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My Experience With Law of Attraction

Updated on August 30, 2011

This summer I am writing my second book. The subject of the book is based upon the law of attraction. So, let's start our journey from the beginning.

In the beginning I was so disappointed and I wanted to change my life. I never had done any wrong things. Then why all such things are happening with me? Why my all steps are going wrong? I asked God. 'I want real magic!' I said within my mind with a very disappointed and disturbed condition. I knew nothing is going to happen, God is not going to give me a magic! But wait a minute, that words are just the beginning of the magic. 'Ask and it is given'. Just like that God had shown me the way to do the magic.

My mobile handset was near me. Just for a time pass I have opened GPRS, Google Search and wrote there in the empty box 'real magic'. And thus I have discovered about the law of attraction. The only law in the universe, by using it you can do the real magic.

Believe me! Real magic can happen. I have done so many different experiments regarding this. And the result of each experiment is so exciting and making me powerful. I will teach you to do real magic with my own simple steps in this series of articles in summer.

In my next hubpage I will write from basic that is 'what is law of attraction?' 'Why it is the base of any kind of real magic?' and then we will start from the simplest basic step that anyone can do, just like watching a T.V. Till then read my some previous hubpages related with the law of attraction.

Anyone can do real Magic? What do you think?

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    • mymagicview profile image

      Rohan Jagtap 7 years ago from Maharashtra

      because your intention is on "my magic is working?" you have a doubt on your intentions. So... just repeat what you want in your mind for long time. Magic is true... just believe... (repeat what you want).

    • profile image

      abhishant 7 years ago

      when i do magic it not works. why?