In all Lies He's The Truth-Jailn

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    ailz_maniaposted 6 years ago

    Every relationships has its own stories. Some people would be blessed by it and often don't. In life,we get along to meet this what we called "special someone" that would somehow might lead us to the path of happiness or bitterness. There is no such thing in a relationship where you could always feel happiness. It might come to a point where sadness would come along and would give you challenges. With this kind of whirlwinds on a relationship, there is no greater element to possess, which is "understanding".

       Understanding on the other hand is a powerful tool that would eliminate all the misconceptions of people. Sometimes people tend to forget the essence of love because of being too much rational. The love will be blinded by anger and will later on create a sophisticated feeling of "FRUSTRATION" that might somehow lead to BREAKING UP.

       As a writer of this column, I would share you a scenario in which I could positively proof that "IN ALL THE LIES HE'S THE ONLY TRUTH". Why? Because going back to my experienced, we can't deny the fact that we have been to relationships where we failed to win. Even if how tried to continue the game, still we lose. I admit, I am a product of it. I loved and got hurt. I told my self not to commit it back again because of what I had that all people where just the same. I closed my eyes from the possibility of loving again. I never intended to enter its kingdom for it might cause me pain and depressions after it will end.
        What did I do? I let my self be drowned from being busy and never put in mind of feeling the same feeling again. I went on dedicating myself to other things that would help me not to mind and be attracted to someone. But as moment goes by, I met someone whom showed me and taught me how to love again.He held me to oppose my thoughts and showed me how wonderful it is to love. In order for me to perfectly embraced his warmth, he did so much things that would washed away the negative feelings.

          He let me understand and made me realized that I don't have to generalize things. That I have to be awake and opened up my eyes from being blinded of my past. So I did, and now, "I GOT THE FEELING OF BEING IN LOVE AGAIN". Because he made me see that in all the LIES, HE'S THE ONLY TRUTH"

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      This is a great commentary, ailz_mania, but it should not be a forum post. You must publish this as a hub so the whole world can read it.

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        thank you.. i'm just new here. I don't know the what to do's.. smile))