decide one way about me; his son, the other;mother and daughter and daughter will disagree; and the decision of an honered mother-in-law will be spurned by her daughter-in-law. This is G-d now spiritually chosen those He accepts as pure in heart, those sincere. From both the Israelites and Gentiles there will only be a few that are redeemed of G-d (passing the test). Remember the time of Noah, a servant of G-d, for during that time out of the populated world only Noah, his wife, three sons and their wives were the sole survivors, so yes, G-d is being merciful to offer such a chance; for during the time of Noah G-d did not tell Noah to spread the gift of His salvation but only to build the ark before He destroyed man without warning. Yes our L-rd is now being  very fair and merciful.

    Our L-rd said to pick-up your cross and follow Him, He being the first (the example) allowing all to witness and understand by doing so, we too will live again but in perfection as He rose, earning your reward and rest through the Father and His Son generous worth of grace. Yeshua chose to be the first to show G-d the Father is not a lier, that you too will rise again and their being no fear. For the words given in inspiration from Mattahew 10:28 Don't be afraid of those who can kill only your bodies�but can't touch your souls! Fear only G-d who can destroy both soul and body in hell. This mean spreading the word of G-d salvation without fear and allowing oneself to be a follower in His example, one whom was despised, rejected, acquainted with grief. All messengers and prophets of ancient such those being Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Joseph and Moses and the many others were all spiritually and/or literally nailed to a cross being despised, rejected acquainted with grief for trusting and faith. One is given the chance now to submit to the will of G-d and test his worth to G-d, therefore receiving blessings of the reward and rest during the first resurrection mentioned in the Revelations or under-go the more horrific trails of submitting to G-d during the period soon to come under the rule of the anti-christ and false prophet. I pray many choose now, for the testing of G-d is at present less severe than in that soon coming day; for the persecution from the ruling anti-christ and false prophet will be great against those submitting to G-d. Those whom submit now and do not falter, will not share in the days of the anti-christ, for G-d has promised to take them from this time of tribulation. (The first resurrection).

    I'm a servant of G-d and by doing so suffer greatly. I have been spiritually nailed to the cross. I have been despised, rejected and acquainted with much grief but G-d sustains me through my faith, He gives me wisdom, power, strength and peace in my sufferings and allows me to see wondrous things that awaits me. Therefore, I fear not because my treasures are with G-d and yes, I have seen! And have been blessed to share in the words spoken by the Messiah to the disciples  from Luke 10:23-24 Then turning to the twelve disciples, he said quietly, â��How prrivileged you are to see what you have seen. Many a prophet and king of old have longed for these days, to see and hear what you have seen and heard. G-d is awesome and His power beyond comprehension and in your walk with G-d the Holy Spirit will tell you many things known of G-d the L-rd will reveal to you much Glory.

    To all, walk away from senseless evil confusing arguments and allow G-d to renew your spirit. He will give you strength, wisdom and understanding. He will keep you from stumbling with His grace and power (you will sustain). Think of your future children in your future inheritance whom will be able to say one day �Oh my parents, if not for your obedience and faith we would not have been here to share and enjoy this wonderful life in the presence of our L-rd.� Let your children in that time be able to say (You are blessed), for they would not have shared the fate of this world but through your example by way of our Messiah sacrifice (your own sacrifice) will render the joys of your offspring. Therefore do as our L-rd commanded when saying �Follow Me�!

    G-d and our Messiah presence has arrived and there is not much time. �You Decide�! Go before G-d through His Son our Messiah and ask Him to work in your life to do His will so that you will share in His Glory. Take these words giving to you today being a gift from G-d and share them with others, thus pleasing our L-rd, showing your attempt to please Him through faith, being one with Him, therefore not His enemy.

    May our Father, Our Messiah be with you forevermore.

    1. Dave Mathews profile image61
      Dave Mathewsposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Please do not get upset or become offended but please if you are going to refer to Almighty God, I would prefer God not G-d. God will not be offended. Also Yeshua or Jesus is Lord not
      L-rd. I understand that for you this is your teaching also for me this is my teaching God and Lord.

      I am a Christian. I am a child of Almighty God, I serve God and only Him will I serve. I am a spiritual being, as God is a spiritual being. God teaches us this Genesis: 1: 26-27

      In your first Bible quote LUKE: 12: 52-53; if you do not go back to verse 51, you end up taking things out of context thus misinforming people about what was truly said. 51: "Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you Nay but rather division."
      Most of what you are saying is good and I can see and agree with, and I thank you.

      1. profile image49
        Elisah1957posted 8 years agoin reply to this

        Hello Matthews,

        I'm so glad that G-d allowed you to share in His words. There was no purpose intended toward offense in the writing of the titles giving of G-d and His Son Yeshua against you. Therefore, by the command of the L-rd Yeshua, I rebuke satan.

        I'm Ethiopian, Messiah Jew and the way I title the word of G-d and L-rd is done by Jews for their purpose, which is to allow G-d our respect. In other words, keeping ourselves informed that He is so worthy that even His written name should be made aware by us that we are not worthy, to do so in full print, for G-d is not common but being deserving of up-most respect unlike us, for remember our L-rd Yeshua even explains in Matthew 19: 16-17 and Mark 10:17-18 that no one should not speak of anyone as Good, for only G-d is termed Good.

        No, G-d will not be angry by writing His title in full print but this has been the Jewish way for thousands of years. It is not done to elevate a since of authority by belief. When I view the title of G-d written in full print, it do not bother me, for I perfer not to give little matters a foot-hold to satan.

        Baruch Attah Adonai (Praise God).

        1. Dave Mathews profile image61
          Dave Mathewsposted 8 years agoin reply to this

          I agree and I understand. Baruch Attah Adoni (Praise God) I understand that G-d is a form of respect for God. By the way, Mathews is My Family name. My Given name is David, like the King of Israel. Shalom!

          1. profile image49
            Elisah1957posted 8 years agoin reply to this

            My brother David Matthews, You are fearlessly contributing to the salvation of our G-d, our L-rd Kingdom and I pray our L-rd Yeshua through the Holy Spirit continue to give you His wisdom, knowledge, understanding and patience in message.


            1. cceerpp profile image59
              cceerppposted 8 years agoin reply to this

              It's wonderful to find lovers of King Jesus Christ over here. Gloria Deo!

    2. Shahid Bukhari profile image61
      Shahid Bukhariposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      There are Ways ... Humans, Believe in God ...

      The Muslims Believe in Him, through Clear Knowledge, the Christians, Know Him, as Love, and the Jews ... fear Him; so much so, that to call Him, by a name, is considered, Sacreligious.

  2. simeonvisser profile image79
    simeonvisserposted 8 years ago

    Please write hubs instead of contributing to the forums. There is already so much religious discussion on these forums and we don't need another prophet who knows it all.

    1. profile image49
      Elisah1957posted 8 years agoin reply to this


      you are right to say the words "who knows it all", for the words I write come from the Holy Spirit, the spirit of G-d and yes it is He our G-d who knows all things, for the true word of G-d comes forth with gentleness and divine truth.

      G-d loves you! The very breath you take is a gift from G-d's Sovereignty. I do not judge you for only G-d judge the heart of man.

         Your bold, fearless spirit turned around could acheive wonderous things on the side of our L-rd. May by the will of Our G-d, Our L-rd, show to you "their love for you."


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