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How to remove Ask Toolbar and its components form all browsers and from your computer

Updated on June 30, 2011

Ask Toolbar is one of the most annoying adware program by the majority of computer programs. This toolbar is installed through many software installations like Nero etc. All these software have included ask toolbar and it installed at those software installation time. If ask toolbar is installed on your computer, then you might face several annoying changes of your computer. The first annoying thing is that the default home page of all your browsers changes to ask home page. This is the most hateful thing for most of the computer users. Moreover, the default search of all of your browsers redirected through ask search. This is really very annoying and disturbing if any user customize their homepage.
In this page you will learn how to remove ask toolbar from your browsers and form your computer.

Annoying ask toolbar is installed at the time of installing Nero software
Annoying ask toolbar is installed at the time of installing Nero software

How to remove ask toolbar from your computer:

Lots of way are available to remove or uninstall ask toolbar form your computer. But I only discuss the easiest way to remove or uninstall ask toolbar from your computer. I discuss the method to uninstall ask toolbar through add/remove programs.

Remove or uninstall ask toolbar of Internet Explorer via Add/remove programs

Remember, Internet Explorer should be closed while you are trying to uninstall or remove ask toolbar from your computer.Follow the following steps to uninstall or remove ask toolbar from your computer:

  1. Click on Start menu and go to Run by clicking Run.
  2. Simply type appwiz.cpl in the run command prompt and click Enter key of your computer keyboard. A new window will be appeared where you find all the installed programs list.
  3. In the installed programs list, find the Ask Toolbar and select it an then click on remove button to remove.

Remove or uninstall ask toolbar of Mozilla Firefox Browser

Follow the following steps to completely remove or uninstall ask toolbar from Mozilla Firefox browser:

  1. Open Firefox browser in your computer.
  2. Click on Tools and you will see a drop down menu. Select Add-ons from the menu items. This will open all the installed tools of Firefox browser.
  3. Now, select the ask toolbar and click on Disable or Uninstall button to disable or uninstall ask toolbar completely.

That's all. By following the above steps you can easily remove Ask Toolbar and all the components of Ask Toolbar form Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and from your computer.

@Written by rancidTaste


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    • profile image

      Jiggles 6 years ago

      That worked! thank you.

    • profile image

      bbis 6 years ago

      I followed these instructions for Mozilla and isn't even listed as an add on, so this wasn't "simple" for me. Ask has obviously hidden itself under a legit program.

    • profile image

      ru tetoi 6 years ago

      what a load of crap call yourself experts what laugh

    • profile image

      jinty 7 years ago

      Use internet options & remove it, also uninstall in control panel and most important - add to your restricted sites - and like I did - add to your list of internet thugs!!!

    • profile image

      Eurica 7 years ago

      I spent hours on this thing. All three search engines google, firefox and msm all have their uses and I had to remove ask from all. There is still one catch. How to replace bing back, ask is still on that spot.

      Without this type of help on the internet it will be night. Thank you to sites like this and users like Ask should be on the spam list.

    • profile image

      meg33 7 years ago

      i got rid of the ask toolbar by going in to the uninstall on my control panel. the only thing i can't seem to do is get rid of it as my dominant browser and get it back to yahoo. my homepage is the same but when i run a search on yahoo it redirects me to ask. i hate ask. worst program on the internet. i'd rather stick with yahoo, google, and whom ever invented ask or came up with the idea should be shot.

    • profile image

      srinu 7 years ago

      how to remove nero as well as matlab7 using command prompt

    • profile image

      strycker 7 years ago

      I have deleted anything that is connected to ask toolbar and itself and now the only thing left is the toolbar on mozilla.I can't find it either in the add/remover or in add-ons.its gone but the toolbar is still there! :@

    • profile image

      linwen 7 years ago

      it doesn't work I try many time and very annoyed. I had For sure, I will not go in their website.

    • profile image

      judith 7 years ago

      I did that. It doesn't work.