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How to Remove Wind Noise from your Videos or Homemade Films

Updated on April 7, 2011

Editing with Adobe Audition

Editing a video or film's is very important. Nowadays, everyone seems to be getting into film making, from hobbyists to serious aspiring film makers but most of the time I notice that many aspiring film makers neglect to notice the importance of editing audio. Many techniques such as panning, delay, echo, reverb, and many others can really add to the depth and illusion of the film and give it a more surround-like and realistic sound. Even those with really bad quality video can be enhanced with proper and creative editing of the audio.

One software you can use is Adobe Audition. Many assume that Adobe Audition is just used for editing audio but what not many know is that it can also be used to edit the audio that comes with videos. It has many useful effects such as Noise Reduction that I will be discussing in this article.

The placing of audio, whether left, right, or center, can really add an enhancing effect to your cuts and scenes. This depth that I have been talking about may create an illusion that the film is really happening. For instance, a voice coming from the left part of the screen can be panned to the left. Distance and room size may also be simulated through volume and reverb.

But enough on those matters, those are already on the creative side of the editing. What I will be discussing will be very important and should be something basic that everyone takes into consideration.

Adobe Audition
Adobe Audition

Noise Reduction in Adobe Audition

Noise is most of the time unavoidable. Many times, especially with the kind of equipment that aspiring or indie film makers are using, the audio that comes with your video will always have noise. It could come from the wind, the background, or even sometimes just plain static. This could all be taken care of or remedied through the noise reduction feature in Adobe Audition.

Even the old version, 1.5, the one based on the software Cool Edit Pro has this feature. Actually, this is the version where I learned how to use this effect properly. It is surely an important effect or feature that I have learned and has always been very useful in my video editing needs. It really is not that hard at all. You'll be surprised at how easy it can be done. Imagine how much better your videos or homemade films can be if only you had known about this feature since before!

Noise Reduction in Adobe Audition
Noise Reduction in Adobe Audition

How to use Noise Reduction in Adobe Audition

First, you must highlight a small part of the audio which contains the noise. Once you have done this, you can go ahead and click on Capture Noise Profile. This will of course get all the date about the noise contained in the small part you highlighted. Then, once you are in the Noise Reduction menu, you can click on "select entire file". Check out the details below on the different settings and features of Noise Reduction, once you have achieved your desired sound (you can preview what it sounds like), you can now press okay and the captured noise profile will be taken out throughout the whole file.

Noise Reduction in Adobe Audition 1.5
Noise Reduction in Adobe Audition 1.5

Download Adobe Audition

What are you waiting for? Broaden your film-making potential by learning more about noise reduction and other useful effects and features in audio editing softwares such as Adobe Audition.

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    • profile image

      trying to remove wind noise from a file 

      7 years ago

      and i select a portion that is only wind, but it still distorts the audio portion as well. any tips?

    • profile image


      8 years ago from UK

      Nice user guide for a products I have just obtained. Good work! I cant wait to test it here.


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