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Why God Doing This To me?

Updated on January 2, 2012


This is a common question when we are frustrated. WHY WITH ME???

This is my answer.

There are some laws of universe or nature, just like the law of gravity. Everyone know about the law of gravity, so let's will start with this law.

Today we do not find any difficulty building spaceship, sending people to the moon and all of this happens with the precision of a fraction of a second. Because we know that the laws of the universe are so precise. They do not change with a time. Time is also the relativity concept.

Now if we think carefully about the law of gravity. Consider two persons are standing on a building. If both of them fall from that building, definitely both of them are going to hit the ground. Law of nature does not differentiate between good or bad. If a good person does not use the rule of a nature properly and fall of a building, then he deserves to die.

In this world being good is not important, but living smartly with the laws of nature is more important.

Consider one good person created a rocket without considering the law of gravity. Do you think it is going to fly? Absolutely NOT! One bad person, with his thoughts, creates a rocket with good study of law of gravity and some other things. It's going to fly beyond the stars.

Why God Doing This To Me?
Why God Doing This To Me? | Source

Follow The Rules of Nature

So it's not important to be a good person. But it's important that you must follow the rules of nature. Universe is not emotional. Outside of your head the emotional level of the universe is absolute zero.

According to 'law of attraction' universe provides what you want! Without thinking who you are? and what you are asking for is good or bad? Follow the law of attraction and you will rock your life. The rocket of your dreams must fly, just study and implement the law of attraction in your life. The more you understand about the law of attraction, less you will ask, 'why with me!?'

There are so many bad people ruling this world. And the battle of good vs. bad is endless. As both of them have a great source of energy. Anyone can use this energy.

The inner knowledge is the best knowledge. The answer of your every question is within this knowledge. I hope this article will help you little bit more in your thinking process, If you have a question in your mind, ' why with me!?'


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    • theindianblues profile image

      theindianblues 7 years ago from Some where on the Globe

      Awesome hub. Nice topic and good presentation. You have thorough knowledge and command over the subject. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful topic and now I am your latest fan.


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