Facebook the evil social monster or personal responsibilty. E

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    sinceretarotposted 6 years ago

    Ok,  it has taken me much inner reflection, sometimes painful and other times undergoing prolific, epihphany dancing alongside okness, to get to the point of what I want to say about the Evil facebook lurking about our social activity - or as some may say our social idleness. Let it be know straight from the get up, that this article is derivative of a two year personal  acqaintance involving joy and pain (sounds like life hey) with the network that promises efficient, elaborate, visual and controlled (privacy) public communication.

    I choose to use Facebook as a tool to share. I try to do this openly (which reflects my social conscience also outside of this cyber medium) and i definately achieve this. However, I realise that my persona is somewhat different to my personal interaction (in some cases) of which I also control and have boundary around. It is noticed the boundaries are different. It is also observed that it is limited by exclusion of body language, eye contact, body contact and other usual (or sometimes unusual) socially significant factors.

    And, I do so pushing thro the hurt of judgement and misplaced meaning at the expense of being who I am and choosing to share when and how I please. I say this with the knowledge that some have sat around thier desktop/laptop  - either Linux, windows or mac - at the pub, over dinner or  wherever thier boat is floating -  laughing, teasing, accepting, judging, appreciating, creating an idea of why I do this, my faults, my beauty, my desperation, my need for attention and the other stuff people are too scared to tell me about. My celibacy. that kinda shit.

    I wont deceive, I love it, I hate it, I use it sometimes to let someone in - let someone know what is ticking over in my head (often when I do not want eye contact or body contact, and admittly sometime but rarely, when I do.) I use it to connect sometimes when time does not allow the business of making time to make time to spend time with someone. I use it when I am excited, happy, lonely, angry, sad, indifferent. I use it when I am bored or confused.

    I use it to acquire information, to learn about subject, entertainment, people, events, ideas and music/art. I use it to have quick meaningless contact and meaningful contact. I use it when I want to be selfish or selfless. and other reasons some neurotic and some ordinary.

    Ok so it is starting to sound like a friend right. Ahhhaha I think I might know what my point is.

    But I have to feed the chucks, cover the sandpit, pay the bills, meet for a cuppa, feed the kid, sweep the floor, do my karma work, jog the jog, yoga the yoga and meditate the meditations... So I will definatley be back to complete this article and get to my point smile

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    Flightkeeperposted 6 years ago

    I wondered what you were getting to. smile I guess we will know in part two.